Wedding in Andros: A Majestic Set on the Beach

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of the Aegean Sea lies the majestic island of Andros. Home to many beautiful beaches, Andros welcomes visitors with spectacular views.

It is here that Eirini and Marinos chose to embark on a new chapter of their lives with their destination wedding in Andros. But these are just some reasons someone may want to have an Andros wedding. Keep reading to discover Eirini and Marinos’ love story and how they came to celebrate it and get married on this beautiful island.

From an Antiparos Meet to a Gorgeous Wedding in Andros

Eirini and Marinos’ first met on a summer holiday at Antiparos 10 years ago. When they first met, they became friends. Fast forward to a year and a half later, when they realized they wanted something more, so they took a shot in the dark and became a couple. Who knew that a decade later, on July 1st, 2023, they would’ve tied the knot in a highly-personalized Andros wedding? Their celebration, more specifically, the entire weekend, was organized from scratch. And we’re proud to say we made it all happen.

Our team at Rock Paper Scissors planned this custom wedding, taking into account every little detail. It required quite a lot of planning and organizing, but we’re happy to say we ended up with a stunning wedding weekend. The festivities started with the pre-wedding party in Andros. This took place at Branda, a lovely seaside restaurant. The couple greeted their guests, celebrated with some drinks, and there was a lot of chatting and laughing. Everyone was in good spirits, and there was even some dancing towards the night’s end.

The day of the wedding kicked off in a fun way. The atmosphere was very lively and cheerful as the bride and groom were getting ready for their destination wedding in Andros. The pictures that we took are a testament to the raving time we were having! And the Andros landscape made things so much easier for all of us – the extraordinary backdrops gave the couple so many photo opportunities, resulting in nothing short of perfect images. Once the pictures were taken and everyone was set and ready to go, the wedding party proceeded to the church.

According to traditional Greek customs, the couple was wed in the local Orthodox church. The church was large enough for everyone to attend the ceremony and witness the magical moment. Having a destination wedding in Andros is also convenient since the church is quite close to the beach. After the religious ceremony, everyone attended Eirini and Marinos’ private beach wedding in Andros.

The beach was lined with tables and boho-style decorations to match the summer vibe of the wedding. When it got dark, the beach was illuminated by the many lanterns hung over the tables. However, there was no electricity at the beach, so we used a power generator for the beach wedding. Nevertheless, the lighting was magical in combination with the deep blue of the summer night and the dark sea below it.

One of the other things we custom-built for this beach wedding in Andros was the dance floor. The custom wedding dance floor was illuminated by custom made lanterns and many, many tiny fairy lights. The newlyweds welcomed their guests to the wedding with a toast, and then — everyone was in store for a surprise. The sky above Andros was illuminated with wedding fireworks as the couple took the floor for their first dance.

Getting a live band for a wedding is one of the best ways to ensure the party goes non-stop. And for Eirini and Marinos’ celebration of love, we decided that this was the way to go. The 48 Ores band was responsible for the musical entertainment — and they did not disappoint! They added a touch of liveliness and excitement to the celebration, and we all felt it! The couple and their guests made good use of the custom wedding dance floor, swaying the night away to the sweet sounds of the band’s music. Along with it, the melody of the crashing waves found its way into the setting, thus creating many magical moments and unforgettable memories.

Music is fun, but a wedding needs more than just music and dancing to be truly unforgettable. And by this, we mean that every wedding needs food and drinks. We chose the best wedding catering for this particular destination wedding in Andros. The guests enjoyed the delicious food and the unending supply of drinks — possibly even more than the food. But organizing a beach wedding takes even more than getting electricity, music, food, and drinks to it. As dedicated planners, we ensured that there were wedding toilets on the beach. This way, everyone could have the privacy and convenience they need for a good time.

The night was perfect. Everyone was happy for Marinos and Eirini and celebrated their love throughout the day and night. But the festivities didn’t stop with the wedding! The next day, the newlyweds hosted a post-wedding party for everyone that attended their wedding. And…the party was at the beach. This is yet another reason to have a destination wedding in Andros. Everyone enjoyed the hot Andros sun and the warm sea — a great way to round off this unforgettable weekend!

Planning an Andros Wedding

Andros is a stunning Greek island and a perfect destination for a summer vacation – and a celebration of love as well! Looking through the pictures from Eirini and Marinos’ wedding, anyone will wish for a destination wedding in Andros like we previously did for Mike and Elena, Katia and Faidon, Sofia and George and so many couples. We have a lot of experience on the island of Andros and we can now say we can make everything happen. All you need to do is get in touch with Rock Paper Scissors, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

We can plan a wedding from scratch, completely tailored to your taste. Whether you want a dreamy beach wedding like the one you saw here or something else altogether. We at RPS Events guarantee that your day will be everything you imagined and more!
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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Design & Planning: Rock Paper Scissors
Venue: Chrissi Ammos
Catering: Olon Events
Bar catering: Barflies
Photographer: Yiannis Alefantou
Videographer: Kostantinos Kastanakis
Flowers: Jim Labraco
Furniture rentals: Tore
Flatware rentals: White Lilac

Signage: The Letter Co
Wedding website and invitations: Anna Maria Morfoniou
Wedding dress: Costarellos Bridal
HMUA: @samoilisspiros
Fireworks: Nanos Fireworks
Photobooth: The Photobooth
Toilets: Meli
Live band: 48ores