Corporate Event at The C Beach in Athens: A Day to Remember

There is no better way to celebrate the end of the summer with your co-workers than spending some quality time at the beach.

Everyone knows that the glorious combination of sand and sea is what allows you to let your hair down and enjoy the heavenly view. The corporate event in the C Beach in Athens was an excellent example of a relaxing day. Everyone had their well-deserved break from work, and we were truly honored to be part of it!

The Perfect Way to Celebrating Summer Ending

No person has ever rejected spending time at the beach, especially after a long working summer. Many companies decide to have a spectacular ending with a corporate team-building event in a heavenly setting. This celebration was an ideal example of how to give your employees a majestic break from their responsibilities and show that you care for them.

The corporate event at the C Beach in Athens was no ordinary gathering of co-workers. The company wanted its employees to have a really good time and enjoy the opportunity of bonding outside the workplace. Therefore, a Campeon Gaming corporate party was the ultimate idea. Considering the decor and activities involved, it was a well-planned event that everyone enjoyed.

A Venue with Exceptional Features

Campeon Gaming Company desired something unique and authentic. Therefore, booking the new space at The C Beach was a perfect way to give its employees a day that they will certainly remember. A company summer party in Athens is always special, but this one had some truly original features everyone truly enjoyed.

The reason why we decided to book this particular venue is due to its outstanding details. First, the beach is known for the best location in the area. The breathtaking beach creates spectacular scenery for a stunning event everyone would remember. So, when it came to making a decision, the company wanted the best: The C. Nothing matches the serene tranquility of the ‘Voula’ surroundings. So when we recommended this venue, we knew that everyone would fall in love with the setting.

However, The C Beach is not only popular for its majestic views. Namely, the venue provides excellent service, exceptional drinks, and heavenly meals. Since the company wanted everything to meet high standards, this was the ideal spot to ensure that everything was included.

The C Beach corporate event involved delightful drinks prepared by award-winning mixologists who know exactly what people need to relax. Innovative beverages made by masters in their craft were a must for this kind of occasion. Moreover, the venue offers heavenly food, as well as flavors from all around the world. If you are dreaming of creating a unique event, you also need authentic tastes from international influences. Therefore, the corporate event at the C Beach in Athens had every element to allow its employees to feel they were well taken care of.

A Stunning Entrance

We knew that such an event needed to be special from the very beginning. Therefore, we planned an entrance with unique features. The party started with welcome drinks, which were served to people as soon as they arrived at the location. They were served in coconuts to match the beach setting and the glorious setting of the exotic surroundings.

Every company event needs a little bit of magic, so the “wow” effect at the entrance was completely necessary. As expected, everyone loved this type of party beginning, so no one said no to a delightful beverage in a coconut.

As the guests entered, they could spot the marvelous custom decoration designed only for them. There were different stations and activities, so everyone could find something they truly enjoyed. We took into account that not every individual likes dancing and drinking, so several diverse activities were a must.

There was beer pong, racquet games, and ball activities. However, those who wanted to embrace their health goals during the event could enjoy the fruit and nut stations established at the event. It was a perfect start and setting for an unforgettable corporate event with team-building activities in Athens.

The Majestic Sunset Hour

This corporate event at the C Beach in Athens would not have been complete without sounds that complemented the paradise-like ambiance. At sunset hour, the heavenly tunes of Nasiri’s band made sure that everyone enjoyed the spectacular view with appropriate music. The employees of Campeon Gaming could feel the enchanting nature’s magic as the sun went down.

For those who wanted to spend the golden hour a little bit differently, there was a photo booth that kept them amused. It consisted of decorations of the party’s theme, and there were a lot of props and bubbles to make the shots special. It was the ideal way to commemorate this special time and say goodbye to summer in a unique way.

Once the sun was gone, the event continued with a spectacular fire show. There is nothing more amusing than looking at people experimenting with fire and showing their exceptional skills. Plus, the beach setting added a dose of magic to the whole performance, and no guest was left indifferent.

When it got completely dark, the setting of the corporate event changed its appeal into something more exotic. There were lights everywhere that created a glorious atmosphere that all employees enjoyed. There is something special in the night spent at the beach, and the employees truly felt that.

Organizing this corporate event at the C Beach in Athens was an exceptional experience. We really had fun thinking of the perfect activities and setting up stations that everyone would enjoy. Moreover, we were genuinely glad to see that all the employees were able to relax and soak in the positive energy of the event. Providing a setting for people to relax is a delicate task, but with stunning activities and adorable decor, we made it happen.

If you are interested in planning a unique corporate party, please feel free to reach out. We would love to curate an extraordinary event! If you want inspiration for summer corporate events, make sure you check out the one we have previously organized for Opap’s employees.


Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: The C Beach
Photographer: Yiannis Alefantou
Videographer: Alex Stabasopoulos

Florals: Jim Labraco
Signage: The Letter Co
Live Band: Constantin Nasiri
Photobooth: The Photobooth