Well you all know how much we love instagram! Apart from pinterest it’s also one of our main sources of inspiration.

On instagram, we get to admire work from fellow wedding planners in Greece and all over the world. We are kept up to date with our past couples’ news so as expected it’s a medium where we get to spend a reasonable (We hope!) amount of time every day.

So when instagram introduced guides section, of course we could not help it but try to find out what this whole new section was about and of course we created 4 guides for all of you. So we will present them now to you and we hope that you will find them useful!

Guide 1: Top wedding venues in Greece

As it is normal, every bride is scouting on internet the best venues for her big day. There are many couples that are looking for seaview, others for rustic feeling under the olive trees and of course those that seek luxury in the Aegean.

In this guide, we have gathered what we believe are the top 10 wedding venues in Athens and all over Greece according of course to their quality of services and of course the many times our couples have preferred them over others.

So if you want to find out which is the top wedding venue in Athens, or which island to choose for your wedding like Crete or Paros, then go ahead and read this instagram guide now.

Guide 2: Wedding lights design

It’s very often our brides nowadays include lighting design in their mood boards. And we could not be happier about that. The reason is that you can’t have beautiful decoration unless you are able to also see it in the dark. And also, nothing can replace the deep feelings and the ambiance of a good lighting during a party but at the rest of the wedding venue too.

So since some of you were torn between fairy lights, and string lights and beam lights and led par lights, we created a non technical guide for you but one with photos where you get to identify the look and feel you’re aiming for.

“Shine like the whole universe is yours”. ‑Rumi‑

This is a tribute on lights on!
Lights that warm up our hearts and make our special days even more special!

Guide 3: Picking your wedding bouquet

It is very rare that a bride designs her whole decoration scheme by picking out first her bridal bouquet. And to be honest, we are firm believers that the bride does not need to go “matchy matchy” with the rest of her wedding concept.

So when picking your wedding bouquet you can release your creativity and go where your heart beats and not the specific flower mix of your centerpieces.You can keep the same floral or add more. Keep it mono thematic with just one variety or go wild with many more.

Of course we love pinning, and here you can find many of the wedding bouquets that literally stole our hearts all these years, but if you want to see wedding bouquets from real weddings that Rock Paper Scissors Events created for weddings in Greece, here it is!

Guide 4: Athens guide - best of by RPS Team

While planning your wedding in Greece, you visit at least two times. If you’re planning a wedding at the Greek islands you usually make a stopover in Athens and enjoy downtown center. If your visit is during summer you always prefer Glyfada or Vouliagmeni so you’re closest to the beach and usually your wedding venue.

Like all travelers, we know that you’re looking for the inside info when you visit Greece. We do feel you when you want to know where do the locals eat? Where do my wedding planners enjoy a nice espresso? In which hotel’s terrace should i enjoy a nice aperitivo overlooking the Acropolis? And of course, which are the most instagrammable spots in Athens?

So we proudly present you our top guide with places we have personally visited in Athens and stole our hearts for various reasons. We are sure after you visit some of them you will also feel like a local Athenian.