An Unforgettable Wedding at Grand Ciel at Island Art & Taste

Intertwining sophistication and ancient culture, Athens promises to offer couples the most memorable nuptial experience.

Today, we will share one such majestic destination wedding in Athens, surrounded by an idyllic landscape and breathtaking decor of a lovely couple- Maria & Julian. Their union was a beautiful portrayal of love and commitment. The couple chose to wed in Grand Ciel in the presence of their family and friends.

Although there are several venues in Athens, Grand Ciel weddings at Island Art & Taste certainly have a phenomenal reputation, known for their charm and grandeur close to the sea. With an opulent design and tree-lined grounds, the venue is the ideal setting for a perfect dreamy affair. When the couple informed us of their choice of venue, we couldn’t contain our enthusiasm. As wedding planners in Greece, we have the privilege of planning several Vouliagmeni weddings for our lovely couples, and it was a pleasure to attend there again.

Pre-Wedding Party

Before treating guests to a fun-filled ceremony and reception, Maria & Julia had planned a party at the Moorings. This beautiful venue on the Marina Vouliagmenis was the perfect choice for an unforgettable celebration, offering panoramic views of the natural landscape and an intimate atmosphere that was filled with laughter and positive energy. The bride, groom, and their family and friends enjoyed an incredible day with refreshing champagne, snacks, finger food, sweet treats, tropical fruits, and plenty of dancing. Maria & Julian simply exuded love. Their family and friends showered them with tender words, blessing their new beginning. Moreover, they also toasted all the unforgettable memories they have created, hoping there are many more to come. It was a pleasant evening designed for the most beloved to mingle, chat, and catch up on old times.

Unforgettable Wedding at Grand Ciel

Maria & Julian hosted their Island Athens Riviera wedding ceremony at Grand Ciel. The grove is an ideal location for such a spectacular event, pairing the beauty of Athens with the Aegean Sea. The eye-bewitching open sea views provide an indescribably pleasant atmosphere in a large enough place to accommodate up to 2000 guests.

The private estates offer the privilege of hosting luxurious affairs in style. It has six spacious entertaining spaces surrounded by charming gardens and lounge areas adorned with Mediterranean flowers and caressed with the soft sea breeze. It is one of the newest venues in Athens, which can be easily transformed to suit your marriage style.

The couple envisioned nothing less than timeless elegance for their destination wedding in Athens, and we are glad to have offered precisely what they wanted. We ensured all details matched perfectly, starting from the ceremony aisle decor to the reception space.

Memorable Day

The day began with the couple preparing for it, taking candid photos of the memorable instants they spent with their respective parties. Maria and her bridal party genuinely laughed and toasted to celebrate the beginnings of a long-awaited day. After the photos in the suite, they moved for some delightful shots by the pool. Once the bride and the groom were both ready, they exchanged their first look. Maria looked dazzling in her stylish gown, and Julian was dashing in his sharp black attire.

Romantic Ceremony

The arch for the ceremony was made of exquisite white florals and green shades. The weather was pleasant, and the crystalline sea stretching toward the horizon made everything look marvellous. We planned the ceremony for this outdoor wedding in Athens in the adjacent area of Residence venue called Le Ciel. The guests arrived in the early afternoon and were treated to refreshments. All guests had arrived and were seated comfortably before the procession began.

Julian waited eagerly for his bride, with his face gleaming when he saw her walk down the aisle with her father. As the couple exchanged vows, all guests erupted in joy and conveyed indescribable happiness. After the ceremony, the couple headed for a portrait session on the grounds with a clear blue sea in the background while guests enjoyed cocktail hour. The garden space was impeccable and allowed for various portrait locations. Our favorite instant was soaking in the warm golden hour sunrays as they reflected on each guest’s skin.

A Stunning Reception with Traditional Arabian Elements

After the ceremony, newlyweds and guests moved toward the Residence venue. Since the groom was of Arabic descent, they opted for a traditional Zaffe wedding. It can be described as a marriage march where the bride’s father walks his daughter to the groom, followed by drummers who play traditional, Arabic music. This further added a touch of uniqueness and individuality to the reception.

Moreover, the breathtaking view of the sea provided a stunning backdrop for festivities. As event planners, we genuinely deem the most suitable way of welcoming guests to be an enchanting atmosphere, similar to the one we set up in the entrance path before the dining area. Different shades of silver accents and white flowers under the starry Greek sky formed the ultimate embellishment. Both bride and groom looked particularly dapper as they entered with dabbke dancers. The couple hand-picked their Arabic dabbke dancers to accompany them for the festivities in the evening. The guests couldn’t hide their enthusiasm when welcoming the newlyweds. Zaffe was the main highlight, as the groom, Julian, is of Arabic descent.

Another notable element in the layout was the staggering wedding champagne wall, which was a huge hit amongst everyone. All present enjoyed the delectable food, lively music, drinks at the round bar, and plenty of dancing at this Zaffe wedding. All-in-all, we were truly dazzled by the couple’s enthusiasm to create the perfect day for themselves and their loved ones.
Congratulations, Maria & Julian on what is undoubtedly one of the most exquisite love celebrations we have ever witnessed. We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love, and togetherness.

Being a wedding planner in Athens has been a true blessing. We are committed to ensuring every aspect of the celebration reflects your style. Let us know if you are looking for a planner in Athens! We eagerly look forward to making your dreams come true for your destination wedding in Athens.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner and Designer: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Island, Art & Taste
Catering: Δειπνοσοφιστήριον
Florist: Studio 7
Photographer: Sandy & Odysseas
Videographer: Nikos Fragoulis
Sound & Lights: Loud & Clear

HMUA: Vassia Papakonstantinou
Live Show: Melodima
Signages: The Letter Co
Favors: Happy Happy
Furniture Rentals: Zazoo
Flatware Rentals: White Lilac
Prewedding Venue: