It’s been some time now that we knew we wanted some change on our website and we definitely needed some new images for our social media. Especially since in 2021, RPS will be operating for 10 years in the events industry market, we thought we should freshen up our profile photos and definitely revamp our corporate website.

Luckily, Adrian Wood was around Athens at the time and he offered to help us with this one as he followed carefully the lines we had set via our mood board.

There are a lot of reasons why to have a brand shoot. Especially if you’re a beginner it’s really important so you create portfolio images and content for your website and social media. The material you will get out of it needs to be cohesive with your whole brand and the services you provide. You just need to be proactive and plan ahead, like it is with every event, right?

There are a lot of how to guides out there on how to prepare on a brand shoot.

But here are the steps we followed, so to give you a hint for your next brand shoot:

A new era for RockPaperScissors 1

The outcome you can see on our website and of course in our corporate communication. We are so thankful for Lovemedo girls that helped us create visuals for quotes and calligraphy.

We tried to get a clear and soft and fresh image and thanks to our talented photographer, this has been achieved. Our colour palette was the white, black and some blush pal accents.

We love contrasts since we believe that without them we cannot achieve balance, so we used a variety of different moments from our daily office life. We are fond of the hard working but at the same time we love having fun too.

This was definitely attained with the backstage video Panagiotis Kastanidis created for us.

After all, brand shooting is the reflection of the core of our business. And our core is built with love, passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Can’t you tell?