Honoring your love by swearing to eternity is one of the most cherished days in every couple’s lives. It is time when you take each step to ensure a seamless affair. However, despite doing everything in your power to achieve absolute perfection, there are still a few things you cannot control. Therefore, one of the couples’ most frequent questions is what to do if it rains at your wedding. There is no doubt that planning for the weather can be tricky, especially in a location such as Greece, where rain is hard to predict. Therefore, we have prepared a comprehensive guide featuring wedding tips for bad weather.

Regardless of the season you plan to tie the knot, it is always advisable to be prepared for a light shower, drizzle, or downpour. As marriage planners, we have had the opportunity to organize plentiful destination affairs in Greece since 2011. Given the many years of planning and executing outdoor events, we know that stopping the unexpected rain or wind from ruining your perfect day takes a lot of consideration. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we will provide the best wedding tips for bad weather to ensure a flawless day.

Wedding Tips for Bad Weather

Below, you will discover useful tips for a windy or rainy-day wedding ceremony to ensure a stress-free day- even during a drizzle!

  •  Check with the venue
If you are unsure how to plan a wedding in the rain, especially when you have imagined organizing a flawless outdoor ceremony, it is best to discuss your vision with the chosen venue. Ensure you are happy with their alternative arrangements- every good venue should provide a plan B option in case it rains. Inquire about how they handle unexpected situations before you secure your date. Ask whether there is another space where the ceremony can be hosted, how efficient they are when it comes to handling a sudden change of plan, as well as whether they will consult you before taking any action. In addition, you can also ask if the venue can provide tents in case the rain or wind catches you off-guard.
  • Take advantage

One of the best wedding tips for bad weather is to don’t let it dampen your spirits. Remember, it is just one obstacle, and you will get through it in no time with just a little help from everyone around. Therefore, the wisest thing is to turn the rainy weather to your advantage. Interested in discovering how? Well, we certainly have the answer- it is using rain or wind as a photographic element!

There is rarely a person who doesn’t adore intimate couple portrait sessions in the rain. There is something truly special about having photos taken as you and your beloved are cuddled up under an umbrella. And if you don’t mind getting a little wet, you have just opened another door filled with amazing photographic opportunities. Some venues lend themselves to gorgeous indoor photos, allowing you to do indoor portraits or photos under the cover of pergolas. Or, if it is windy, you can get creative with the veil or even pull off some candid shots in the wind.

  • Be flexible

It is the most gorgeous day of your life, so try to stay optimistic. The key to keeping a smile on your face is being flexible. In case the weather conditions are not in your favor, being flexible is crucial to ensure your day runs smoothly.

Be prepared to add flexibility to your floor plan and schedule. If it looks like it is going to rain for a short time, it will probably be worth pushing your ceremony back until it passes. You might also need to reorganize a few other things to ensure everything will run seamlessly afterward. And to not let the raindrops interfere with your perfectly planned entertainment, consider hiring weather-resilient music equipment or weather-resistant menu options. You can provide covered food service areas and offer drinks and canapes so that guests are occupied while they wait.

  • Backup plan

Just as it is crucial to be flexible, one of the most important wedding tips for bad weather is to have a backup plan ready! Talk to your vendors beforehand and clarify everything, as it will ease your worries and help you stay calm in case of unpredictable weather. For example, getting everyone to the venue can be a logistical challenge, and transportation can often cause delays due to traffic or vehicle breakdowns. Having a backup plan in place, such as different forms of transportation, can help prevent issues.

In addition, as a bad weather wedding backup plan, you can also check with the venue if they offer any arrangements that can quickly turn an outdoor venue into an indoor one. You can also bring umbrellas for guests or perhaps rain ponchos so you can embrace the unique photo opportunities the weather offers.

  • Align your expectations with the desired month
With summer being the most popular season for getting married, you certainly have to be prepared and align your expectations with the desired month. Weather conditions in Greece can also vary depending on the part of the country you are hosting your affair, which can often affect the date you choose. However, having the right wedding tips for bad weather will ensure no date is wrong! Have a discussion with your partner, decide what works best for both of you and set your expectations accordingly.
  • Bridal attire

You have spent countless hours finalizing the perfect dress for the day. Therefore, you should be prepared to address any attire issues if it rains quickly. Come prepared with beautiful outerwear options, such as a layer of protection for your bridal dress, while adding a bit of sparkle to your look. You can discuss with your bridal boutique about the shawls, jackets, or capes that can easily be paired with your dress. These options won’t just provide protection but would look good when paired appropriately.

In addition, you can also search for adorable umbrella options. Having elegant lace or chic transparent umbrellas will keep you dry and serve as fun props for your photos. Regardless of the weather, choose waterproof makeup and switch up the updo. Discuss the products and best waterproof makeup and hairstyles with your stylist. In addition, choose stylish rain boots for brides and grooms, such as closed-toe shoes over sandals or stilettos, as there are risks of sinking in the mud.

  • Think about guest comfort.

An important wedding tip for bad weather is to be prepared to inform your guests if you are planning an outdoor event timely. If you are worried that weather conditions might easily change, it is advisable to warn your guests in advance. It will help them be more mindful when picking their outfits, just in case. Customize the invitations by including weather warnings to prevent your loved ones from being caught off-guard. Be sure to have options for keeping guests warm with cozy blankets or shawls, propane heaters, and umbrellas.

  • Alternatives to an outdoor celebration

One of the best ways of weatherproofing your wedding celebration is to talk with the venue upfront and have an idea of whether you have alternatives. Venues that typically hold outdoor events provide accommodation in poor weather. Some venues will offer alternate indoor accommodations, as well as tents and canopies for outdoor weddings or other rain protection options. These protect from rain and offer a convenient retreat from heat, cold, wind, and sun. However, in case of heavy rain, there is a need for flooring and for it to be closed all around. In this case, additional expenses definitely arise for the couple because they have to somehow “beautify” when a large structure is added.

  • Talk to your vendors

In essence, no matter how you look at it, no one has experience until they experience it. So follow the advice of your planner. For example, if we see it will rain, apart from the points mentioned so far, we will always advise you to bring a second pair of shoes and changes. This is because it is likely you will get wet and will not be able to go through the night in that state.

  • Relax & Embrace

Lastly, a vital wedding tip for bad weather is to relax and not worry too much about everything. Accept some things are beyond our control, weather being one of them. So, the absolute best thing to do is to relax, enjoy the day, and not let bad weather conditions spoil your event.

As planners, we have successfully organized marriage affairs despite unfavored weather conditions. We always look at the weather a week before and inform you about the options based on your space in case of a rain forecast. However, we also advise to set aside a budget for unforeseen conditions like these. In short, we will be on your side to pull off any plan B flawlessly, so stop stressing unnecessarily. No matter what the weather brings in, you will have countless memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Hopefully, you have found our blog post on wedding tips for bad weather helpful. If you would like to discuss this or need any advice in general, get in touch!