As these stories have been going on for some weeks now, we’re so happy to hear that our idea started to work out for our brides and others organizing their wedding in 2020, as we helped them navigate through the Covid – 19 noise.

There were brides that decided to postpone, like Heather and Kim and others that are true to their vision and cautious optimists in heart like Jessica.

Becky is one more bride that chose to postpone, since she only found out from her airline that it would not fly to Greece on her wedding day. We acted really fast so we moved their date as with previous couples to September.

Becky & Sherif’s Story
Tell us your names Becky & Sherif Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding? I’m American and Sherif is from Egypt, but we both live in Dubai, which is where we met in 2017 and plan to call home for a while. We didn’t always know that Greece would be the perfect place for our wedding; we just knew initially that we didn’t want it to be in either of our home countries or in Dubai. As we are both avid travelers, a destination wedding was definitely more fitting for us. We dreamed of a summer Mediterranean wedding: somewhere with great weather, lots of sunshine and beautiful landscapes for an outdoor event, that could also offer the right mix of European charm and vibrant nightlife for our guests. When we started narrowing down our options, Greece suddenly clicked for us and it was like “Yes, that’s it! Let’s do this.” We knew it would be the perfect vibe, easy for our Egyptian friends and family to access, and an ideal travel destination for guests hailing from other parts of the world. We couldn’t have picked a better place and venue—it’s turning out to be everything we hoped for. What is/was the original date of your wedding? June 25 2020 How many guests? 200 What helped you more into taking the decision of holding another date too? The idea of rescheduling was so hard to come to terms with, as we had waited SO long and were coming up on the 90-day mark. It felt like we were finally almost there! But we didn’t really have a choice in the end. With COVID-19-related travel restrictions, flights from Dubai and the U.S. had already gotten cancelled, and we knew there would only be more to come. The most important thing to us is having the people we love by our sides to celebrate, so we couldn’t risk them not being able to get there. More importantly, we couldn’t risk the health and safety of our friends and family. So despite being a tough decision to accept, it was really a no-brainer. Which are the new steps you are going to follow? For the time being we’re just letting everyone know about the new date as quickly as possible. We won’t wait to send a formal save-the-date because most people need to cancel or move their flights and accommodations. We’re also planning a week-long sailing trip around the Greek Islands with 35 of our close friends immediately after the wedding, so we’re working on re-booking all of the boats. Aside from that, we’re both doing our best to stay positive and avoid being discouraged by the things that we can’t control. At the end of the day, we’re lucky to have each other and grateful for all the amazing support from our loved ones. If we have to wait an extra 3 months for the best day of our lives, no problem— that’s certainly not the part we’re going to remember when we look back on our wedding many years from now. What do your guests think about all this? Our friends and family have been nothing short of incredible. A few days before we made the decision to postpone, one of our friends said to me “just know that whatever you’re going through, you have an army who loves you and supports you.” And that’s exactly how everyone made us feel when we shared the news. Every time someone tells us “you can count on us being there no matter what” or “we wouldn’t miss it,” it’s a reminder of how lucky we are to have these people who love us. We have an amazing support system—our “army”—and that makes us even more excited to share our special day with them. What is your advice to other future 2020 couples struggling to make a decision?

First and foremost, don’t lose sight of what’s important: your marriage and your loved ones. Even if you have to wait a few more months for your big day, your marriage is the part that will go on for a lifetime, and the health and safety of your loved ones should be paramount.

Secondly, accept the things you cannot control. Don’t waste your energy worrying about the what-ifs and telling yourself that the wedding is ruined. It’s not! It’s just happening on a different date. Instead, focus on being grateful that you have the means to throw a wedding in the first place (not everyone gets to get married in Greece!) and for the beautiful life ahead of you.

Lastly, don’t stress. Recognise that your wedding planner is there for you. This is why we hire people like Helena and the RPS team, and they’re behind you 100% to make sure all the pieces get put back together. Each one of you is unique to us and so is your wedding. Since you come from different countries, different parameters apply to your decision about holding or postponing your initial date, making it unique as well. We will be answering some quick questions that reached our inbox on our IG stories very soon. If you miss them, look for them on our highlights! We are here to help you go all the way, and so are our other couples with their stories. This is our fourth #helpabride story, this time also with a lovely video of our amazing couple that we thought we should share, too, since its truly inspiring song reminds us that “whatever comes, we will be just fine if I am yours and your are mine”!

Let’s keep on planning and take courage one from another. #keepworkingforlove