A new concept wedding, a micro wedding

Yes, this new wedding trend started after the break out of COVID-19. All popular wedding blogs were referring to this new idea, that of a micro wedding. Well, to experienced wedding planners this is not something new. In our 10 years of wedding planning in Greece, we have experience in planning weddings from 12 guests in Santorini up to 470 guests seated dinner. (Yes, this is Greece and big weddings are still a must)!

So what is really a micro wedding?

According to BRIDES: A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.

So for all couples that are torn between a big wedding and eloping, now there’s something in between and this is called a micro wedding!

Here are the top 5 reasons why we believe you should go for a micro wedding when choosing Greece for your destination wedding.

1. It's much more intimate

Can you see yourself in front of a huge line greeting guests endlessly? This is a picture of a bride saying “hello and welcome!” to her guests after the ceremony is over and only after a couple of hours (usually right after dinner time), while she’s right there on the dance floor trying to have fun with her girlfriends, when the first guests tap her shoulder to kiss her goodbye. So if this picture is not you, off to your next option and that is a micro wedding, if you don’t plan for a wedding of 100-150 guests that is.

Sharing your day and your feelings with maximum of 50 guests this means inviting your and your spouse’s favorite humans in the whole wide world. And that feeling is grand, right? You spend your time in focusing in all the right persons and of course inhaling the moment instead of spending your moments focusing on guest relations. Greece is a magnificent destination on its own and when you experience something unique don’t you always wish to have your loved ones with you? Well this is your chance!

2. Logistics are not a headache anymore

Having to take care a group of people on a destination wedding is always a headache to our couples. Guests always fire them with questions and especially closer to the date they tend to overwhelm them. Of course as your wedding planners we’re here to help you plan a stress free wedding in Greece. Therefore, we share with you useful material to share with your guests via your website or even a newsletter about the location you chose. Athens or any of the Greek islands are our expertise and we can provide you with all sorts of useful information. Of course we also take care all sorts of logistics such as transportation to and from venue, hotel discounts and anything else you might need for a successful wedding day.
In general, planning a trip in Athens or the island of your choice, for a smaller group gives you a more intimate experience again as you can all stay in the same hotel or even rent nearby villas. Athens has some top hotels but also you can find super lux accommodation at Mykonos, Santorini or Crete island.

3. Make it more meaningful

You’ve gathered everyone for your big wedding day in Greece of course. But how can you make it even more meaningful to them and to you?

Appreciating everyone’s travel arrangements to get to your Greek wedding can be achieved in many ways.  Group activities will help you come closer to each other (bride’s side and grooms side of friends and family). You can of course arrange for group visits at all the famous archaeological sites in Athens.

You can also arrange for a boat trip to nearby Greek islands and wine or olive oil tasting experiences.

The night before your wedding day you can all have the original Greek experience by having dinner at an original taverna around Plaka area or a fish tavern in Vouliagmeni area. A lot of options if you wish to pass by the idea of a typical rehearsal dinner.

Thanking each and everyone personally for being there is something you can do in so many ways. By creating a customized welcome bag with each guests name, creating personal notes for each one of your guests and personalized favors as a token for how important they are in your lives.

Believe us, we’re super creative in ideas when it comes to spoiling your guests for your wedding in Greece!

4. Celebrate wholeheartedly

Being a small group of people doesn’t mean your party will last lesss. Greece is very well known for its late night parties, and of course you will have your party until your dancing feet can’t take it anymore.

If you’re a fan of jazz music, just because you have a smaller group invited to your Greek wedding this doesn’t mean you need to cut back on the music of course. Ok, a small group would not perhaps justify for a whole jazz band to some couples, but hiring a saxophone player could do all the difference during welcome drinks and cocktail hour.

A great party does not depend on a big group of people. It depends only on good hosts. As long as bride and groom are on the dancefloor, no guest will leave the party soon enough.

Let those fireworks do their magic, and dance the night away! Opa!

5. Spoil yourselves

We know that wedding planning requires a serious investment. This could be huge, but in a case of a micro wedding, you are definitely saving on your budget since less people means less chairs, less menus, less flowers, less favors so on and so forth.

And this is important. Because in this way, not only you can choose Greece for your destination wedding but also make it possible to make necessary arrangements to really spoil you. For example since you saved budget, you can now rent a nicer villa, or choose a more expensive menu. Or go extra with the flowers. We all know how to spend money but when it comes to wedding there are a few things that can make all the difference. And here we are as your wedding planners to help you choose the things that will have the biggest impact for you and your guests.

This bride when she was choosing her her tabletop decoration for her Mani wedding she told us: “if the tablescape of my wedding is not appealing enough, then my guests won’t be even able to taste how good the food is”. And this of course is one of the wisest things we’ve witnessed from a bride. And now evidently, it became our catch phrase!

Still torn?

No need to worry and stress over it. Every couple is truly unique and so is your wedding day. Don’t get to spend a lot of time reading or thinking about it. This day is about you two and the unity in front of your closest friends and family.

Remember to be present and enjoy. That’s all it takes. The rest just completes the picture. The one you two are in!