Wedding Invitations Suite

Wedding Invitations are a must-have to spread the big news, to make it official and set the tone for the entire event!

After the wedding proposal and of course sourcing the right venue, then the fun part begins! Choosing the right save the dates and invitations for your wedding in Greece, will tell your guests and prepare them of what they’re about to experience. Your invitation suite says a lot about what you have designed for them along with your Greek wedding planner. Is this going to be a bohemian, a ballroom or a vineyard wedding? Location, location, location!

Invest in the best possible design and then perhaps the quality can vary depending on the theme. A winter wedding could easily go for a leather envelope, whereas a vineyard wedding could save you some with craft paper envelopes. Below, we’ve collected all the ingredients for curating the ultimate wedding invitations for your Greek wedding which will set the tone of your wedding theme.

Don’t miss the section with all the invitations we have designed so far with the help and support of our exceptional stationary designers.  After all, you big day deserves only the top tier vendors and a personalized design that reflects your personality. Let’s walk together in the printed design journey for your dream wedding in Greece!

Unique Design is Everything for your Greek wedding

As you can see in this Elegant Greek Folk Wedding in Antiparos, design and style go hand by hand, into all small details of your special day. The bride being half Greek, always wanted to get married in Greece. So getting married in Antiparos island in Greece, at her brother’s island house, surrounded by friends and family, felt the right thing to do. They also wanted to make a holiday out of it for their guests travelling all the way and what can be better than a Greek-centered theme? They had a handful of surprises for their guests and wanted to give them a hint of what lays ahead for their wedding celebrations.

Fresh fruits and herbs, Greek traditional favors and a wedding reception full of Greek colors & tastes was waiting all friends and family members. And everyone had already got into the mood thanks to all the design of the printed stationary of the wedding. Don’t you agree?

Natural, elegant with elements of naivety and a little bit influenced of the Greek folk tradition were some of the characteristics that made this wedding styling so unique. The flowers were all white and green with island herbs and foliage mixed in with the blue and white dinnerware. Greek elements included the traditional Greek folk band procession at the bridal entrance and Tamata favors (a religious votive offering depicting hearts and Greek wedding crowns which can be used to pray for the happy couple or as pray for yourself for luck in love). You can see that once you feel sure about your wedding suite then you can have all sorts of adaptations afterwards in menus, seating cards, welcome signs and so on and so forth…

Wedding Stationary: @atelier_invitations || Event planner and designer: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Florals: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop ||  Photographer: @lifestorieswedding || Ceremony and reception venue: Private villa || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

Flowers are a safe bet!

If you’re are having a Spring wedding in Athens or Greek islands, let flowers inspire you! If you have a preferred flower or a deep love for foliage, then go with this as your theme. Have a look at this Colorful Spring Wedding  and get a fresh idea for your wedding invitations & printables. As you can see in this blooming wedding at Island art and Taste in the Athenian Riviera, the flowers guided us throughout the wedding invitations suite and we even created a small guide with explanations of different flowers and their meanings.

Of course you can always send invitation via webmail but we suggest you leave this only for your save the date. After all, a well-designed invitation is always a keepsake to those who truly love you and a loving memory of one of the most important day of your lives, your wedding day.

Allow your wedding planner and graphic designer to work on a unique wedding theme for you and give your guests the surprise of something out of the ordinary with your personalized wedding printables & invitations.

Wedding Stationary:@Loveme_do || Event planning, styling and flowers: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Photographer: @NikosGogas || Ceremony and reception venue:@IslandAthensRiviera  || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

Dare to be bold in your invitations!

Just say yes to that idea you can not get out of your head. Dare to be bold! It’s your wedding and you can try anything you want. We encourage our couples to trust their dreams. Together we go beyond classic and dare to try edgy concepts. It’s in our nature to fall in love immediately with wedding themes that creativity faces no limitations.

This Wedding in Andros had a rustic & elegant theme that left everyone speechless. Starting from the breathtaking view both to the sea and to green covered mountains. The wedding theme followed the natural colors of the stone built house and greenery that surrounded it. Tones of orange and touch of wood along with ceramics kept the rustic feeling but with a very modern touch due to the vellum we used to wrap the invitations.

Decoration of course in the Andros wedding later matched the invitation design and most of the times if done the right way, it can inspire the decoration and design of your wedding. As flowers were natural in the background, we also used wooden signs, since it was needless to repeat the flower pattern, for road and welcome signs, as well as table numbers.

Wedding Stationary: Bright White || Event planner, designer, styling, florals: @rockpaperscissorsevents  || Photographer: Antonis Georgiadis  || See all vendors from this inspiring wedding here…

Why Wedding Invitations are a must-have

The short answer is that the wedding invitations make it official and set the tone for your Greek wedding.

The day your guests receive your invitation in the mail, they start to envision the wedding day. They start to make plans and prepare – from their side – for your big day. So make it as personal and special as your wedding. A rock wedding should have a rock invitation suite but a romantic wedding should go for a classic invitation.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Greece with a weekend filled with activities, brunches, or cocktail parties with your guests, the invitation will be their map & guide for the entire weekend. That envelop should include all the important information about: guidelines to book travels, how to pack accordingly, what activities are in the schedule,  or/and any kind of sensitive information regarding the wedding etiquette. In some cases, the couple may wish to exclude social media sharing from their event or may want to stress out which #hashtags to use in your posts.

With simple words, invitations reflect the values & vibes of the couple!

The wedding invitation should reflect who you are as a new soon-to-be-married-couple. In my professional opinion, digital invitations lack of character and look less official. On the other hand, printed wedding invitations declare the significance of the event.  That been said, working with a professional stationery designer it’s a must-do process for a successful wedding planning experience.

Pros know how to spread your message the right way. They can assist you pick the perfect design, style, words, colors and even make all ends meet just in the right price. Only pros will help you get the best result without breaking the bank.

And at the end of the day, invitations are kept as a loving memoir from your Greek wedding. For many this is a big thing! Especially for family members or dear friends that can not attend your wedding ceremony. Invitations are an essential part of wedding planning in Greece, because they gather everything written on paper and keep the event’s flow running smoothly.

To wrap it up, when wedding planning costs are on the table, wedding invitations should be part of the original budget. A wedding starts when guests get your invitation. There is nothing like that moment where the big news is announced, printed, professionally designed, and beautifully packed into a fine envelope with a calligraphy address bar.

Other Uses of Your Design

OK since you paid your graphics designer, so let’s now see in what ways you can get the most out of this cooperation. First and foremost you can use your designer for the header of your website and any other parts that has to do with the design of a new modern website yet such as your customized logo. Then of course you can use him/her on various little details, like customizing your favors, tags in your chairs, make a personalized cake topper, stickers, menus and many more ideas that otherwise you would have to get yourself one more from the store. But then they wouldn’t be customized for your wedding in Greece, would they?

Wedding Muse – if there is one- is definitely in the details! And by having a graphics designer by your side, along with your Greek wedding planner’s guidance you can have everyone talking about your wedding in Greece for the years to come. Think about this investment and the impact it will later have!