Why is the island of Crete so popular

Probably you know Crete already because of the legend of Minotaur, half man half-bull who prowled the labyrinth of King Minos and was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.

According to this legend, the king of Crete, Minos, was plagued by the Minotaur, a monster locked in a labyrinth under the castle, who demanded a sacrifice of seven young men and women each year. King Minos in turn demanded that Athens send these young men and women to satisfy the Minotaur, which they did until Theseus, the son of the king of Athens decided to put a stop to things and sailed to Crete to defeat the Minotaur. With the help of Ariadne, the Cretan princess, he successfully entered the labyrinth and killed the Minotaur, and used a thread (Ariadne’s idea!) to find his way back out of the maze again.

If Greek Mythology is not your cup of tea, the island of Crete might feel much more familiar for its unique music and the unforgettable landscapes of the movie “Zorbas the Greek” with Antony Quinn. And if you are still not sold, then Cretan cuisine will absolutely make you re consider the magical island of Crete not just as another destination in your bucket list, but the one and only destination for your wedding day in Greece.

Why weddings in Crete are so popular

According to theTravelPorter , Cretan cuisine has a language on its own, with incredible flavors and local ingredients so unique that there are specialty Cretan stores found throughout the rest of Greece. Let’s not forget that Crete is also a top producer of quality olive oil – which is also something you may offer to your guests as wedding favors, that everyone will appreciate very much! Along with olive oil, island of Crete has a wine tradition more than 4000 years old that is definitely worth exploring! The best part about Cretan food is that so much of it is local and fresh, and it draws on a unique tradition influenced by the varied cultures that have passed through the island throughout its history.

Ok, now we all agree that Crete is a very interesting option as a wedding destination. But is it easy to get there? Especially for the couples that have guests coming from different parts of the world for their Greek wedding. So there you go with the information we found at Greeka.

There are 3 airports in Crete: the airports of Heraklion and Chania in Crete are proposing regular flights to Athens (both trips take about 45 minutes) and Thessaloniki (about 1 hour and a half). The airport of Heraklion also organizes flights to Rhodes, Kos and other Greek islands in summer.

These two airports also receive charter flights from abroad, mainly from European cities. Crete island also has a small airport close to Sitia (Lassithi), which proposes only domestic flights to/from Athens and Karpathos in summer.

So now that we all agree how special Crete is, we can all agree that it is the ideal destination wedding location in Greece, for all styles of weddings. Let’s see some examples from weddings in Crete, organized by Rock Paper Scissors Events team.

Natural and organic wedding in Elounda, Crete

Could you imagine anything more romantic than getting married by the sea? The Elounda Mare Hotel  is the place that will make you fall in love with. It is surrounded by lush nature with a breathtaking beach and the most romantic chapel if you are interested in a religious ceremony or just an authentic Cretan backdrop for your symbolic ceremony.

For many of you, the design and style of your wedding is truly important. Therefore, it is imperative to you that the furniture and the tableware will go hand in hand with the flowers and the total look and feel of your wedding design in Greece. Even if sometimes it seems very difficult or even impossible to align with the furniture and the equipment that a hotel can supply with your wedding’s vision, we are there for you to provide solutions for your Greek wedding design.

In Crete there are amazing vendors such as florists, furniture suppliers, Dj’s, sound and lights experts, photographers and videographers to choose from. However, even if you are looking for something that it cannot be found there, the airport of Agios Nikolaos is only 7 km far away and any kind of wedding service you are looking for, we can provide.

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Elegant and luxury wedding at Abaton Island Resort and Spa

Has the pandemic and the cold winter got you dreaming of an intimate yet luxury wedding surrounded by the deep blue? Maybe your plans have changed due to the Covid-19, but there is no reason to be disappointed. It’s time to take things under your control again, such as inviting your favorite people and get ready to live an unforgettable experience of an ultra-luxury wedding at the Abaton Island Resort and Spa.

