Our next story is this from Alex and Taya. This amazing couple lives and works in Washington DC, so many of their guests will travel from US to Greece this August in order to celebrate with them their special day. Being positive and cautiously optimistic, they are already prepared for a plan b if it comes down to that, but this doesn’t prevent them for continuing the preparations for this summer.

I will never forget the time Alex send me a message, declaring: “Paraskevi, I’m getting married this August no matter what, even if this take place into RockPaperScissors office”. Of course this shows the great sense of humor Alex has and his positive attitude towards all difficulties, but at the same time their profound belief that happiness lies in good will.

I couldn’t find anything more corresponding to the time we are going through than their advice to other couples: “Even if this crisis is controlling your wedding date, don’t let it control your emotions!”

Taya & Alex’s Story

Tell us your names
Taya Rizk & Alex Willson

Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding?
We live and work in Washington DC, but we chose Greece because Alex’s mother’s family is from Greece, and Taya’s family is from Egypt, so it just seemed like the perfect place for all our guests from the US, Europe, and Egypt to meet to celebrate our wedding.

What is/was the original date of your wedding?
August 31 2020

How many guests?

What’s the new date, if you decide to reschedule?
Spring 2021

What made you decide to hold your original date as is at the moment?
So far there is still hope that the current crisis will have ended by late August, and we would love to continue to plan our dream wedding instead of delaying, so for now we are holding on to that hope.

What do your guests think about all this?
For the most part, our guests are worried about the traveling, but they are also continuing to hope that we can do the wedding as planned.

What was your wedding planner’s role in all of this?
Our wedding planner from RockPaperScissors has done a wonderful job providing us with updates about the situation in Greece, while also giving us reassurances that if we need to reschedule, it won’t be a problem.

What is your advice to other future 2020 couples struggling to make a decision?

Even if this crisis is controlling your wedding date, don’t let it control your emotions! We have to remain positive throughout this crisis no matter what.

Each one of you is unique to us and so is your wedding. Since you come from different countries, different parameters apply to your decision about holding or postponing your initial date, making it unique as wellWe will be answering some quick questions that reached our inbox on our IG stories very soon. If you miss them, look for them on our highlights!

We are here to help you go all the way, and so are our other couples with their stories.