Marriage… A movie with two main characters and many loving extras who have been waiting for almost a year for the premiere of your very own movie. The movie of your life where all these loving people around you gussy up, prepare their well-tailored attires, shine their formal shoes and wear their very best smile to treat your special day with honor. 

Besides, wedding preparation is as important as the actual rendezvous! 

5 things you need to take care during your Greek wedding preparation

A few days before the grande première of your life, it is the bride’s very own special moment. The moment you can meditate and luxuriate in all those fancy wedding details that you along with your wedding planner have been collecting all the time leading to your wedding day in Greece. Now it is the time to finally curate and synthesize the ideal image that will be kept in all minds and hearts forever. All these small, yet significant pieces you has been cherry picking, encompass all your finesse and style, all the things that make you unique. 

Just like a final rehearsal – meeting the wedding professionals that will accompany the couple on your special day is important. These are the people that will support you behind the scenes, the ones that will communicate with just a glance, while you, the bride and the groom’s minds, bodies and souls will be experiencing these magnificent once-in-a- lifetime moments. 

But here is a list of important things you need to take care of when you book your villa / bridal suite for your wedding preparations:

  • Make sure your wedding planner has distributed the time plan to all vendors so they arrive on time.
  • Ensure that the room is spacious enough for you, your family and all your wedding vendors (photographer, videographer, hair and makeup artists).
  • The room needs to be tidy and of course adding some fresh flowers will add extra to the photographic material you will later get from your wedding photographer!
  • No need to mention that the light needs to be natural and you need to definitely keep the shades open!
  • Finally, treating friends with some champagne and light snacks is also important since you will have a long day ahead of you and a big party will surely follow. This is Greece!

Your big wedding day in Athens is real!

And here comes the day when everything is completely ready! The responsibilities are -finally- over and it is time for the bride to indulge in a glass of French champagne, while fine-tuning the pretty little things that will compose your Big Day!

So this styled shoot will probably put you in our bride’s shoes and we hope you will enjoy.

Wearing your wedding dress for the first time, the precious silks, the special scent you chose – all these should be treated as a ritual, a once in a lifetime experience for you, the beautiful bride-to-be. 

The cocktail dress and the wedding gown will be beyond your imagination! Simple, yet elegant – both made of pure white rasmir, harmoniously complementing each other. A true ode to femininity! Accordingly, the shoes, a gorgeous pair of handmade satin heels, beautifully embellished with a pair of bows, are definitely the perfect match! 

As for the bridal beauty? She chose her hair and make-up to be simple and modern in order to balance the romantic style of her dress and give that oh- so-French sophistication to the wedding look! 

Her favorite detail was her bouquet! She always dreamed of a bouquet inspired by Claude Monet’s gardenscapes and those blushing hues where just what she had been lusting after all her life! Roses, calla lilies, rancunculus, astilbe, wax, vanda orchids, eucalyptus cinerea preserved and ivy composed an elegant, refined bouquet that reflects her character and passion in life. 

She always wanted the cake to represent her bridal bouquet with all these delicate flowers reaching high up to the sky. Just like all those loving moments of the wedding – they will fly away and turn into lifetime memories! 

The stationery had the subtle luxury touch she was looking for. The special 900gr Italian Skin paper with the velvet touch was beautifully embellished with rose gold foil, while the sealing wax with the couple’s monograms sealed their special moment. 

Everything that she had always dreamed of is there, in front of her eyes and she just has to cherish them. And she is more complete than ever, ready for la grande première, the one where she marries the love of her life! And in Little Prince’s words:

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”
Always thankful for the teams that make these dream shoots happen:

Photography, Production & Styling: Michail Androulidakis  // Wedding Planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events // Cocktail Dress, Wedding Dress, Shoes, Location: Vassilis Zoulias // Bridal Make-up & hair: Katerina Theocharis // Bridal Bouquet: Pavlos The Flower Workshop // Wedding Cake: The Cakers // Stationary: Atelier Invitations // Model: Anastasia Perraki