Easter Corporate Event Planning in Athens for Gaslog – A Day of Fun and Festivities!

Easter corporate event planning for Gaslog was conducted to celebrate the essence of an annual tradition.

The unforgettable event provided everyone with a wonderful opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves. Gaslog wanted to make this event special for their business associates and work staff. This was the first celebration after the COVID pandemic, so we ensured everything was tailored to meet the highest standards.

Due to COVID, they hadn’t done anything for about 3 years, so they decided to make this Easter event sufficiently outdoor-friendly. Luckily, the weather was on our side, and the quintessential spring holiday was filled with so many get-togethers, kids’ activities, delicious treats, fantastic feasts, and egg hunts, all with the aim of making it memorable.

An Enchanting Venue with Stunning Entryway Easter Decor

The event took place at Golf Prive in Athens. The entrance was adorned with colourful hanging pompoms along with moss-covered Bunny Door hangers. The guests were positively surprised by the fresh greenery as they entered the venue. To enhance the aesthetics of this spring holiday, we also opted for massive sunflowers and floral baskets. The magnificent design of the corporate event planning could be determined from the entryway, which was customized for the Gaslog. The colourful bunny hangers provided the perfect place to strike a pose.

It was a bright sunny day, and the attendants truly had the time of their lives. At the end of the party, everyone received an egg and a candle as complementary gifts from the company. We created a special soft play baby park for children so they could play and make crafts in a safe environment. Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be a huge hit! The older kids, however, played outside with large inflatable toys and participated in various Easter-inspired ventures. This corporate event in Athens hosted famous Easter-related activities, including a scavenger egg hunt, bunny hops, bingos, wall-climbing, and Easter-Themed Play-Doh.

The next impressive part of the corporate party was the beautifully decorated tables for the parents. They were embellished with fresh flowers to exude the spirit of the spring holiday. The tables were styled with pops of the season’s signature colour and layered with plain sky-blue napkins and white plates to amplify the décor of the event. Colourful flowers and fruits were also added to the table setting to create a classy yet elegant look.

Creating Unforgettable Memories for the Kids

The kid’s corner also featured a rich candy bar and lemonade station that truly elevated the essence of the corporate party. The stations were designed in pastel blue and pink hues to make the event extra special. Egg and carrot décor in the background added the perfect Easter flair to the kid’s corner. In addition, the stations also displayed multiple treats, including donuts, candies, cupcakes, sandwiches, strawberry carrots, and sugar cookies, so children could enjoy themselves to the fullest. Moreover, the lemonade station was adorned with colourful fresh blossoms and green plants to exude Easter vibes. We filled the lemonade in a glass jar to make the whole setup even more vibrant. Needless to say that the delicious taste of the squash freshened everyone’s spirits. Numerous outdoor activities were arranged for the kids to truly immerse in the experience after spending so much time inside due to COVID.

To our delight, the corporate event planning in an outdoor environment turned out to be awesome! We arranged a scavenger egg hunt for kids by placing small benches and tables. The colourful setup created the perfect vibe for celebrating the annual holiday.

This corporate event in Athens also featured a wonderful indoor area for children to practice arts and crafts, play with toys, and have fun in the soft play park. The chandeliers, pastel-coloured tables, and benches, combined with Easter baskets, lifted everyone’s moods. We also arranged a special photobooth for guests to capture and post selfies on Instagram. The booth was customized with the letters ‘Gaslog Easter Family Party’ in bright blue colour.

The outside of the Golf Prive is just as beautiful as the inside. Nestled in the heart of Athens, this venue offers magnificent lush green gardens and exclusive suites, ideal for celebrating corporate events. The breathtaking views of the Prive created the perfect backdrop for taking stunning photographs.

All the guests were catered to with ultimate comfort and style. The large grounds of the Golf Prive provided us with the ideal space to host kids’ activities, as well. They all enjoyed an Easter walk in the woods, went on scavenger egg hunts, took part in wall-climbing, had an egg and a spoon race, enjoyed bunny treats, and had a chance to spot delicate spring flowers. The entire day was intertwined with much love, laughter, and fun. Arranging this corporate event in Athens for the Gaslog truly warmed our and all the guests’ hearts.

After the attendants were all seated, a speech was made to welcome them and briefly explain what to expect from this event.

Amplifying the Easter Charm with Bunny-Inspired Decor and Floral Patterns

The beautiful day came to an end, with everyone dancing and enjoying themselves to the fullest. Furthermore, the bright and colourful décor gave everyone an opportunity to capture some stunning photographs. The guests also enjoyed the specially customized photobooth, giving them inspiring photo opportunities.

Fancy decorations and delicious treats weren’t the only highlights of the corporate party! The entire Easter charm was also amplified with the bunny-inspired wall décor and fanciful floral patterns. Green garlands, Meadows trays, fresh fruits, candy bars, and a lemonade station enhanced the essence of the whole event.

We truly hope that you enjoyed reading about the Easter corporate event planning for Gaslog. It was truly a special day filled with lots of fun and laughter. If you wish to know more about corporate event planning events, we suggest you visit this page and read more about our past events. If you want us to plan an unforgettable event for you, as well, please feel free to contact us. We take pride in hosting memorable events, and this corporate event in Athens was truly a wonderful experience. Gaslog’s previous event was a 3 days in Cape Sounion hotel and you can read all about it here.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Venue and catering: Golf Prive
Photographer: George Pahountis
Sweets: Daily Deli
Flowers: Rosetta Eventi
Installations: Purplebeedecorations

Sound and voice: Vibes Pro
Photobooth: The Photobooth
Furniture rentals: Zazoo
Client:Galsog LNG