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A new era for RockPaperScissors

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It’s been some time now that we knew we wanted some change on our website and we definitely needed some new images for our social media. Especially since in 2021, RPS will be operating for 10 years in the events industry market, we thought we should freshen up our profile photos and definitely revamp our corporate website.

Luckily, Adrian Wood was around Athens at the time and he offered to help us with this one as he followed carefully the lines we had set via our mood board.


There are a lot of reasons why to have a brand shoot. Especially if you’re a beginner it’s really important so you create portfolio images and content for your website and social media. The material you will get out of it needs to be cohesive with your whole brand and the services you provide. You just need to be proactive and plan ahead, like it is with every event, right?

There are a lot of how to guides out there on how to prepare on a brand shoot.

But here are the steps we followed, so to give you a hint for your next brand shoot:

The outcome you can see on our website and of course in our corporate communication. We are so thankful for Lovemedo girls that helped us create visuals for quotes and calligraphy.

We tried to get a clear and soft and fresh image and thanks to our talented photographer, this has been achieved. Our colour palette was the white, black and some blush pal accents.

We love contrasts since we believe that without them we cannot achieve balance, so we used a variety of different moments from our daily office life. We are fond of the hard working but at the same time we love having fun too.

This was definitely attained with the backstage video Panagiotis Kastanidis created for us.


After all, brand shooting is the reflection of the core of our business. And our core is built with love, passion, enthusiasm and dedication. Can’t you tell?

Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens

Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens

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Christmas Spirit

Athens is one of the top European choices to get into the Christmas Spirit from the middle of November. The festive vibes are all over the city and most people are attending countless Christmas celebrations, family events and corporate parties. Even now that we are counting days before Christmas Eve there are so many galas, winter weddings and social events to attend that is quite difficult to squezze everything into the calendar.  Are you ready for the holidays? Ho Ho Ho!

Raise your glasses, cheers for being so much into the Christmas Spirit. We are ready for all the Christmas carols, desserts and parties. Wishing you Merry & Bright Christmas!


Edgy Xmas Party  Downtown Athens

Organizing the Xmas party for one of the leading companies in our country was definitely a huge challenge. Management’s anthropocentric attitude gave us the idea for the “OPAP’s bright and shiny stars” concept. Employees had the chance to put their own star on their wall of fame, meet and greet on the photobooth and of course have some fun listening to the music of the Greek singer Stelios Rokkos and enjoy the drum show. It was definately a night to remember.


Venue: Aytokinisi – Αυτοκίνηση
Photos: Fiorello photography
Flowers: The Secret Garden
Bar catering: Bar Academy Hellas
Food catering: Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens
Photobooth: Snapbox
Bulb lights: The Letter Co.
Concept / artwork / design & organization by RockPaperScissors

Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens

Christmas Candyland

Christmas are about desserts too, and we could not help it but prepare a kids corporate party at Athenaeum InterContinental Athens, full of candies and small treats! Kids made cupcakes, prepared their xmas ornaments and had a lot of fun climbing up our candy tower and going around Candyland’ s places with the little train. Of course everyone got to enjoy the candy floss and chocolate fountain and the huge dessert table prepared for all. It was definitely a Sweet & Merry Christmas for everyone!

Photos by @efirouf, kids entertainment by @wecandoit_for_kids_only  and sound by Showtime Djs.

Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens

Polar Express Christmas Party

Play your favorite Christmas music and enjoy all the pictures from this festive Corporate Party.  See our latest Polar Express Christmas Party in the center of Athens, for a well-known company in Greece, that made everyone got into the Christmas Spirit.

The Christmas party theme was inspired by our favorite Polar Express film. We designed a wonderland full of get-together creative activities with many indoors adventures and a train! Yes, a real mini train that all kids adored.  We even included dressed up entertainers to make it feel like a living fairytale.  Enjoy the inspiration and see how to create the merriest holiday party ever.


