A Joyous Celebration of Love: The Unique Wedding of Idan & David in Athens

Planning for the most special day of your and your partner’s life requires profound attention to detail. It is undoubtedly a delicate process in which many decisions have to be made, all of which should portray the couple sincerely.

One of them is choosing the ideal location that will allow a seamless celebration of your love and devotion for one another. If you wish to get a sense of what all this should look like, join us today as we discover the extraordinary wedding of Idan & David. It was truly a unique destination wedding in Athens, Greece, that took place at the sublime Pyrgos Petreza. So, let us unravel it to the last detail!

A venue portraying pure extravagance

The extravagant Pyrgos Petreza is a venue so extraordinary and romantic that you will not be able to contain your amazement. It embodies both history and modernity, authenticity and tradition, making it the perfect choice for the diverse wedding ceremony in Greece that Idan and David envisioned. The entire estate is surrounded by breath-taking views of the countryside, picturesque gardens, and architectural delight inspired by local monasteries and mansions. The design of the property is befitting of its stunning environment and includes a lush winery and vineyard for anyone to enjoy.

Greenness and beauty

This modern love celebration in Athens was hosted in the captivating gardens of the Pyrgos Petreza venue. The entirety of the celebration felt as if it took place in an enchanted forest, with paths that lead to the exploration of so-far-unseen magical places.

The general theme was achieved with an astounding green display of botanical elements and harmonious green tones, which were extremely luscious and attractive to the eye. They were further accompanied by subtle black-and-white elements, adding to the richness of the scene. Moreover, the garden was filled with charming round tables to accommodate all the guests. Each table was adorned with fabulous flower arrangements, mainly consisting of extravagant palm leaves and florals, with a stunning green dining set to match. The colour green was a consistent element, present in each aspect of the celebration, complimenting it beautifully.

Incorporating Jewish tradition

As both grooms were of the Jewish faith, the ceremony had many authentic customs and traditions included. To add to the prevailing green theme, the kippahs were in a lavish green hue as well. On the other hand, the chuppah was decorated with prominent botanical arrangements that were also spread throughout the venue.

The ceremony took place on the terrace, overlooking the garden and grounds where all the guests gathered around the chuppah. It was a unique combination of traditional and sophisticated elements, which made this same-sex affair even more remarkable. Idan and David created a glorious ambience filled with love, respect, and authenticity where they honoured each other in front of their dearest friends and family.

Tranquil decor

The attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed in this enthralling ceremony. Every element was telling its own story, and each object carried a unique meaning, and that’s what makes this wedding scenery at Pyrgos Petreza exceptional and unlike any other. The venue was the idyllic choice to portray the couple’s vision. Their love and devotion for one another manifested in every segment of their event.

In fact, there were a plethora of elements that are worth noting down. The menu was carefully crafted and curated with Pyrgos Petreza, providing plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate for all of the guests’ preferences. In the centre of the garden, amongst the graceful setting, was an opulent round bar that featuring all of the classic cocktails along with some specialised choices of boutique gins and tonics. And that’s not everything; the colourful unification ceremony included an iconic champagne wall which was one of the first in Greece. It was truly a remarkable element of whimsical extravagance. Not only was the venue enriched with incredible elements, but the guests themselves looked flawless, making this ceremony divine in every way possible.


A celebration marking wedding equality in Athens

As the day slowly approached its end, that’s when the venue truly began to shine. The bespoke arrangement of lights was truly breath-taking. Candles were laid out next to the stairs providing a guided path where the commitment ceremony was held, leading down into the dining area, making it thoroughly enchanting. The trees were decorated in sparkling lights as if they were dressed up for this beautiful celebration. Every corner of the venue was glistening, celebrating the union of this remarkable couple.

Before the final festivities began, it was time to cut the cake. The guests gathered around the happy couple as they cut their first slice. The exterior of the wedding cake was sumptuous and elegant. It had three white layers and some of the most gorgeous floral details adorning the table arrangements. The bottom of the cake was carefully painted in a mesmerizing green shade that perfectly suited the overall scene. The interior held an awe-inspiring surprise with the layers consisting of all the pride colours, which further complemented the essence of the festivity.

Perhaps the most outstanding element was the printed dance floor with bold graphics of the couple’s initials. Above the dance floor was a captivating disco ball shimmering into the night air and signalling the guests that it was time to celebrate. However, the night wouldn’t have been complete without the fantastic dancing ambiance of the famous Israeli DJ @shakedudo (Shaked Dudovich). The dance floor was an essence of pure energy and elation as this symbolic wedding brought out the best in everyone- there wasn’t a single person that didn’t have a smile on their face as they danced. As a final touch, the drag queen performance provided an outstanding show everyone will remember.

Not a moment went unnoticed in this unique love ceremony. Each second of the day carried its own distinct beauty, transfiguring it all magnificently upon the venue itself. The location further contributed to the affair, boasting splendid views over the vineyards.

Overall, our vision for the ceremony far surpassed our expectations. Idan & David were joined by their loved ones in honouring the love they have for each other. Getting married in Athens, Greece, is a quintessential experience in one’s life, enveloping its history and breath-taking beauty around all attendants.

If you enjoyed this one-of-a-kind wedding, make sure to discover more unique stories by reading our blog. We, at Rock Paper Scissors Events always believe that love is to be celebrated. And if you wish such a remarkable celebration for yourself, feel free to get in touch and book our services!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Wedding planner and designer: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Pyrgos Petreza
Wedding suits: Cleofe Finati
Chef: Miltos Kioukas
Bar catering: Tipsy Baroness
Photographer: Adam Alex and Yiannis Alefantou
Videographer: Alex Stabasopoulos
Florist: Jim Lambraco
Wedding suite: Anna Maria Morfoniou
Furniture rentals: Stylebox
Flatware rentals: White Lilac

Wedding cake and desserts: Pavlov’s Lab
Sound and lights: Galakteros event design
Dj: Shaked Dudovich
Drag show: Tequila Coaster
Photo Booth: The Photo Booth
Signage: The Letter Co
Candies: Mr Simms
Favors: Gin and tonic kits: The Cocktail Box Co
Ketubah: Jewish marriage contract @rachelleinwater
Cocktail sugar diamonds: @sugarlab3d