In recent years, the concept and popularity of a post wedding photoshoot have increased tremendously, as much as of a pre wedding photo shoot. The benefits why to have a pre wedding photoshoot we already discussed here.

Like the engagement photoshoot that is realized usually a few months before the wedding, the next day photo shoot can also be arranged after your wedding day in Athens or the island of your choice. It will document those big smiles after your big day, without all the camera stress since now you will feel pros!


5 reasons why you need to have a next day photo shoot in Greece

Next day’s photoshoot can be magical anywhere in Greece, due to its unparalleled diversity on its landscape. Of course the complex of Cyclades islands is the ultimate winner when choosing a location. Santorini and Mykonos islands score No1 in the next day photoshoots with their big church tops and the windmills in little Venice as the best spots. But there are a lot of couples that choose the off beaten path and choose other locations and Greek islands as well, such as Paros, Kea, Amorgos, Folegandros and many many more.

So we won’t keep you any longer but here are the 5 top reasons why you need to organize a next day photoshoot in Athens or anywhere else in Greece:

  • You will get to keep the wedding moments alive at least for one more day!
  • You will get to laugh loud with your partner in locations of unparalleled beauty!
  • No wedding time plan will rush you, so you will enjoy more!
  • You will have your time to shine! You won’t have the wedding crowd in front of you so you will be much more spontaneous in your photos!
  • Hey! This is Greece so you will definitely have the best light and surely fun!


Athens, a unique location for a next day photoshoot

Athens also offers some of its historical landmarks for a next day photoshoot. You can stroll around the famous cobblestoned Plaka area with the local shops and have photos around the crowded streets. Of course you can move further to the famous Monastiraki area and Agora.

Another idea is to visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. SNF’s largest single grant to date is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), in Athens, Greece. The SNFCC was also designed by Renzo Piano and the RPBW and includes the new homes of the National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera, as well as the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Finally a drive by the Athens Coast towards the Temple of Poseidon (Sounion) worth the visit just to learn about the history and inhale all the beauty from the top of the hill and the sea surrounding it.

Consult your photographer before embarking on a next day photo shoot in Athens

For all the places around Athens and even more your photographer can consult you on the best timing, depending on the month you choose to have your photo shoot. In June we have the biggest days so best time is before sunset or very early in the morning. Also, some places might have admissions (Like Acropolis or the Temple) and you might need special permissions.

Consult your wedding planner for your next day photoshoot in Greece

When taking this decision with your photographer don’t forget to include your wedding planner in Greece, about your vision, since they can take care of some props or even have some ideas on the theme or the location.

They could even assist you with the styling as we’d suggest to style your bridal clothes and make them a bit more edgy – if this is your style – by adding hats or different accessories to spice it up a bit! If this is not your style, you can hold with you some keepsakes that you did not get to have with you in your wedding day such as the first book you’ve exchanged for instance. After all you will have your official wedding photos.

It's always about the dress!

Made Bride by Antonea bridal atelier is one of the most reliable brands in
handmade wedding dresses in Greece. In charge is the designer and owner of the
brand Dimitra Antonea, with perennial, continuous and consistent presence in bridal gowns. She holds the brand for over than 12 years and during those years she has helped hundreds of brides-to-be to find the dress of their dreams, offering them a personalized experience.
When our beautiful bride Sophia walked into her atelier, filling the air with her grace and elegance, Dimitra instantly knew what kind of gown would work the best for her. It was an A-line dress with long train that embodied feminity yet romantism in this custom made creation. Nude inner layer combined with two different laces all over the dress, a luscious floral lace underneath and a transparent tulle adorned with tiny crystals runs over as external layer. Beautiful bell sleeves are made by the same lace and deep V neck line as well as the back line offer a charming essence. Little twist:
The thin slightly shiny leather belt that defines figure.

The island of Astypalea forms the perfect canvass for next day wedding photos

Sofia and Dimitris chose for their next day photoshoot, the magnificent island of Astypalea.

They’ve arranged with the very talented Valentiny Photography to escort them to this beautiful island for their next day photoshoot.

According to : This small, butterfly-like shaped island is yet to be discovered by mass tourism, thus it boasts a peaceful atmosphere.

Even though Astypalea Greece belongs to the Dodecanese island group, it has a Cycladic architecture. The Venetian Castle on the top of a hill in Chora, traditional windmills and whitewashed houses create a magical setting that never fails to seduce visitors!

Astypalea beaches are mostly unorganized and secluded, offering the perfect setting for those who seek privacy and want to unwind away from the hustle and the bustle. But there’s a lot more to do here than lay on the beach!


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