Together Again

It is no secret that we love organizing weddings and getting to know so many love stories, but we also adore tailoring events that bring so many people together!

A recent corporate event in Greece that we planned was for the company OPAP. As this is the summer when everything got completely unchained from the pandemic – the party was beyond special!

The concept was “Together Again”. After two long years with no events because of the Coronavirus, it was finally time to throw caution to the wind and throw an iconic party that everyone would remember. And trust us, after you see the photos, you will feel the epic vibe that enveloped this amazing corporate event in Greece!

Bohemian Vibes by the Beach

The overall aesthetic of the setting embodied a bohemian flair, perfectly complementing the beachfront venue! We designed a wonderful blend of lounging comfort with sophistication. However, we still liked to keep the laid-back feel and bring many interesting authentic elements. From various wooden platforms to rugs to cover the sand and set the tables with round rattan chairs; to a lot of sofas with boho pillows – everything channeled boho vibes. We also included a subtle decor on the wooden tables with pampas grass, both nude and painted in rust red. The pillows had faded boho patterns in soft blues and mauve, adding to the charm.

Another fun element that we included was the signage. Guests were welcomed by a large sign Together Again with light bulbs in the style of retro Las Vegas. In addition, there was another sign for Summer Party, and Let’s Drink.

At the entrance of the venue, we tailored a bespoke bohemian decor that would make a striking impression. The installation was wonderfully designed with knotted tassels, making a curtain-like entry arch. For the path, we added several rugs to add to the boho aesthetic and pampas from the sides. To complete the look, candle lanterns beautifully completed the overall feel. In fact, we added that knotted tassel decor throughout the venue, which was beautifully illuminated as the evening came.

Themed Aperol Welcome Station and Photo Booth

Besides the drinks at the beach, we added an Aperol welcome station for this corporate event in Greece. The orange tones of the Aperol were also a refreshing touch to the decor. It blended so well with the dried florals in red, burnt sienna, and orange tones! There was another Let’s Drink station for everyone who simply wished to have an amazing time.

Of course, the guests were in for another delight! There was an open-air photo booth that enabled them to create meaningful memories together. A photo booth is a fun addition to any corporate event as it provides a memorable experience for everyone present.

Epic Music and a Fire Dance Show

Naturally, every party needs an entertainment program in order to be a huge hit. Thus, the guests were delighted by the music of Vassili Tsilichristos. As soon as evening came and all the candles, small fire pits, and lights filled this corporate event in Greece, the attendees were already on the dance floor! As if this wasn’t iconic enough, there was another surprise that astonished everyone – a fire dance show! They had such an incredible performance that everyone’s impressions were simply awe-inspired. The dancers did their dance while still walking, manoeuvring fire and pyrotechnics. Not only was this breathtaking, but it also added a unique stellar touch to the atmosphere.

Now we invite you to scroll through these photos and let yourself be amazed by this corporate event in Greece. If you wish us to plan a bespoke party for your special occasion, don’t hesitate to reach out!