Why destination weddings in Andros Greece are becoming popular!

An unspoiled getaway that nurtures a unique charm

Since forever, the Cyclades islands have captured the hearts of many couples, especially Mykonos and Santorini. But now, the tides are turning and they are seeking something unique, something off the beaten path, something extraordinary. That being said, prepare to fall in love with Andros, the northern jewel of this archipelago!

Weddings in Andros Greece are becoming popular due to the unique features of the island. Here, you won’t find the typical Aegean island landscapes. Instead, you will be greeted by lavish green scapes and mountains entwined with rugged coastlines and gorgeous beaches. Even though the destination has been a frequent getaway for many Greeks, it is fascinating how it has maintained its unspoiled allure. With many amenities to elevate the guest experience, you will have a plethora of opportunities to tailor your dream day.

But what exactly makes Andros weddings stand out?

Why choose Andros for your wedding

Let us start with one of the most important aspects – convenience. The island is perfectly situated to welcome anyone who visits it. With its close proximity to Athens, it would take you just a couple of hours ferry ride to reach its galore. You would need to go to the port of Rafina to catch this ferry, which is also very close to Athens International Airport. That means you and your guests wouldn’t have to struggle and change many transportation routes in order to get to your destination wedding at Greek Island Andros.

Naturally, due to this easy access, many citizens of Athens have long seen the island as a perfect getaway. But worry not! Despite its popularity, the island maintains its laid-back feel and unspoiled nature. So you won’t get the usual crowds that many Cyclades islands feature. In fact, you will be surprised at the way everything is perfectly balanced.

With lush green landscapes, iconic mountainous regions, waterfalls, and gorgeous virgin beaches, Andros is truly one of its kind. Browse through any island in the Aegean, and trust us, you won’t find these unique features on any other! Plus, it is adorned with archetypal villages that evoke you to taste the essence of the island’s traditions. Besides the rural part, Andros will captivate you with its noble towns like Chora. Picture a scenery with exquisite mansions, cobbled narrow alleys, private villas that simply bewitch you, and a perfectly balanced cosmopolitan flair to spice up your Andros wedding!

In essence, the island is ideal for romantic couples as it is close enough yet embodies a world of its own, providing intimate experiences when it comes to weddings in Andros Greece.

Various amenities will seduce your guests!

Andros boasts many panoramic views that will perfectly frame your memories. Get lost in the poetry of the Aegean sunsets and savor your newlywed bliss! Visit some of the monasteries and ancient settlements that offer unparalleled views of the horizons. With a myriad of museums, you will easily organize several trips for your guests to discover more about the history and traditions. Enjoy exploring the cobbled streets, sightseeing a wonderful mixture of Venetian, Byzantine, and Ottoman architecture, having a cup of coffee on the riviera, and having a unique experience at the charming restaurants with incredibly delicious cuisine. We can safely say that to get married in Andros island means to also experience a gourmet paradise!

For the more adventurous at heart, you will definitely be spoiled by all the trekking options and hiking trails! In our opinion, having a 2-hour hike will refresh your guests while exploring beautiful stone villages. The most convenient is route 8, leading you through picturesque sceneries.

As a cherry on top, the beaches are something that everyone will fall in love with! With more than 30 beaches on the coast, you will have many opportunities to plan a beach wedding in Andros island in Greece. As we are on the subject of planning, you must be wondering what are all of your options?

Weddings in Andros: 3 wedding planning options

Many couples who choose to get married in Greece decide on hosting an island celebration. With a huge variety, it might be difficult to choose your perfect fit, so we decided to list your choices and help you decide. When it comes to weddings in Andros Greece, there are 3 wedding planning options.

1. Andros wedding in a private villa

This is the first option that will require artistry and skill from your planner. Since most of the private villas are on the cliffside, it is challenging to find wedding venues in Andros Greece that can be suitable for your guest number – they don’t have much space. However, as experienced wedding planners in Andros, we have exclusive access to some of the villas that are not even available for rent!

This Andros wedding was our very first experience before we branched out on the island and rooted our exclusive services. We can definitely say that it was the most insightful! As the villa was situated just a 1-hour drive from the port, we had to channel our skills to the fullest and imply extra planning attention. In essence, the proximity of your venue from the port is something that will be important both for realizing your vision but also for your guests. Because this couple chose to have all of their vendors from Athens we had to be diligent – we were lucky to fit everything in a small truck. The desserts were local so that was a wonderful touch! Going local can also save you a lot of worries, plus, the organic culinary art of Andros is something you also don’t want to miss.

When it comes to pulling everything off, we had to balance everything as the villa had 3 different levels. Its stone architecture and surrounding evoked a rustic theme with vibrant colors which were woven into the couple’s aesthetic. Among the plethora of florals and olive branches, we also included 2000 candles and fairy lights to create a stellar atmosphere on the cliffside. The couple chose the monastery of Agia Irini to host their ceremony which also offers one of the most spectacular views you will find on the island!

2. Wedding at Agios Kyprianos in Andros island

This was a destination wedding at Greek Island Andros which was truly a delight to plan. When it comes to convenience and having everything nearby, we wanted to find a venue that would both be close to the beach and also have a charming church nearby. We took one look at Agios Kyprianos and we completely fell in love, and so did our couple!

This location is truly a dream. Imagine a wonderful church ceremony by the beach and hosting the reception in a unique area just underneath a vineyard. Not to mention the blue sea that stretches in front of you. This was exactly the scenery for this Andros wedding. The aesthetic channeled colors that would fit the surroundings perfectly but with a fresh tone. Soft blue, yellow, and orange found their way into the flower concept, along with greenery that complemented everything perfectly.

Both this ceremony and reception wedding venues in Andros Greece are within a close range which makes the transition of events smoother and more convenient for everyone!

3. Beach wedding in Andros

No matter how you look at it, beach weddings will always have a special allure that holds captive the hearts of modern romantics. That is why you would be pleased to know that hosting a beach wedding in Andros island in Greece is a magical and one-of-a-kind experience.

In terms of planning this dreamy affair, it is vital to contemplate all essentials with your planner. For example, we go over every element with our couple like building a deck for setting up the reception, having a dance floor, and naturally, how to curate whimsical lighting that would crown your celebration. With our dedicated guidance, we offer several locations to tailor your special day on the beaches of Andros. Not only that but we work closely with a whole array of catering companies that will deliver the best gourmet experience. Of course, beach weddings cannot be complete without cocktails and music to dance the night away, so you would be pleased to know that this is easily manageable with a talented team of creatives!

It is no secret that this is a captivating island with a myriad of opportunities! Weddings in Andros Greece are truly unique and will leave everyone present in awe. In addition, you can also have a honeymoon here that will offer more time to explore the delights of Andros. Need help to orchestrate the perfect event and someone to consult you thoroughly? Please feel free to connect with us!

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