Peter and Candice live and work in Washington DC and are planning to have their wedding this September in Athens. Together we keep on planning and taking care of all the details of their upcoming wedding. They are optimistic yet conscious of the compromise that this decision might involve -like having a smaller number of guests. Safety by all means is our first priority but we can still have a simple yet elegant celebration which represent the personalities and taste of these two magnificent people.

Candice & Peter’s Story

Tell us your names
Candice & Peter

Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding?
We live in Washington, D.C. Greece holds a special place in our hearts! Peter proposed on the beach in Milos, and we wanted to share the amazing food, culture, and scenery of Greece with our families and closest friends. We loved everything about our time spent in Athens and the islands, and we can’t wait to go back (whenever that may be).

What is/was the original date of your wedding?
September 9 2020

How many guests? And where are they coming from?

What made you decide to hold your original date as is at the moment?
We decided to keep this date for now, stay positive, and adjust if necessary. The world is changing so quickly, so we just take it one day at time. Also, 09/09 is an auspicious date in Taiwanese culture meaning “forever.”

What do your guests think about all this?
We are so fortunate because our guests, specifically our parents and closest friends, support our decision no matter what we decide, and we try to keep them updated when we make any final decisions.

What was your wedding planner’s role in all of this?
Paraskevi has been very patient and helps keep us on track! She keeps us updated on any news in Greece and helps us focus on staying positive. We want our wedding filled with beautiful details no matter when it happens!

What is your advice to other future 2020 couples struggling to make a decision?

Take it day by day, and try not to worry about what you cannot control. Focus on each other and trust that everything will work out for the best. (Wise words from Candice’s mom!)

Each one of you is unique to us and so is your wedding. Since you come from different countries, different parameters apply to your decision about holding or postponing your initial date, making it unique as well. We will be answering some quick questions that reached our inbox on our IG stories very soon. If you miss them, look for them on our highlights!

We are here to help you go all the way, and so are our other couples with their stories.