Located in Crete’s northern coastline, Abaton offers elegant accommodation and panoramic sea views. It also offers the perfect canvas for a symbolic ceremony on the wild and rocky beach if you, like us, are firm believers in diversity, in creating contrasts. Everything about this place is so magical and elegant for an effortless wedding in Crete. Without exceeding on the traditional side, you can incorporate as much of the Cretan tradition, as your personal vision can stand. Music, dancers, food can be authentically Cretan or you can also have a mix of all those with more international and VIP products and services.

From a modern and minimalist wedding to the most over the top and luxury concept this the right place to build your dreams on.

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Eco and organic wedding in Agreco Farms, Crete

If you like simple and authentic wedding in Crete, then you will love the idea of a rustic venue, overflowing with flowers and textures, the Agreco farms. The focus here is on the experience; to see how the vegetables, vines, wheat flour, fruits and several aromatic herbs are being grown. The activities, the rehearsal dinner are seen as a way to cultivate friendship, conversation, laughter between all the people that come together to celebrate love. We gathered some of our favorite activities for the guests that can take place before the wedding day so they keep themselves amused: A tour of the farm and participation in the treading of the grapes. Of course, you should not miss the wine and oil tasting and the “raki” tasting as it drips warm from the still.

The farm is located on a hilltop offering magical views and a very picturesque scenery, ideal for both symbolic and religious ceremonies. The Agreco Taverna can make a special wedding menu which is based on fresh, organic ingredients and their preparation is done entirely in the farm’s kitchens.

With regards to the wedding decoration, this place sets the tone on its own and welcomes every rustic or boho chic element. Warm colors and earthy tones match perfectly with the natural surrounding and are able to ensure the beauty and balance in its greatest manifestation.

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Island Wedding in a private villa in Crete island

In the island of Crete, you can find a range of stunning villas in beautiful locations, where you can create a wedding exactly as in your dreams.  It feels much more intimate and cozy by all means, but you should pay attention to some specific organizational aspects so you and your guests will feel comfortable throughout your stay and mostly on the wedding reception day.

So take a look on the following tips:

  • Choose a villa that is not too difficult to access. Remember that your guests will travel a long way to get to Crete, so be considerate of the extra time they need to drive in order to get there.
  • If the villa you chose is not big enough to accommodate everyone, make sure that there are other hotels or villas nearby for the rest of your guests.
  • Check out that there is sufficient space for all parts of your wedding like the welcome area, ceremony, dinner area and a big enough dancefloor. Of course the best way to do this is with the help of your wedding planner.
  • For your wedding reception, a significant electricity power voltage is needed (extra lights, food preparation, sound equipment). In some cases and depending on the number of your wedding guests, it is even necessary to get a generator. All these technical issues must be taken care of beforehand so nothing spoils your big day.
  • The toilets are another important point of attention. The villa of course will provide the basic part, but be sure if this is adequate for people invited. If not, arrange to rent extra and of course don’t forget the person who will care about the cleaning and sanitation.

With regards to the food, in Crete, you can find local catering companies such as the http://www.eventcatering.gr/  that are specialized in Cretan food, but they can also provide more international styled options. With the help of your wedding planner, you can decide about the menu, the furniture and the tableware that matches to your vision and decide if you want to address to the local market or have rentals brought from Athens.

For the wedding flower decorations, you can absolutely trust http://www.aris-flowers.gr/ as long as you know exactly what you want. It helps a lot when you have already a mood board to show them with your ideas about the decoration.  It is very important to be specific with the color palette, the style of the vases and all the overall look and feel and of course arrange a sampling through a video call so you make sure that you will get what you want on your wedding day. This why it is so important to get assist from a wedding planner when it comes to a destination wedding in Crete island.

Crete is a fabulous island that offers all you need to get a dreamy wedding in Greece. No matter what your personal style and aesthetics are, you will be able to find the right location and venue to host your wedding. From a luxury resort hotel to a picturesque farm, you will get a unique hospitality and warmness from the Cretan people and you will be impressed from the high standards of service. But most of all, you will be forever in love with the divine beauty, the clarity of the light and the wild yet calming vibe of this unique island.

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