Planning, styling & decoration: @rockpaperscissorsevents
Kids Entertainment: @wecandoit_for_kids_only
Photographer: @pahountisg
Videographer: @portfolio54
Flowers: @chlorofilli
Artwork: @partyandcogreece
Desserts: @thecakersgr
Props: @prop_deco_rentals
Balloons: @eleni.kountouri
Sound and lights: @galakteros_event
Venue: @athenaeum_intercontinental

Polar Express Christmas Party
Polar Express Christmas Party
Polar Express Christmas Party
Polar Express Christmas Party

Christmas with the Nutcracker

Counting days before Christmas and we are so happy for this corporate party we designed a few days ago for a client. Nutcrackers, ballerinas and warm Bavarian houses formed the stage for a unique celebration. A big floral watch reminded us that the year is soon to change. And the kids loved this Christmas Party with the Nutcracker!


Venue: @marriottathenshotel
Flowers: @pavlos_the_flower_workshop
Kids entertainment: @wecandoit_for_kids_only
Sound and lights: @music_essentials
Cocoa bar and sweets: @thecakersgr
Furniture Rentals: @tore_event_furniture_rentals
Photographer: @pahountisg
Assistant Photographer: @efirouf
Planning, design, production: @RockPaperScissorsEvents

Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Get into the Christmas Spirit in Athens
Our Wedding Planning Assistant 1st Year

Our Wedding Planning Assistant's 1st Year

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Wedding Planning Assistant’s 1st year

Our wedding planning assistant’s 1st year had been more than amazing. It was a year full of big smiles and great achievements! Nefeli, Happy 1st year!

A year ago a new wedding planning assistant walked into our Agency. Nefeli has the magical power to make you love her with her warm smile. No one can resist her kind and sweet character. A few days ago was her 1st year anniversary and as a Team, we surprised her with an out of the blue celebration. Between sweets and happy dances, we asked her how was her first year at Rock Paper Scissors Events Agency.

Nefeli’s words made us shed a tear of joy:

Last summer my life changed completely! I was standing in front of a white desk with a beautiful white orchid on top of it. Helena told me “take care of the plant and water it up to grow up.” And our journey began on that day…

I was so excited about my new job. All I could think of it was how much I wanted it all of these, to stay in this Agency, work and learn the ropes of the job. The creative vibes made me lose track of time and to my surprise, the summer passed faster than any other.

My calendar was full of express trips that never felt like business obligations. Everything was magical and looked like a joyful adventure. Hoping from one Greek island to the next one, learning how to organize luxury destination weddings next to Helena & Paraskevi was an amazing experience.  Although I had to meet so many people and see so many places in such a short period of time, I wouldn’t change a single thing and would do it again from the beginning!

I wish I could revive our first summer together. These 2 ladies have taught everything I know as a wedding planning assistant. My first summer in the RPS Events Agency made me appreciate the work behind all the luxury events and showed me that spectacular results are founded in a well-structured team.  I was trying with all my heart to cope with the demands of everyday tasks and the challenges of event planning coordination. Day by day, week by week, month by month…

And then it happened… everything fell into place when Paraskevi asked me if I wanted to join them for launch after office. That was my Aha! moment. It was then when I felt like part of the team. I will never forget this warm feeling of gratification!

During my first year, both ladies helped me to improve and guided me like true mentors. They did everything in their power to teach me how to become a capable wedding planning assistant. In the same time, they both provide me the space to express my personality and my ideas. Having the opportunity to open up and show all your potentials is a gift from heaven.  I am so thankful for having them by my side as mentors, helping me to improve at all levels.

Next to Helena and Paraskevi, I learned that a team with good communication is never influenced by external factors.

Our Wedding Planning Assistant 1st Year
Our Wedding Planning Assistant 1st Year
Planning Unforgettable Kids Events in Greece

Planning Unforgettable Kids Events in Greece

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Kids Events

Happy kids have happy memories! Give your children the joy of having unforgettable celebrations during all childhood important days. Although no child can actually remember the day of his/her baptism, still it comes a point where they open their photo album and treasure the moments. They ask questions and want to hear the story of their christening, again and again.

Give your children the best possible memories of their childhood. Throw the best parties for their birthdays and all the significant days that gradually will become loving & bonding family events. Nothing can compare with funny stories in family gatherings, where all your loved ones can shed light from their side of the stories.

