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Why do I really need a wedding planner?

It is a simple question and it can be answered with a simple…question. Each wedding is a once in a lifetime event and therefore an extremely important occasion, so why distract yourself from enjoying it, by trying to do it all by yourself? Here are 4 reasons why you should hire us:


Yes, you can hire professionals to take care of the photos and the flowers, the invitations and the decorations, the catering and so on, but what about a professional who will help you with the organization and coordination of all those together?

Wedding planning is a full-time 8 hour job and it has been calculated that at least 200 to 250 man-hours go into each one in total. This means a lot of weekends and free time off your weekday’s personal time! A bride-to-be will have to spend at least 11 hours a week just to try and organize everything for the big day! That is half a day, each week, for weeks on end! Trusting us, allows you to cut out the hard work and just enjoy the process!

We will be there not only as a helping hand with the organization and coordination but will relieve you from this time-chase to get right even the minimal detail.

Many believe that the cost of a wedding planner can be prohibitory. Far from it, contacting an experienced professional is the only surefire way to remain on budget, for whichever kind of business. A wedding is no different. We will use our portfolio of contacts, our wealth of experience and advise you, help you negotiate better deals and treat your budget as if our own, to ensure that you not only enjoy a beautiful occasion, but also avoid overspending. We ensure you will get full value for each one of your euro!

80% of our customers do not live in Greece. So we can understand the stress and anxiety for you of organizing a destination wedding. We are there for you through all means (Fb, viber, whatsapp, skype,  you name it) so to ensure that you can reach us within 24 hours and always feel of course that you are in the experts’ hands.

You have spent months putting it all together and we will be the watchful eye to ensure all goes smoothly when you will be busy at the altar.