Veridos Matsoukis Corporate Event at Baraonda in Athens

The start of a new year always comes with new goals, exciting resolutions, higher expectations, and more opportunities to celebrate.

This time, we unveiled our passion for orchestrating celebrations with the Veridos Matsoukis corporate event that took place at the Baraonda Music Hall in Athens. The goal was to create a party that brings excitement, entertainment, and elegance together while reflecting the innovative spirit of the successful team.

A Night Of Refinement & Sophistication

The Baraonda venue was ideal for the celebration as it oozed sophistication and grace with its hardwood floors, stone walls, and well-thought-out ambient lighting. A couple of smiling faces welcomed guests at the entrance, where they had the opportunity to get a little sneak peek of what was inside. A high-top black metal table, rooted in leafy greenery and tall white candles, was placed on the side with several refined glass boxes filled with foliage and cards for the upcoming guests.

A sizeable octagonal mirror decorated with a leafy tree in the middle and surrounded by candlelights spoke nothing but poise in the hallway. We placed a large panel showing the logo of the Veridos Matsoukis company, decked with large floor candles and hugged by greenery. It was the perfect backdrop for selfies where guests could strike a pose with pride of being part of such a dedicated and engaged team. It was the ideal preview of what is yet to come.

Inside the lavish restaurant, a classy, dimmed-light atmosphere filled the air of the corporate event in Athens. The lighting of the Baraonda venue was mind-blowing! The modern gold metal ceilings with hanging light globes provided a warm and intimate ambiance, and the geometrical backlit mirrors contributed to the effect. Extraordinary gold metal lighting fixtures resembling tree branches seemed magical while set on the restaurant’s stone walls. We wanted to follow the golden details of the venue and blend in our decor to match the interior. Several longitudinal tables with white Chiavari chairs were spread throughout the place, presenting minimal table decor that brought up the sophistication of the luxurious celebration.

Simple yet classy golden frames showing table numbers were placed on each table, along with white candles and gold-coated vases. We went for flowerless green plants to freshen up the space, which was the ultimate choice to harmonize with the venue’s elegant furnishing style.

Starting The New Year In Style

The champagne glasses were ready to be filled and raised! It was time to celebrate the end of another year filled with dedication, success, and growth and to salute another one coming with the hope of being as prosperous as the previous one. With our seamless corporate event decoration, we strived to design an elegant environment that portrayed the true character of the Veridos Matsoukis company.

After all the invitees gathered up, finished their short mingling session, and took their seats, the team leaders took the stage to share some words of thankfulness and togetherness. The gleaming audience applauded their speeches, impatiently waiting for the annual Vasilopita tradition. Every year, people in Greece gather up their close family and friends to celebrate the coming of the new year by sharing a sweet-flavored bread called Vasilopita with a coin (flouri) in it. The member who gets the piece of pita with the flouri is believed to be blessed with luck and success in the new year.

This corporate event in Baraonda had exactly that intention – to show all team members and close associates that they are regarded as part of one big family. The Vasilopita tradition for this New Year celebration was a way of showing all of them how important, valued, and cherished their work and dedication are for the Veridos Matsoukis company. It was an absolute pleasure and honor for our team of RSP Events to be the conductor of such a momentous occasion.

Games, Dancing & Thrills!

We organized a short game of lucky draw to make things more interesting and take the corporate experience party to another level. After bestowing gifts upon the lucky ones who got the flouri, the company’s senior members raised their glasses, wishing everyone present another year of prosperity, mutual growth, and success. A light dinner followed so guests could charge their energy for the best part of the Veridos Matsoukis corporate event.

It was time to party with live music! It seemed like everyone couldn’t wait for the real celebration to begin as the dancefloor filled up in a second. They all grabbed their drinks to sway and sing in front of the stage. The live band got the crowd on their feet, ready to party with their fellow work friends like there was no tomorrow. The Baraonda venue echoed with joy and positivity once everyone got loose and showed their best dance moves. The live music band knew exactly what to do and what tunes to play, as the crowd never stopped singing with their arms in the air. There, indeed, wasn’t a dull moment throughout the entire event!

The Veridos Matsoukis corporate party was proof of how indispensable corporate event organization is indeed. It is an excellent opportunity to favor the team’s commitment and motivation. They can have nothing but a positive impact on the company’s progress as well as recognize their part in the team’s success. The corporate New Year celebration parties will strengthen the bond between your work collaborators and will increase goodwill among your cherished co-workers. After a year of intensive work, there is no better idea than to take a break, decompress, and party with live music to contribute to creativity, innovative ideas, and positive energy in the workplace. After all, you and your team have done plenty to deserve an epic celebration such as this one!

Let Rock Paper Scissors Events be your designer of an unforgettable corporate experience that will perfectly represent your company’s identity and ambition. With our years of experience, we have the power to curate events by giving meticulous attention to detail, designing an environment that depicts the company’s concept, and showing everyone how to have a good time.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Baraonda
Photographer: Thanasis Kaifas