Speakeasy Party for Campeon Gaming

Electric and sensual ambiance, glamorous and elegant decor, and unique moments filled with dance, happiness, and good music – this is the setting of an authentic and exquisite speakeasy party.

The prohibition era is characterized by a fabulous party setting, which is something we still long for today. That is why Campeon Gaming decided to organize this kind of celebration for its employees and provide them with a fresh start to the year.

Bespoke Invitations

The whole idea was to create a mysterious feeling and intrigue the guests from the very beginning. The company staff of Campeon Gaming received a mystical invitation with a black background and gold letters. The goal was to tickle the guests’ curiosity by providing as little information as possible. The beauty of these kinds of parties is the chance to allow your guests to put their worries aside and have a night that will be truly for themselves.

The invitation included only the event’s date and the time when a driver would pick up the guest and take them to the designated location. It also included the dress code requirement for the event, which was mandatory formal attire. The point of a speakeasy party nowadays is to create the ultimate level of mysticism, and that was precisely what we wanted to achieve for this occasion.

Pyrgos Petreza

Pyrgos Petreza is the ideal venue to create a mystic and elegant setting. It is a place that was designed to portray the beauty of architecture and natural surroundings. Its whole structure is in the form of a small village from the old times, which was exactly the setting we wanted for a party that takes us back to the past. Speakeasy-themed events require a certain dose of history to obtain an authentic appearance, and this was the ideal place for that!

To top the luxury experience, an exquisite dinner was served along with outstanding premium wine. The service at the Pyrgos Petreza was just incredible and took the reception up a notch! All of the attendees at this elegant event had the pleasure of reveling in amazing culinary delights while toasting to successful corporate years ahead.

Sophisticated theme

Since black and gold were the chosen dominant colors, we opted for long black tablecloths that gave the whole place a unique look. We selected fine gold tableware to contradict the black table linens, and we added candles to complement this combination. The result was astounding!

The luxurious effect was enhanced with the black velvet chairs and lavish glasses. We managed to create an elegant, mysterious appearance effortlessly and portray the nature of the prohibition era. It was an era where only chosen people got to use this luxury, and Campeon Gaming used one of the best kinds of themed events to show each of their employees that they are valued and appreciated.

All of the guests wore astonishing formal attire that perfectly matched the setting of the event. The combination of black and gold colors was selected to create the utmost sophistication and elegance that took everyone back to the dreamy era of exceedance, beauty, and joy. Campeon Gaming wanted to do something special, and throwing a magical corporate event in Greece was the way to do it.

One-of-a-kind entertainment

There were all sorts of intriguing details that were part of this speakeasy party. At the entrance, a magician did tricks to entertain the guests and made them feel welcome from the beginning. It was an amazing idea, and the guests truly enjoyed this unexpected activity. The magician was the actual representation of what the guests were about to witness at this event – pure magic.

During dinner, the Campeon Gaming staff was entertained by Hello Dominos, and with his Sinatra style and performance made the guests feel they were joining a party from another era. Later, there was a Celebrity Night Show, which is the perfect game for corporate events and team building. Namely, this game was intended to encourage teamwork and allow the employees to work together. The idea behind it was to ensure that each person of Campeon Gaming knows they are a valuable part of the company.

Delightful desserts

Another astonishing detail of the speakeasy party was the delightful dessert table. The table included various kinds of sweets served in a glamorous way. It was pure extravagance and luxury, and it was the ideal food setting for every sweet tooth. The dessert table also allowed the guests to mingle and have fun. In other words, besides the appropriate place for setting up the desserts, the table was there to encourage communication.

Unique bar experience

Moreover, there was a password that allowed the guests to approach the bartender and get themselves a drink. It was another magnificent detail of an authentic speakeasy event. The guests loved how each detail of this corporate event in Greece was delicately planned. Aside from cocktails, there was a fine selection of wine, considering that Pyrgos Petreza has its own winery and vineyards.

Vintage Photo Booth

The night’s highlight was the vintage photo booth that the guests enjoyed using. It was a perfect way to capture some of the best moments of this event. It is a well-known fact that photo booths are the most convenient tools to obtain sincere moments of any kind of occasion. This was an extraordinary party for the employees, so they went home with lovely mementos.

We cannot describe the feelings and emotions we experienced while planning this magical speakeasy party. It was an event you do not get to organize every day, so we poured our hearts into this project. We reveled in every moment of the process, but we were delighted the most when we saw the guests’ reactions. They were impressed, and these reactions are the ones that count the most! It can be said that this was a striking way to begin a successful year! Wish to discover more of our work? Visit our portfolio page!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event Planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Pyrgos Petreza
Bar services: Tipsy Baroness
Lights and Sound: Galakteros
Photographer: Thanos Asfis
Videographer: Panagiotis Kastanidis
Florist: Pavlos Roussiakis, The Flower Workshop

Furniture and Flatware Rentals: Stylebox
Photobooth: The Photobooth
Live Performance: Hello Dominos
Signages: The Letter Co
Desserts: The Cakers
Graphic Designer: Nikolas Faraklas