You have probably heard that Mykonos and Santorini, islands of the Cyclades in Greece, are some of the most popular locations for destination weddings. These are quite scenic places with a lot to offer, but they are not the only treasures the Cyclades Islands hold. Although it is commonly overlooked, Paros is another hidden gem of Greek heritage that offers gorgeous features for bridal celebrations. It is an island enriched with natural treasures and an unparalleled atmosphere, meaning it is the perfect place to mark your new beginnings. Simply opting for a Paros destination wedding is an opportunity to create a dreamy day with magical elements that will stay with you for a lifetime!

If you are not sure whether this is your ideal destination, our guide can help you decide. We have listed all the necessary details related to Paros weddings so you can see whether this is something you are looking for. We can tell you from the very beginning that you are in for a real treat!

Why Choose Paros for Your Destination Wedding?

There are numerous reasons why a Paros destination wedding is an amazing idea! First, Paros is abundant with luxurious villas where you can host your spectacular celebration of love. Plus, many of them are quite affordable, so you do not have to break the bank to have a magical day. However, you can also choose glorious restaurants and magnificent beach venues because the island has many of them. Or, you can simply opt for one of the majestic churches for a perfect religious wedding.

Another great thing about a Paros, Greece wedding is that the island is easily accessible. It is just a ferry ride from Athens, and this accessibility allows visiting other islands as well. So, your bridal weekend can be a real adventure where you get to explore more places by opting for an island hopping activity.

Lastly, couples love it because of its versatility. You can create whatever setting you desire because the island is suitable for any kind of wedding. Whether you want an elegant, casual, or more intimate affair, you can have it. The abundance of scenic spots will give you exactly what you want!

Ideal Wedding Locations in Paros

As we mentioned before, Paros offers a plethora of options when it comes to bridal locations. Depending on what you have envisioned for your big day, you can choose a venue that suits your style and needs. We have selected a few suggestions to give you an idea of what your celebration could look like.

  • Luxurious Hotel
If you strive for luxury and want a high-end celebration, you may want to consider an opulent hotel with a spectacular sea view. Sophisticated beach hotels are some of the best places to get married in Paros. The scenic landscapes of the Aegean Sea will give you an astonishing backdrop for your big moments, and you will achieve the elegance you strive for. Opting for a hotel will also provide you with intimacy, so you will have the chance to say your “I do’s” in tranquil surroundings. It will be truly your day without anyone disturbing your peace!
  • Private Villa

Paros is home to plenty of luxurious private villas you can book for a wedding. Choosing a villa instead of a hotel or a traditional bridal venue will give you the chance to create the setting you imagined for the big day without any limitations. Moreover, it may be a great way to stay on a budget because there are many affordable options all around the island. Plus, there are villas in different styles, meaning you will easily find the style that suits you and your partner.

  • A Classic Bridal Venue

When planning your big day, you can also consider classic wedding venues in Paros. Numerous spots offer all the services you might need for a bridal celebration. Whatever your requirements and preferences are, you can be sure to find them in one of the glorious spots Paros offers. Even if you are looking for a small place like an intimate restaurant, you can count on exceptional services.

Things to Consider When Planning a Paros Wedding

Before you begin your planning process, it is essential to establish your priorities. You need to figure out the big elements before you start thinking about the small details. So, we have prepared a few tips for you that you can use as guidelines, so your planning goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Determine The Size of Your Wedding

Before you even pick a venue and other bridal vendors, you need to figure out how big of a wedding you want to throw. The number of guests you invite will influence the choice of venue, catering services, decor, and, ultimately, your Paros wedding cost. Since most things depend on your guest list, you will need to handle it first.

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

When it comes to a destination celebration, you need someone to help you with all the Paros wedding logistics. Planning your big day from a distance is not easy, meaning you will need all the support you can get. Even if you find all the vendors by yourself, you will find hiring a wedding planner in Paros quite useful. We are talking about an expert who can give you guidelines to obtain exactly what you are looking for and, at the same time, help you make everything run smoothly.

A wedding professional can even get you great deals and save you some money, considering they have many connections. Considering that destination weddings can be quite expensive, you can use this expertise to avoid breaking the bank while organizing your big day.

  • Pick a Venue

Choosing the location for your wedding is essential. Doing that sooner rather than later will help you properly manage the whole event. Once you create your guest list, start researching places. The sooner you find your perfect venue, the better your planning process will go. After you sort out these things, you can think about wedding decoration, entertainment, and all the other features included in bridal celebrations.

  • Hire a Photographer

One of the things you need to sort out at the beginning is the choice of a photographer. Deciding to celebrate your love story on a majestic Greek island needs a professional touch when it comes to capturing memories. So, when you are determining the big bridal things, put the choice of a photographer among your priorities. You will probably want one of the best ones, so do not forget they get booked months in advance.

If you do not want to stop to photos only, you should also opt for a videographer. Many exceptional professionals offer both services, so if this is on your wedding checklist, you should find them soon.

  • Choose Unique Things for Your Celebration

If you have decided to say “I do” in a breathtaking setting, then you should aim to make it as unique as possible. Paros comes with striking features that you may use to set the tone of your wedding.

Local wedding customs in Paros can help you create a dreamy ambiance with a dash of authenticity. For instance, you should opt for a local wine that will add uniqueness to your big day. This Greek island is known for delightful wine, and allowing your guests the chance to enjoy it will make your celebration genuinely memorable. In other words, your event will not only be about spectacular scenery but one-of-a-kind experiences as well.

  • Go For Authentic Gifts for Your Guests

Paros weddings are meant to be enjoyed and remembered. Besides giving your guests the ultimate bridal experience, you should not forget to present them with a memorable gift to remember your big day forever. You can go for unique souvenirs and mementos specific to the island so they can go back home and bring a piece of your bridal celebration along with them.

  • Opt for a Post-Wedding Boat Adventure

When you decide to have a Paros destination wedding, you must make the most of it. The island is truly astounding, and you need to savor every moment spent on it. Once the special day is over, you should think of a way to continue the festivities.

One of our heartfelt recommendations is a boat adventure. You can take your loved ones on a post-wedding exploration of the island and enjoy the sights of the miraculous islands. There is no better way to share the highlights of your big day and feel its magnificence a little bit longer.

A Paros destination wedding might be a wonderful idea for couples who want to say “I do” in a foreign country. The Greek islands have always been among the top locations for getting married, so you will absolutely not regret choosing Paros as your bridal spot. As long as you plan everything carefully, you can expect to have the wedding of your dreams!

If you are ready to begin planning your wedding, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. And, for more bridal inspiration, please check out our blog page.