When couples think about having a destination wedding, Greece is often among their top choices – and for a good reason. This country, located in Southeast Europe, creates the perfect destination spot for everyone looking for a romantic getaway.

But Greece has much more to offer than its crystal-clear water and white and golden fine sand beaches. The rich history, exquisite cuisine, and hundreds of inhabited islands inspire couples to tie the knot there.

If you are one of them, you must wonder how to plan a wedding in Greece. Our blog will guide you in planning your marriage celebration in Greece, providing you with every bit of information you’ll need to organize the event of your dreams.

The best wedding venues in Greece

As we already said, Greece is known for its beautiful islands, which often make a magical destination for tying the knot, thanks to its pleasant climate, picturesque landscape, and dreamy venues. However, couples often overlook the possibility of finding just a perfect venue on the mainland.

Our well-curated list contains both options:

Located on the Athens Riviera, the Island Art and Taste might be everything you wish for your destination wedding in Greece! It is a beautiful blend of timelessness, a luxurious aesthetic, and gorgeous gardens filled with herbs and Mediterranean flowers. It is composed of six event spaces, offering a unique way to celebrate your wedding in style. From terraces and lounge areas to a charming waterside chapel where you can host your ceremony, you will be in awe of what this venue offers!

Nestled in the Aegean Archipelago on the island of Paros, this incredible venue will awe-inspire you with its quintessential whitewashed architecture and minimalist yet luxurious design. It is one of the best ceremony locations in Greece! The secluded, serene atmosphere will make you feel like you have entered another world and set the perfect intimate vibe for your special event. With a focus on outstanding culinary experiences, your wedding reception will feel like a journey whose destination is to delight your taste buds with island Greek cuisine.

Crete is one of the best islands to get married in Greece because it combines the Mediterranean vibe with a luxury feel. No matter the type of ceremony you choose to have, this vineyard estate will help you organize it all! Agreco Farm is nestled on elevated hill slopes, featuring a gorgeous mountainous backdrop for your photos. Not to mention, it has a stunning vineyard and premium wine to complement your reception. With special indoor and outdoor areas, the staff will help you curate a one-of-a-kind event.

Located in Santorini, this is one of the most romantic and elegant venues couples consider when thinking about how to plan a wedding in Greece. Here, you can host smaller and larger celebrations, as the villa offers plenty of wedding spaces. The variety of green spaces they offer and the most awe-inspiring views of the Caldera make it ideal for planning a wedding in Santorini. The venue channels glamour and stylishness that will compliment your bridal vision!

This luxury boho resort offers the most stunning views over the Aegean sea, making the most idyllic backdrop for your ceremony. The blend of characteristic Greek architecture and modern bohemian touches make this venue a perfect spot for planning a wedding in Mykonos.

Regardless of your vision, the Rocabella Mykonos Hotel will make it happen. Their dedicated staff will ensure that every detail of your wedding is seamlessly realized. Trust us, the memories you create here will forever be etched in your memory!

Legal requirements for having your wedding in Greece

And while you’re planning for your dream celebration in Greece, an important thing to consider is the legal requirements. What you need to know about this country is that it allows you to choose between three different types of ceremonies – symbolic, civill, and religious.

For each type, you’ll require a different set of paperwork, and your wedding planner in Greece should be able to provide you with a complete document list.

The difference between symbolic, civil, and religious ceremonies

A symbolic ceremony doesn’t require any type of legal documentation, making it an ideal choice for a newly-engaged couple looking for an alternative way to celebrate their love. 
You can always have a civil ceremony once you head home or before travel. This would mean that you’ll complete the paperwork in your country, and your stay in Greece won’t be interrupted by such tasks.
If, however, you wish to obtain your legal certificate in Greece, there are several documents you need to take with you:
  • FULL birth certificate of the bride and groom,
  • Certificate of no impediment to marriage or marriage license of the couple
  • Passports of both parties.
All of these must be translated into Greek and legalized for use abroad. 
In case of a religious ceremony, you will be able to have an Orthodox wedding, but only if both of you are baptized – for which you’ll need to provide baptism certificates. 
A useful tip on how to plan a wedding in Greece is to begin collecting the required documentation for your marriage license application at least two months before your travel. Keep in mind that the answer to “How much does it cost to get married in Greece?” will also depend on the type of ceremony you choose, among all else.