Despite the fact, we are into Luxury Destination Weddings & Corporate Events Planning for more than 8 years, we have a soft spot for kids events. Our collaboration with We Can Do It For Kids Only, has given us the chance to party like kids! We are thrilled for this blessing!

A Greek baptism is a very important event for families. Apart from religious reasons, it’s also the first official presentation of the baby in front of the extended family circle and friends. The parents will have to choose the child’s name, decide on Godparents, do all the planning, send the invitations, prepare the favors and all the details of the christening celebrations, ahead of the big day.

Summer is only days away and the kid’s party season is ready to rock your evenings! These unforgettable events will give you a clue of what to expect from the upcoming events.

Planning Unforgettable Kids Events in Greece
Planning Unforgettable Kids Events in Greece

Dare to Add Vivid Colors in Christenings

Rock your child’s christening by forgetting all rules. Add vivid colors and go to the extreme for decorations. Children love strong combinations and are attracted by unique toys.

This colorful christening in Lamia stole all the impressions and kids didn’t stop to play for hours. The original idea was based in Frida Karlo but in a more kid’s friendly version. Parents cared for everything with so much care! Especially the mother of our little Malena was full of amazing ideas. She had a clear vision of her little one’s day and guided us with all her inspiration. The venue was the best background for this contemporary themed christening.

Pompons, colorful ribbons, and linens played a truly important role in the decoration enabling us for this fiesta. Huge thanks to all vendors involved:

Venue & catering: Τόπος Τεχνών Χώρα – Artland Xwra
Photographer: Two Clicks Photography
Invitations: Bright White
Lemonade stand: Pretty Lemonade Stand
Desserts: Maria’s Cakes and Cookies
Planning, florals and styling: RockPaperScissors

Colorful Christenings in Greece

Handmade painted details are adding a stylish tone to a baptism. For people that have an eye for details, art & eco-friendly decorations leave the best impressions. Also, kids feel more comfortable next to objects that don’t have the invisible sign of “be-careful-not-to-break” them.

All parents are aware that curiosity drives children eyes and want to play with everything around them. It’s wise to create a kid’s friendly environment, full of enjoyable activities without worrying for any playground accidents.

We Can Do It For Kids Only, pays attention to decoration and the quality of food & sweets. Everything is well-taken care off, with respect to any special food allergies. Even the toys are selected with great attention to children’s safety.

Colorful Christenings in Greece
Colorful Christenings in Greece

Windsurfing Inspired Christening

This family’s love for windsurfing was the inspiration for the christening’s theme. We let our minds get blown away by Thissea’s mom creativity. Therefore, we created this happy and cheerful day for this cute baby’s guests. His dad hobby impressed the guests and the kids!

Deciding to have a celebration after your child christening is the best reason to try the wildest ideas! Because the main guests are children! Forget formalities and boring themes… try the most extreme ideas and your little guests will adore you. All family members and friends can gather and have a festive dinner but kids want to play.

Knowing that the family had a soft spot for windsurfing the idea lead us to this jaw-dropping theme. Sharks, windsurfing mood, summer colors, sea games and activities. The theme included a lot of paper sharks, lambs, exotic fruits, balloons, blue and gold colors, and summer toys. Get ready to be inspired!

Our team of vendors:

Venue: Ble Pavillon
Catering: InterCatering
Photographer: George Pahountis Photographer
DJ and sound: Party Mobile Services
Flatware Rentals: WHITE LILAC
Kids entertainment: Wecandoit for kids only
Desserts: Maria’s Cakes and Cookies
Invitation and printables: Love me do Invitations
Planning, styling, florals: RockPaperScissors

Colorful Christenings and Kids Events in Greece
Colorful Christenings and Kids Events in Greece

Get More Christening Ideas

For a baby girl

For a baby boy

Give us pineapples and summer and this is what you gonna get! Enjoy the party here…

Who is the sailor? This little boy christening had a navy theme. See the magic here…

Colorful Christenings and Kids Events in Greece
Colorful Christenings and Kids Events in Greece