In recent years, the concept and popularity of a pre-wedding photoshoot have increased tremendously. Also known as an engagement shoot and usually done a few months before the wedding, a pre-wedding photoshoot is all about capturing the romance of you and your partner in picturesque settings before the Big Day, documenting precious memories and moments that are to be cherished for life. Photographing a couple is a very beautiful experience that will leave a rosy sweet taste, a smile, and something beautiful to look forward to! Seeing how beautiful you look in your engagement photos will add to the wedding excitement.

Even if photography is the international language these days, either through selfies on social media or by taking pictures with our mobile phones, we forget how valuable good photography from a professional photographer is. A photographer will not simply document the event but he will create something valuable for the years that will follow. A professional wedding photographer will deliver shots that will stand out among the thousands that are on our mobile phones which we rarely return to see again.

Your site visit in our Greece and especially the area you’re about to get wed will form the perfect canvass and will also take the stress out of you as most probably you’re not modelling for a living.

This is what our couple Beth and Arturo also chose to do before their wedding next year in Greece, where you get to enjoy all these beautiful photos.

So we asked their photographer Vassilis Kouroupis to give us a few reasons why a couple should opt in a professional pre wedding photoshoot.

The romance of it all

Choosing a prewedding photography experience is very important for the soon to wed couples. They will feel more comfortable in the months leading to their wedding day because they will be familiar with the idea of being photographed by a professional. Although many brides and grooms feel camera shy before having a prewedding photoshoot, they realize how pleasant the process is and the experience of having their portraits taken together. I usually encourage the couples to take a beautiful morning or a beautiful afternoon off to do something to celebrate their engagement – a romantic prewedding photoshoot just for them!

Also, and one of the most important reasons, by having a prewedding shoot a couple of months before the wedding will make the couple feel more comfortable on the wedding day, something that can’t be achieved only through skype calls. Of course, I will always make sure that we bond with the couples through our virtual meetings if they live abroad or physical meetings if they live, or visit Greece! However, with a prewedding shoot, we will have the time to explore how to make this a peaceful stress free experience for the couple – all while going home with some amazing new portraits to look back and smile, use on the save-the-dates or even in an engagement album! I will give you plenty of tips and show you posing techniques to best highlight your love and each other!

Practice always makes perfect

See the prewedding photoshoot as the practice that will make perfect on the wedding day. We will have the comfort of time to share very simple tips which
will lead us much faster to the portraits we dream of on the wedding day, so you can enjoy your cocktails and dancing without worrying about the photography!

It may sound a bit cliché, but a prewedding shoot is the simplest to find your best profile, what angle flatters you the most, and that most often the way to have stellar wedding pictures is to be calm, to smile, and enjoy your love and time with each other. However, the most important thing is that you will feel free, loved, you will smile with your better half, and the photoshoot will help you bring out more the feelings of love by having fun together! Wondering if that’s so simple? Well, it is. I will help you throughout the process, actively advising you and making sure you are feeling comfortable, combatting your photo anxiety and camera shyness. It will be a beautiful experience resulting in portraits you’ll love!

There are always moments we’d like to go back to and relive them. A portrait photo shoot is something I would suggest all the couples, a sweet memory of a moment in time important to you. I remember one time a couple said that after a big fight – something natural to every relationship – they caught a glimpse of their wedding portrait in the living room, realized how truly happy they are together and made up right away. Maybe a prewedding photoshoot could be a precious gift to your significant other, another reason to celebrate the grand “yes”!

It is more than a frame

The portraits can be delightfully used on the save-the-dates or in the making of a beautiful wish book for your wedding day to collect all your guests’ happy wishes or even incorporated in the wedding album to add to the cohesive storytelling of your journey together. Moreover, a prewedding shoot can be after your rehearsal appointment of make-up and hair to see how they perform on camera!

I love exploring with couples different locations for their prewedding photoshoot, in their wedding destination or in other places we’ve talked about! Think of Sifnos, Santorini, the forests near Athens, a sandy beach, a picturesque square, an island they’d like to visit or maybe a sweet city garden – the options are endless! It’s a fact that everyone is 30% more excited for the wedding after a prewedding photoshoot and I find it inspiring! Whatever makes you even more thrilled for your wedding day with your favorite person is a big must for me!

I perceive weddings as a study of love, getting to know all these different stories and loving couples always means the world to me. Giving them beautiful, natural, and timeless photographs to remember their special moments is what I like the most! I’d love to be a part of your wedding celebrations!

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