Irina & Olivier’s Greek wedding in Antiparos in Greece

There is something so inspiring about weddings in Greece. They always find a way to steal our hearts with their idyllic white villages, soul-stirring views of the Aegean, and endless olive gardens and vineyards, making every planning venture a pleasure.

This time, we take you on the Antiparos Greece wedding journey in the heart of the Cyclades, where Irina and Olivier celebrated their love. RPS Events proudly presents the simple, elegant, and enchanting destination wedding that was a real dream come true.

The elegant wedding took place at the most blissful hilltop location in the family-owned grove of Agrilia Estate, surrounded by never-ending olive trees. The couple wanted a minimal wedding décor, so we went for the classic white roses provided by Jim Labraco. The environment was rich with greenery, and the white blooms extended the dose of freshness, purity, and elegance. The backdrop of the vast Aegean and the mesmerizing Antiparos landscape elevated the atmosphere, creating a scenery perfect for a dreamy celebration.

At this Antiparos destination wedding, her father walked the beautiful bride Irina down the aisle. She held a simple but graceful bridal bouquet made of white flowers and olive branches. With her gorgeous and gracious off-the-shoulder wedding dress, she looked like she belonged right there, encircled by the green lushness. Irina opted for a wavy bridal hairstyle and a simple but splendid look. She wore barely-there makeup that showed off her natural beauty. On the other hand, Olivier looked sharp in a stylish white tuxedo, matching the wedding decor and styling.

The bride and groom exchanged vows in front of a small stone-walled chapel. Its entrance was adorned by an arch of white blossoms, portraying their love altar. As their wedding planner in Antiparos, we wanted to make this moment as special as possible and provide an ambiance matching the heartfelt words of loving promises. It was so emotional to witness the energetic crowd after the newlyweds sealed the deal with a kiss, traditionally throwing rice on the couple as a wish for a long and happy marriage.

A cocktail by the infinity pool at sunset followed the ceremony. The view from the venue was breathless – it featured green hills and the blue sea, creating the perfect mixture of natural poise. Guests could admire the landscapes of the charming Antiparos Greece wedding while enjoying some drinks to kill the heat. We truly enjoyed the positive energy that was spreading in the air. To further elevate the feel, live acoustic guitar music played in the background to prepare the party for what was yet to come.

The reception was set on a green carpet lawn with several rectangular tables and chairs spread. As their wedding planner in Antiparos, we rented white wooden furniture by Zazoo Event Rentals that followed the classic theme. A cozy rattan sitting area was also part of the minimal wedding décor, providing the guests the perfect spot to rest and mingle between the dance breaks.

The tables were decorated with soft white candles, discreet glass table number frames, and rich white flower arrangements in full bloom. Moreover, the most elegant tabletops by White Lilac Rentals were part of the design. String lights were stretched above the tables, adding a romantic and warm tone. For this Greek wedding in Antiparos, the tables were illuminated by hanging light bulbs and foliage, and an enlighted olive tree stem was glowing in the middle. The wedding decor and styling were all about ‘less is more’. The couple wanted to go minimal and simple, and, to be honest, it was more than enough.

When the sun finally went down behind the hills, the newlyweds honored the guests with a dance. All present waved their napkins in the air, rooting for their love. With honest smiles on their faces, they raised their glasses and toasted Irina and Olivier’s new journey. In collaboration with the bride and groom, our team of event planners for Antiparos weddings chose Aliprantis Catering to serve the most delicious platters of flavors.

The dancefloor was live and lit the whole night. Enjoying the music, the guests all sipped from their cocktail glasses, indulging in the lovely ambiance. They simply couldn’t resist the feel-good vibes and danced under the open sky. Meanwhile, the bride changed outfits and picked a sparkly mini dress to rule the dancefloor comfortably and easily.

The happy couple looked so charming and cheerful! They jumped and danced to their favorite beats, surrounded by their closest friends and family. As their wedding planners in Antiparos, it felt so fulfilling to see them sharing some sweet moments of affection. That was our proof that our job was done with success.

The cream on top of this fun and frolic Antiparos Greece wedding was unquestionably the plate-breaking moment. One of the oldest and most amusing Greek traditions is smashing plates on joyous occasions to ward off evil spirits and have good luck in life. So, the more shards were shattered, the more blessed the couple would be. For her Greek wedding in Antiparos, Irina worked those plates like a pro, getting high on every broken piece.

The elegant wedding event culminated with spectacular fireworks, illuminating the sky to honor the newlyweds. With their arms around each other, they marveled at the lit-up sky. Their eyes twinkled in every color of the fireworks, and the wide grins on their faces gave away their satisfaction.

Organizing Antiparos weddings is always a delight, but this one certainly won our hearts. The couple’s genuine love for one another and breezy attitude managed to give life to the festivity. Their natural spirits were mirrored in the minimal decor and white flowers we picked. The island of Antiparos gave its part in the adornment, too, boasting its mind-blowing panoramic sights of natural treasures, persuading all future couples to tie the knot in this small Greek piece of paradise.

Curious what another Greek wedding in Antiparos looks like? Then be sure to discover this celebration we curated on this beautiful island! You can also take a glimpse of the magic that we do and read more blogs to find out all about our happy endings. Let us give life to your picture-perfect wedding in Greece, and contact us for more information.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Sound & Lights: AVAC
HMUA: Agapi make up artist
Live Band: Irwan Easty
Signages: Atelier Invitations
Furniture Rentals: Zazoo and Style Box
Flatware Rentals: White Lilac
Wedding Cake: Tserki Patisserie