More tips on planning your destination wedding in Greece

Apart from picking the perfect venue, as well as the type of marriage ceremony, other things deserve your attention as well:

Consider the weather

Although Greece is famous for its warm and pleasant Mediterranean climate, you must pick the right season and month for an optimal experience.

If you dream of having a beach wedding in Greece, choose a date in May, June, or September. During this time, you’ll be able to enjoy the sun, without it being too hot. Try to avoid getting married in August, which marks the peak of the holiday season.

You should also pick the best time of the day for your celebration. We advise that you go for a sunset ceremony because otherwise, you won’t be able to stand the heat.

Choose your vendors

It is always best to choose local vendors who have been in the business for quite some time. Find local professionals familiar with the area who can help you create an event that is unique to your style and interests.

Search for a local wedding planner in Greece

Another thing you should go local for is your party planner. This person should help you organize everything up to every little detail – from finding local vendors and negotiating prices to planning your timeline, schedule, and budget. And if you’re wondering about the wedding planner cost in Greece, you need to reach out to them, and they will custom tailor a price for your bespoke celebration.

If you are looking for someone passionate, dedicated, experienced, and who can seamlessly realize your vision, feel free to learn more about us by taking a peek at our planning process – Awarded Luxury Wedding Planners in Greece.

Pick your outfit

Choosing your bridal outfit might not be as simple as it sounds, especially if it’s part of the process of how to plan a wedding in Greece. You shouldn’t base your choice only on your personal styling preferences – your outfit should also match the season and setting where your celebration will take place.

It’s always best to go for a comfortable outfit made from light and breathable material – chances are the weather will be hotter than you might have anticipated.

Naturally, no gown is more beautiful than the bride herself, especially if she has focused on her wellness in the months before the wedding day  If you are wondering how to achieve a flawless complexion and healthy glowing skin, check out our Top Bridal Beauty Tips Every Bride Should Know article!

Save the Dates and Invitations – Always plan ahead!

You should think about the perfect time to send your save-the-date cards and official invitations. We recommend sending the save-the-dates 10 to 12 months before the celebration and your invites about 12 weeks before.

As for choosing the right invitation design for your destination affair, we have the perfect inspo to delight your senses! We are sure that The Ultimate Ingredients For the Perfect Wedding Invitations blog will spark your creativity and infuse you with a few exquisite ideas.

Transport and Accommodation

Another important aspect to consider is booking transport and accommodation. If the destination has well-developed public transportation, you can commute by bus, train, or tram. Otherwise, you can travel using Uber, car rentals, or chauffeur service. Depending on how much time you spend in Greece, consider booking a hotel. Many venues offer accommodation on-site, which will ease your planning!

Plan your budget

One of the most important segments of how to plan a wedding in Greece is defining a budget. Having a general sum in mind will allow you to explore your options. Whether you dream of an elegant and opulent event, or something more intimate and relaxed, having a budget plan will allow you to use the funds accordingly. For example, suppose you dream of a small wedding but wish to provide a refined and exquisite experience. In that case, you can allocate more funds for lavish decor, outstanding culinary art, or many pre- or post-wedding activities for your guests.

Does your budget limit you? Then choosing a smaller venue, an off-season date, and saving on accommodation costs can contribute to planning a quality yet cost-effective party. It’s best to consult with your wedding planner in Greece, who may provide you with several saving tips!

Plan your honeymoon in Greece

And while you’re in Greece, why don’t you consider going on a honeymoon there, too? The Greek islands are a popular honeymoon destination for many couples, as each is unique and spectacular in its own way.

Some of the most popular island locations include Rhodes, Mykonos, Crete, Santorini, and Thasos. You will be able to enjoy the warm, clear water, drink wine on a terrace overlooking the horizon, and watch how the sunset reflects over the sea surface. Wish to explore these locations through our eyes? Visit our Top Honeymoon destinations in Greece blog!

Now that you’ve found your dream destination in Greece, it’s time to let us help you turn your vision into a reality. As a team of professionals, we will give you all the answers you need about how to plan a wedding in Greece, and assist you during the process.

If you want to learn more about our wedding planning services and how we can translate your vision into reality, head over to our website and check out our hefty portfolio!