Bridal Beauty Tips

Katerina Theocharis shared her golden list of Bridal Beauty Dos and Don’ts for all the brides to be. We are thrilled for having her valuable words of wisdom on our blog. We love our brides & grooms and we care for their wedding look, too!

Katerina said: 

“You have picked the dress of your dreams, you have arranged every little but significant detail of your wedding… You want everything to be perfect! Today, I am going to elaborate on some important do’s and don’ts of your bridal beauty, so you avoid wedding beauty disasters and rock that iconic look you were dreaming of!”

Bridal Beauty DOs

Visit your beautician so she/he can customize the perfect face treatments and skincare products tailored for your own special needs. A few months before the wedding is the right time for facials and chemical peels. If – worse case scenario – something goes wrong, you have time to restore it!

Don’t change your beauty regime completely 3 month before the wedding. It’s not the right time for experimenting! You don’t want to have a risk of breaking out before the big day, do you?

Grow your eyebrows and get in touch with a brow specialist to create the ideal brow shape for you. You should try for a new shape at least 4 months before the wedding.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, consume more fruits and vegetables so you stay hydrated and healthy. Bridal beauty needs that!

Exfoliate your skin and do regularly face masks, so you maintain a hydrated and healthy looking skin. But, don’t overdo it. You don’t want to risk a break out!

If you suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes, you can try cold slices of cucumber for 15’ every night. Cucumber hydrates the area and the cool temperature increases blood microcirculation and helps the eyes look more relaxed.

Apply sunscreen every day to avoid any discoloration or hyper-pigmentation on your skin. There are many non-comedogenic sunscreens in the market to stay out of the way of any unneeded break-outs!

Bridal Beauty DON’Ts

If you and your make-up artist have agreed to put artificial eyelashes on the wedding, avoid doing permanent lash lift or putting semi-permanent lash extensions. Lash lift creates a shape on your lashes that makes the artificial lashes look odd and it is recommended not to use artificial lashes on lash extensions.

Don’t stress too much. Try to rest, do things that help you feel relaxed and happy. Stress is not a good advisor and affects your bridal beauty!

Don’t overdo it with suntanning or solarium. UV rays dehydrate the skin and too-much tanning won’t result to that classy bride you where dreaming of!

Don’t eat too much salt the week before the wedding. Since sodium holds 50 times its weight in water, cutting back can help you feel way less bloated the week of your wedding.


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