Celebrate no matter what!

If you are planning your wedding in Greece, you will probably be seeking for ideas and must-haves that you need to book ahead of the big day. However, your wedding in Greece as a destination one, tends to have more days of celebration so your guests most probably will be introduced at a welcome reception you will arrange with the help of your Greek wedding planner, the day before. Alternatively, a small boat trip around the Greek island that you chose to get married is another marvelous idea that most of our couples opt in. Although your wedding day is all about you as a couple, it goes without saying that you want your guests to have a good time during their stay in Greece, and have an amazing experience since they made the effort to travel all the way to the Greek island of your choice to attend your Greek wedding.

Securing a unique wedding venue in Greece and an impressive band or a DJ is a given, but what about those extra touches that will really imprint on the minds of your guests? We are talking about experiences that will make them feel the local and traditional part of Greece, as well as making memories that will travel back home with them. Don’t you agree?

Here are some of our favourite ideas to keep your wedding guests entertained during your Greek wedding.

1. Create unique food and drink stations

When it comes to wedding food, Greece is the place to be. We know all about meze (Small tapas served as appetizers during welcome drinks and before dinner) and of course we have amazing local produce. Greece is also well known for its extra virgin oil, tasty olive leaves, fish, and fresh vegetables and of course its fresh seafood. So, you will agree with us that arranging for a food station where your guests can taste different varieties of olives and olive oil, rusks, and fresh bread is something unique as a tasting experience to provide your guests. You could also go for themed food stations such as cones with fried seafood only. Furthermore, as drinks are important too, and since we have our worldwide famous ouzo, but also local beers that even Brits love or even choose to go for a more international idea like a prosecco bar. Finally, you can take it up a notch by hiring a van that is always far more appealing and this is definitely the place where your guests mingle and have their first introductions.

2. ‘Wow’ your guests with performers

You do not have to stick to a string quartet as your entertainment between the ceremony and the wedding dinner- think outside the box to get your guests talking about your Greek wedding. There are so many more performance acts that you can hire for your wedding day, from live painters to palm readers and comedians for the bold ones. As for more traditional weddings, opt for an opera singer or a harpist, or for the more eccentric couples, consider circus acts or singing waiters depending on your wedding’s theme.

In addition, for a wedding in Greece, the most popular acts are those of Greek live music and dancers for a unique Greek style glenti (as we call the small fiesta). Even better, go for ancient Greece theme and incorporate in your event from Greek muses as your event’s hosts and real statues that can define a majestic entrance to your wedding ceremony. Depending on your wedding’s theme a live performance is always an extra touch to your wedding’s unique experience.

3. Think beyond a plain photo booth

Photo booths have become a wedding staple, but if you want to impress your guests, why not opt for something a little out of the ordinary? Some of the latest innovations in photo booths include GIF booths and ‘glam’ booths (you may have seen the Kardashians use them).

Of course in order to create something spectacular, install a show-stopping backdrop for photo opportunities such as a stunning flower wall to sparkling cascades of fairy lights. Or even a neon logo intertwined with beautiful florals on the back of a unique couch. Or perhaps you can use the natural background of the moon shining on the sea like we did in this Paros wedding and created a man sized frame looking at the sea with lots of custom made props. Cause it’s always about the props!

4. Ask from your guests to DIY

Almost your entire wedding in Greece is planned down to the finest details, so why not hand over some creativity to your guests. For instance, it was May 1st for a wedding a few years ago, that we proposed our bride to create a flower bar where all her guests could prepare their own May wreath (also a tradition in Greece). Also in this romantic wedding in the Athenian Riviera, we created a confetti bar for guests to prepare their own mix of petals and rice with herbs to throw at the couple’s exit of the aisle after their ceremony. Of course you can go for simpler versions such as hand them a polaroid camera and ask them to get a photo of themselves and of course write and diy on your guestbook. Like this big surf board that we used as canvass for the couple’s customized guest book at this Mykonos wedding. So, from personalized tattoos with your wedding’s date to exquisite guest books your guests always love the opportunity to get involved and add their stamp to your special day. Don’t deprive them from that!

5. Keep the young guests busy

If you’re having children at your wedding, keep them busy with treasure hunts and coloring books. But if you have many of them, it’s very important to have a professional entertainer where kids and moms are all happy and ready to enjoy your best day. You can find some really good tips we’ve previously shared on our blog.

Enjoy your wedding in Greece!