Corporate Event at Plexispace in Athens for Campeon Gaming

Organizing annual corporate events always brings us such joy!

The end of the year, an emblematic period of festivities and balance sheets, represents a fabulous opportunity to promote team spirit and recognize joint efforts. It is the perfect time to unite the leading workforce of your company by organizing a special New Year celebration that highlights their indispensable contribution to the success of the ending year.

Campeon Gaming company had precisely that in mind – to gather up all members who gave their selfless efforts, dedication, and knowledge to the team and provide them with a night of fun, festivity, and fulfillment. They decided to leave corporate event management in the familiar hands of Rock Paper Scissors Events, and we could not have been happier about it, as designing Campeon Gaming corporate events is always a pleasure.

Black & Silver Extravagance

The corporate event celebrating 2024 took place at Plexispace in Athens, a modern and innovative former glass factory that we managed to transform into a chic black and silver party place. We intended to echo the progressive and polished character of the Campeon Gaming company by embedding minimal yet remarkable decor that encouraged a night of futuristic fun.

At the entrance of the corporate event at Plexispace, we placed a large LCD TV showing the company’s logo along with this year’s theme, ‘Bring It On 2024,’ written in black and white letters. It was just a small teaser of the actual spectacle hiding inside – a black-white-silver sensation decorated with floating balloons ready to lift the party beyond limits.

Several round tables with black floor-length sheets were spread around the space, along with contrasting white Chiavari chairs to match the theme color palette. Multiple chairs had a large silver helium balloon attached with shiny foil strings hanging from above. But the central corporate event decoration idea was the heap of black and silver balloons with different sizes attached to the ceiling, resembling an inverted towering mountain.

We spiced up this corporate event in Athens with a striking table setting. Instead of the usual blooming centerpieces, we piled up several silver balloons to decorate the table and used black picture frames as table numbers printed in the same colors. Elegant transparent plates were placed under the white napkins, trailing down the bold table sheets. On the plates, we placed imprinted cards with the logo and the theme, along with a QR code for the guests to scan to upload and share all the captured memories from the festivity. Classic silverware surrounded the plates with tasteful dark crystalline wine glasses. The entire table setting oozed a futuristic vibe that perfectly portrayed the theme of the Campeon Gaming corporate party.

Drinking & Dining Excellence

The black and white striped open bar was a tale of its own. A signature cocktail menu was placed on the side in a minimal black picture frame that perfectly matched the overall style. Unquestionably, the bar’s crown was the neon ‘Stop Thinking, Start Drinking’ sign placed to arouse time for shots. The ceiling in the bar area was covered with black and silver foil balloons to harmonize with the corporate event decoration idea.

And then, there was the buffet, which looked simply irresistible. At the middle of the table was a silver pot with an explosion of a leafy bush that lit up the space. A wide array of delicious dishes was served, packed with swirly cheese plates, colorful salad bowls, glazed vegetables, and irresistible savory tarts hugged by fresh arugula. Champagne glasses were filled and ready to welcome the guests of the corporate event celebrating 2024.

The invitees were thrilled to be part of such a heartwarming New Year celebration event. It was so delightful to see almost all of them wearing black and white outfits to synchronize with the theme’s color scheme. After a light snack, a couple of drinks, and a casual mingling session, they applauded the entrance of the Campeon Gaming company leaders, who shared a few words of gratitude, motivation, and humor. At the end of the speech, they announced the long-awaited moment – it was time for the Vasilopita tradition.

Greeks have a custom of welcoming the new year by sharing a sweet-flavored bread with a coin (flouri) in it, surrounded by their closest family and friends. It is believed that whoever gets the piece with the flouri will have a year filled with nothing but blessings. And what are Campeones if not a big, happy family? After Vasilopita was cut and distributed to all members, the search for the flouri began. The lucky ones who got the golden coin received gifts to take home as memorabilia from this fantastic corporate event at Plexispace.

A Party Like No Other!

As the night began to fall, some guests went out on the rooftop terrace to catch the magical color-changing sky on camera. After taking a breather and sharing some small talk, the party moved next to the open bar, where the music was loud, the drinks were tantalizing, and the ambiance was pulsating. They all gathered up for a boogie session and showed off their best dance moves. The DJ took the stage as the corporate rooftop party in Athens started to warm up for the real climax of the event – karaoke!

The crowd burst into song, and some even showed their hidden talents by grabbing the microphone and singing enthusiastically. Guests were ecstatic when one of the CEOs stole the mic and lifted his voice with his hands up in the air. It was easy to say that this was no ordinary casual business gathering but a corporate party with a DJ who knew exactly how to set the roof on fire!

Campeon Gaming company is well-known for its ultimate parties, and this one was surely a blast. Watching everybody have a great time at the corporate event at Plexispace felt so rewarding for the entire team of RPS Events. Once again, we managed to show how significant and pleasing our work is. We will continue to strive towards perfection and always try to design our next event better than the previous one.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Plexispace
Photographer: Yiannis Alefantou
Catering: Olon catering
Bar catering: Barflies

Balloons: Eleni Kountouri
Signage: The Letter Co
Rentals: Stylebox
Sound and lights: Galakteros Events
Dj: Yiannis Sakagiannis