Our couples are our protagonists and our absolute heroes. During these struggling times, having to face the dilemma of postponing your wedding or not can be, well, a lot. While being in constant touch with our brides and helping them navigate through the Covid-19 noise, we decided to bring them all together, even if miles apart.

This idea began after various calls and emails with all of you. We are all in this together and your voice and thoughts can be helpful to each other. So, we thought that by sharing them we could give everyone some hope, guidance and, of course, lift your spirits!

Each one of you is unique to us and so is your wedding. Since you come from different countries, different parameters apply to your decision about holding or postponing your initial date, making it unique as well.

We are here to help you go all the way, and so are our other couples with their stories.

This is our second #helpabride story. Let’s keep on planning and take courage one from another. #keepworkingforlove

Jessica & Pierre-Loic’s Story

Tell us your names
Jessica Djeziri & Pierre-Loic Jacquemin

Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding?
Originally in Paris, France, and during our engagement we decided that planning a wedding abroad wasn’t difficult enough and we moved further south to Lyon, France. We absolutely love Greece and its islands, the history, the landscapes, and of course the food!

What is/was the original date of your wedding?
May 23 2020

How many guests? And where are they coming from?
We have 70 guests, coming from France, Belgium, the UK, and Brazil.

What made you decide to hold your original date as is at the moment?
For now we’ve decided to stick to our initial plan, depending on the situation in France we might even be able to have our wedding on Pierre-Loic’s birthday as we planned!

What do your guests think about all this?
They are being very supportive, and they are anxious to be able to travel to Greece and celebrate to what will be the biggest party of the year, hands down!

What is your advice to other future 2020 couples struggling to make a decision?

Keep the faith, rely on your wedding planner to help you navigate these difficult times, and be grateful for having found the best life partner!

  • Jessica Djeziri