Ok we have planned your wedding in Athens or on a Greek island for a year, and we hope we managed by now to please all your expectations. Now on your wedding day, it is high time we pleased your guests, too. However, to us, guests are not just the adults but the younger ones as well. They are a very demanding crowd too and they need their special attention as well, so this is what this post is all about.

Ideas of how to entertain the younger guests in your wedding in Greece

It is true, that you can find online a lot of material with respect to printables and drawings like wedding related cross words and images to color. However, you need to keep in mind that not all kids are interested in those activities. Little boys, need games that are more active and in general, for all kids have a truly short attention span, depending on their age. Hence, we suggest kids’ entertainers that can keep up with the pace and make an interesting program.

Why hire a professional kids entertaining team

You need an English speaking professional team to entertain the kids in your wedding. They will share with you beforehand the type of equipment they will carry with them, as well as share a presentation with the complete activities’ program. They will be of course completely trustworthy and experienced and will have the ability to keep an interesting program for all hours agreed. This way, parents will be more relaxed and will have more fun in your wedding. Same goes for kids and of course you don’t know yet, but happy kids mean happy parents and this is a wedding success as they will both say afterwards how much fun they had in your wedding!

Take care and decorate the kids’ area

Children will feel more comfortable if they have a designated kids’ area. There, you will need to have definitely tables where their dinner will be served (it is important you do this on time so they do not get anxious and their moms will not stress about it) and after they can do many crafts and workshops. It is important that furniture will be in their size, so they will not need the help of their parents to sit down properly.

The decoration of the kids’ area can also be in coherence with your wedding’s theme and elegance can flash there as well. Personalized place mats, kids’ favors, special signage, balloons and the list is endless.

Useful Tips when considering a kids entertaining company:

  • Start the activities program right after ceremony and keep it until bedtime.
  • Make sure you give the age split and correct number of kids. You can calculate approximately 1 entertainer per every 10 kids.
  • If you have, many babies (under the age of 3) ask from the company to create a small baby park with soft play where the small ones will interact separately from older kids.
  • Don’t forget to ask if their fee includes all insurance and taxes since your venue will ask.

Rock Paper Scissors wedding planners use We Can do it for kids only

It is no secret, that Rock Paper Scissors Events owns a company responsible for the entertainment of kids during an event. Its name is we can do it for kids only and you can of course visit their website for more info. We are responsible for hosting unique themed birthday parties all year round; therefore, this is the team whom we trust for the weddings we organize. Our skilled stuff can assist you all year round, so even if you have not booked for a wedding planner, you can always take advantage of this service and making sure that younger and older guests will have fun!
Visit the website and see for yourselves!