Farm Destination Wedding in Athens: Discover an Impressive Farm Wedding at The Margi Farm

Nadia and Andrew’s farm destination wedding in Athens was a genuine delight! 

Their dreamy love story was immaculately crowned at a celebration of ethereal magnificence. Working with them to create the perfect bridal event was genuinely thrilling because of the numerous amazing ideas for their affair. They wanted authenticity and uniqueness and trusted us to make this happen. So, we poured our hearts into making their dream a reality. Naturally, the outcome was ethereal!

Nadia and Andrew’s Love Story: The Dreamy Encounter

The couple had a frankly romantic first encounter. They met at a festival in 2016. Their meeting was like those you see only in the movies. Andrew spotted Nadia from far away and immediately knew she was the one to win over his heart. She was initially uncertain about going on a date with Andrew, but fate led her to him, and Nadia felt like she had known him for years. That is how their first date grew into a dreamy romance, which later brought about their surreal farm destination wedding in Athens.

The Perfect Destination for a Unique Celebration

Nadia and Andrew wanted an original event where they could show their authentic personalities. They imagined a celebration reflecting their inner selves so they could always remember it as truly theirs. They strived for discrete luxury because they imagined an elegant wedding without any extravagant details.

Therefore, an olive grove wedding in Athens was an ideal solution. They picked Greece because Andrew considers it a home. He moved there at age 8, so his childhood memories are all linked to this magnificent country.

However, Nadia also loves the country because her first trip with Andrew was magical. Even though she has visited Greece before, the travels with her loved one were something different. They even decided to move to the country and grow old in it because they consider it exceptional. Their farm destination wedding in Athens was essentially the start of a love-filled journey.

The Venue Choice

Since both Nadia and Andrew wanted to avoid lavish details but still desired elegance, they decided on rustic farm settings. The Margi Farm is ideal for those who cherish nature and natural surroundings, so it was the perfect spot for the couple’s authentic union.

They were over the moon when they discovered the place. The country chic ambiance was exactly what they had in mind for their special day. So, they did not waste any time and booked this otherwordly venue for the celebration. From their bridal photographs, it is clear they made the right choice and had the time of their lives.

Athens farm weddings are some of the most memorable events for many people. The olive tree settings give unparalleled features to any union. It was, without a doubt, the best spot for Nadia and Andrew to exchange their vows. No wonder they have so many wonderful framed memories from their most special moments.

The Glorious Ceremony

The couple wanted their farm wedding venue in Athens to be a place where they could have unique and memorable moments. Therefore, they decided to have a dreamy setting that would match the beauty of the natural surroundings.

The ethereal wedding decor gave a miraculous appeal to the ceremony. It was nothing too lavish but still elegant and sophisticated enough to pair with the overall vibe. All of the ceremony ornaments matched the location perfectly, leaving people in complete awe.

However, the delicate floral arrangements were not the only things that blended seamlessly with the setting. Nadia and Andrew looked magnificent in their jaw-dropping attire – the bride in her majestic gown and the groom in his beige suit. They appeared like they had stepped out of a Hollywood movie scene. In addition, their respective parties were all in sync with the tones. The bridesmaids wore gorgeous rose-gold dresses, while the groomsmen wore handsome classic black suits. It was an exceptional blend of hues with the Margi Farm in Kalivia in Athens.


The Stunning Reception

The reception decor was another highlight that pointed out the ethereal surroundings of one of the best farm venues in Kalivia, Attica. The couple did not want anything to be left out and paid attention to every single detail.

First and foremost, the long, elegant tables made the spot look even more glorious and astonishing. Nadia and Andrew decided on a rustic table setting and a perfect blend of colors. They had white mixed with pastel rose hues, along with outstanding centerpieces. They did not need anything too extravagant because the natural views of the farm made everything perfect. The delicate floral arrangements combined with romantic candlelight were enough to make the country chic ambiance dazzling.

Moreover, the olive trees complimented the setting and completed the whole image of the reception. Plus, we added some hanging lights for additional romance, designing a charming atmosphere.

The guests had a lovely night enjoying the great music and the exquisite wedding menu. Nonetheless, Andrew and Nadia’s energy ensured no one was bored during their lovely farm destination wedding in Athens. They added traditional customs to honor Andrew’s Jewish background. It was an exceptional way to make the celebration more versatile and fun.

The reception included several speeches that made everyone emotional, as well as dances that left everyone breathless but fulfilled. All guests had tremendous fun because it was truly a union with a difference.

Nadia and Andrew’s farm destination wedding in Athens was a genuine bliss. Every single detail was included to create a miraculous setting and leave everyone in awe. The atmosphere of the celebration was exceptional, so no guest was bored. It was truly a union to remember – exactly how the couple imagined it. It was an absolute honor to be part of something this glorious!

If you are ready to plan an iconic and memorable bridal celebration, please get in touch with us. If you want to explore more on jewish celebrations, make sure to check out David and Idan’s wedding in Athens for more inspiration.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Wedding venue and caterer: The Margi Farm
Photographer: Mary Lazaridi
Videographer: Nikos Fragoulis
Sound and lights: Loud and Clear
Dj: Nikolas Papanikolaou
Rentals: TORE

Flatware rentals: White Lilac
Florals: Pavlos the Flower Workshop
Live: Eren Percussions
HMUA: @amandavelee_makeup
Bride’s Shoes: Loeffler Randall
Signage: The Letter co
Loukoumades tower: Pavlov’s Lab