A dreamy destination wedding on Paros Island

Island weddings have always been marvelously special and exquisitely dreamy, and Destiney and Harrison’s destination wedding on Paros Island was nothing less than that!

This Greek island is considered a precious gem of the country due to its natural beauty. Namely, it is an island where romance is a dominant element, so tying the knot in a place like this takes every love story to the next level.

Destiney and Harrison are a couple from New York, who decided to have their union on a Greek island, so they can begin their life together uniquely and memorably. Their goal was to have a simple yet elegant bridal celebration that would depict their lifestyle but add a magical sparkle every wedding needs. Therefore, they chose divine spots for their event and strived for natural details to make their special day as ethereal as possible. There is nothing more beautiful than effortless sophistication, and together we managed to achieve exactly what they envisioned for their big day.

Destiney and Harrison’s destination wedding on Paros Island had several elements that made their union stand out from the rest. Namely, they had a pre-wedding party at a bar whose surroundings they adore. They used an amazing spot for their ceremony and picked an astonishing venue for the main event. It was a truly remarkable union – one that was completely unexpected and full of amazing surprises!

They began their bridal festivities with a pre-wedding event at Barbarossa Bar, a spot that allows you to experience the island life. Destiney and Harrison chose this place for their pre-party because Naousa, the bar’s location, is their absolute favorite part of the island! The magnificent surroundings make the spot ideal for celebrations like this one.

Although not many couples include this kind of party before the big day, Destiney and Harrison’s destination wedding in Paros Island was special, so they wanted something different from the traditional ways. All of their guests wore white and enjoyed delightful drinks with a view. The Barbarossa Bar is one of the spots on Paros Island where people get to truly experience the magic and beauty of this place, so this lovely couple knew exactly what to pick for their special event.

For the ceremony, they wanted something natural, simple, and symbolic. Thus, they chose the outside part of the chapel of Petra Farm. Since they wanted a rustic wedding in Paros, they chose the spot that matched this theme. Destiney and Harrison decided to make it really simple but without losing the touch of sophistication. Bougainvillaea was the main ceremony floral decoration that was meticulously connected to the chapel’s bell. Once they exchanged their vows, per tradition, they rang the bell to commemorate the beginning of their married life. Details like these were the reason why this turned out to be one of the dreamiest weddings we have planned so far.

The main event took place at Petra Farm. They chose this venue because they were aiming for rustic surroundings. However, they also wanted everything to be special and original, and the farm allowed them to have enthralling elements. Each corner of their rustic wedding in Paros had a special feature that made Destiney and Harrison’s union magical and one-of-a-kind.

Surreal landscapes, breathtaking views, and redefined settings surround Petra Farm. Getting married on a Greek island means getting to enjoy all of the dreamy aspects it offers, so this couple made sure that they included all of them on their big day.

They incorporated several stations for the reception in order to make sure their guests get to experience all of the treasures offered by the island. Namely, they had a cocktail station where signature cocktails were served, and they had a special witty sign for them, so guests would know what kind of drink they could get. All the cocktails were prepared masterfully, meaning all the wedding participants got to enjoy a fine drink during all of the special moments. Plus, the cocktails matched the venue’s colors and rusting surroundings!

Another highlight of this destination wedding on Paros Island was the olive station, which included all the products made on the farm. So, the guests got the chance to try and enjoy delightfully fresh food, such as olive oil, bread, and so on. Destiney and Harrison adore Greek food, so they wanted to share their preferences with their close family and friends, and allow them to taste heavenly dishes. There were a lot of different Greek delicacies, so the guests ended up tasting various traditional specialties and could not decide what they liked the best!

All of the decorations were rustic, so they matched the theme of the union. They strived for a more natural decor because they wanted an elegant wedding in Paros with a simplistic touch. The dominant colors were green, gold, and white, which perfectly fit the venue’s natural surroundings. Moreover, they used fairy lights because the lighting was extremely important to them. They wanted their night to have a dose of magic, so the installation of this kind of lighting was the way to go.

Destiney wore a long white gown with a long veil, which was the ideal attire for a rustic and elegant wedding in Paros. Harrison matched her appearance with a beige suit that fitted him perfectly. The selection of their attire was a key element that made their photographs look surreal. The couple has exquisite mementos from their big day because they picked all the right things for their union!

We were delighted to be part of this destination wedding on Paros Island. It was an honor to plan such a distinguished and authentic bridal celebration, so we enjoyed and cherished every single moment of it. It was a nuptial you did not get to plan and organize every day, so we truly appreciated every moment of work with this lovely couple.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Wedding planner and designer: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Petra Farm Paros
Catering: Mario Catering
Bar services: Boogaloo
Lights and Sound: Soundworks Audiovisual
Photographer: Les Anagnou
Hair & Makeup: Stella’s Hair Studio Paros

Florist: 2GM
Furniture Rentals: Tore Furniture Rentals
Flatware Rentals: White Lilac
Tablecloth Rentals: Creation Rentals
Signages: The Letter Co
Desserts: Tserki
Graphic Designer: Anna Maria Morfoniou