For this lovely couple the decision of postponing their wedding for the same date but one year later came up after a lot of consideration regarding their families. Adam’s family lives in the UK and even the slightest possibility of not being able to attend the wedding due to the pandemic flight restrictions was enough to make them change the date. Although this global pandemic has affected everyone, the impact differs depending the country in which each couple lives, the countries where their guests are coming from, the number of guests they want to invite and most of all the size of the compromise they are willing to accept. And everyone would agree that when this compromise concerns the family, then postponement is the only option.

Afroditi & Adam’s Story

Tell us your names
Adam & Afroditi

Where do you live and why did you choose Greece for your wedding?
We live together in Greece for the last 4 years. We chose Greece because we wanted to create memories with our families and friends in the place that we are currently building our common life.

What was the original date of your wedding?
July 24 2020

How many guests? And where are they coming from?
250. Mainly UK and Greece, we also have friends coming from few other EU countries.

What’s the new date, if you decide to reschedule?
July 24 2021

What helped you more into taking the decision of holding another date?
During the first two weeks of quarantine we were both determined to keep our original date. However, we are worried that our British family and friends who live abroad, would not be able to make it. In addition, for us the wedding is not only the day, but the period around it and we felt like missing the “build up” for our special day.

Which are the new steps you are going to follow?
We took the decision to postpone by 1 year, otherwise keeping the same date. Right now we are making all the necessary rearrangements and informing our friends and family.

What do your guests think about all this?
They are all very supportive.

What is your advice to other future 2020 couples struggling to make a decision?
The difficult part is making the decision and being ok with it.

The most important thing is that wedding happens at a time when family and friends can come together and enjoy the day as it should be. Understanding this has helped us a lot.

Each one of you is unique to us and so is your wedding. Since you come from different countries, different parameters apply to your decision about holding or postponing your initial date, making it unique as well. We will be answering some quick questions that reached our inbox on our IG stories very soon. If you miss them, look for them on our highlights!

We are here to help you go all the way, and so are our other couples with their stories.