It was back in July 2020, when covid-19 made it clear that this summer would be a very special.

Most of our partners were on the same page. Despite difficulties with work and daily life, there was an immense urge to be creative. It was no coincidence when our dear friend Adrian Wood called us one day and brought the idea of a branding shoot. The rest just fell into place and Panagiotis Kastanidis was the next person visiting us for a talk full of inspiration and laughs. The preparation process was so fun, our minds were completely aligned, and we felt this branding shoot was a project that literally was meant to be. We wondered why it had not happened sooner. The answer was simple: in normal circumstances, there was so little time for something that was not part of our daily to do’s list. Summer 2020 was a mentally very interesting season, allowing us to reconsider priorities and allow our creativity to breathe. It also gave us a lot of amazing photographic material.

It was a natural step to take this material as an opportunity to revamp our site and our trusted partners Nicholas and George have the expertise to realize it. It took us around 2 months, involving an endless exchange of ideas, a stream of emails and WhatsApp messages exchanges but now we are ready to show you our new look.

We believe that now our work is showcased exactly the way we wanted as event planners and it’s now clearer how doing business with RPS will feel like.

So don’t hesitate to wander around the about section in order to get to know more about us and our wedding planning services. Surf around the work section where you will get to see previously organized events in Athens, as well as all famous Greek islands like Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Paros and many more.

Your feedback is much appreciated and we can’t wait to hear all about it!