It is very often that our couples ask for our advice on their honeymoon plans after their Greek wedding. After all, it’s only fair after throwing a big wedding party for your guests in the Athenian Riviera, to seek for a special place to relax and feel totally pampered.

So here we are, making a list of dreamy places in different locations of Greece for you since we know we’d love to personally visit each and every one of them only by judging from their reviews and of course their websites.

Honeymoon at the Island of Rhodes

It would be impossible to sum up Rhodes in only a few sentences. But we hope to give you a little taste of this big island that has such diverse things to discover. Coloured by centuries and with the friendliest people, you’ll come upon everything from a tavern where mama still cooks, a row of bars where people dance in the street, fishermen selling their catch off a boat, or high winding roads with weather-beaten signs pointing to a cliff-enclosed bay. In the north, you’ll find the main port, the enchanting and culturally-rich Old Town of Rhodes, as well as its buzzing new town counterpart. Both are alive with ancient or modern culture and so it’s no wonder that this is the epicenter from which tourism has developed over decades.

Casa cook Rhodes is a hotel we’d definitely want to spend time there. The serene mountain backdrop upon which to fix your gaze, bicycles waiting to be taken for a spin, or the tranquil rooms with a poolside veranda. It’s all here. Waiting for you.

Luxury honeymoon at Mykonos Island

Vast travellers of the world and persistent lovers of Mykonos, the owners of the Wild hotel wished to merge the traditional essence and the new aura of Mykonos into one. The Wild is exactly that. Luxury blended with authenticity, professionalism combined with friendliness, style mingled with essence. The wild hotel is for the eclectic traveler. A place where emotions are valued and friendships are made.

The best thing about the Wild hotel is its location.
Situated on a tip of the island which remains raw and pure, the Wild looks over a tiny
beach – front village once named by the locals ‘the wild ones’ as it was for years inhabited by the fiercest and bravest fishermen of Mykonos. Now, a tranquil, picturesque port that brings to light how Mykonos used to look like. Simple, raw, beautiful and wild.

Picturesque honeymoon views at Santorini island

Santorini island needs no introduction. Our team had a rough time choosing one hotel and this was unanimously Kirini Santorini as it takes luxury to a whole new level, offering an idyllic Santorini atmosphere with accommodations beyond imagination.
Amongst Santorini’s finest establishments, Kirini Santorini’s restaurants carries guests away with authentic culinary sensations based around the best in local ingredients. Essential design puts the hotel’s exquisite setting centre stage with luxurious facilities ranging from an open-air pool to the blissful A.SPA, where tranquillity and self-pampering reign through exceptional treatments, along with a sauna, steam room, jet showers, and jetted and heated pools. Meanwhile, you will get treated to a delicious breakfast and a variety of delicacies for lunch and dinner at the Pool Lounge & Cocktail Bar, while Anthós Restaurant promises a fine-dining gourmet experience. Best place to pick especially after a micro wedding with Caldera view at the famous Santorini island.

Choose Crete island for your honeymoon

An island of mythology, history, local traditions, culture, unique landscapes and birthplace of the famous Cretan hospitality. Majestic mountains, golden beaches, sparkling sea water, wild nature, the island is blessed with sunshine during most of the year.

Crete is a really big island hence we could not go just for one option. We simply went again for the two hotels that their design caught our eye.

Stella island luxury resort and spa

At Stella Island Luxury Suites and Spa, guests can feel pampered with a variety of facilities and services.

This resort can be the ideal destination for couples in love and for the ones on their honeymoon. The lagoon-style pools stretch around the entire resort, leave plenty of room for everyone to find their own private spot.

At Stella Island resort, they are dedicated to providing their guests with a comfortable and memorable experience.

Abaton island resort and spa

Bask in the chic surroundings of this Cycladic-style resort. Located on Crete’s northern coastline, Abaton offers elegant accommodation and panoramic sea views. Indulge mind, body and soul at the best Elemis spa together with a collection of restaurants offering Greek and international cuisine.

The shimmering turquoise waters of the Aegean provide a dramatic backdrop for 152 exclusively-designed rooms, suites and villas with 71 pools. An immaculate infinity pool, private sandy beach and 364-meter shoreline serve as the perfect settings for rest and relaxation. Reserve a stay at one of the best hotels in Greece.

See more wedding photos at this venue.

Thasos Island

Vathi Cove

Vathi Cove Luxury Resort & Spa is located in a place of absolute calm and incomparable natural beauty protected by NATURA 2000, on the beach of the same name, famous for its white sand, blue waters and unspoilt pine forest. From there, you can start exploring the island.
Countless surprises await at Thassos Island, like the natural Giola pool, (legend has it that it was created by Zeus, so that Aphrodite could swim in its waters), waterfalls and traditional small towns, as well as museums, monuments and dozens of archaeological sites.

So don’t hesitate to leave your comments in our post and tell us if you’ve visited any of the above and of course to check back often our pinterest board as we will constantly update!

Photos and texts are taken from official hotels’ websites.
Our suggestions are not based on prices. We simply went for what we think it’s best in terms of location and design.