Greek Summer

The Costa Navarino Experience: Three days in a Mediterranean paradise

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A good surprise is always welcome but even more so during unprecedented times and in the midst of a challenging summer. That’s why when Katerina Karipides, Senior Groups & Events Sales Manager at Costa Navarino, invited us to spend three days away from everything in a prime Mediterranean destination for a Wedding Experience Trip, well, our eyes filled with stars!
This initiative from the Costa Navarino team was a truly fantastic move on their part. Despite everything going on, they threw a spectacular 3-day getaway for us wedding planning professionals and gave us the rare opportunity to personally experience the premises and premium services of one of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside Mediterranean landscapes, an area that has been shaped by 4,500 years of history.
It was late noon when we arrived at the oasis that is the Westin Resort Costa Navarino, where later that evening we enjoyed a lovely welcome dinner at The Dunes Golf Club: Classic and signature cuts, complemented by the freshest ingredients from carefully selected small-scale producers in the surrounding area.
For the next two days, we treated ourselves to lushious breakfasts at Morias Restaurant, quality leisure time in between the glorious beach and the verdant olive groves that surround the luxury villas, a great lunch at Barbouni restaurant by the Navarino Dunes Beach and a glorious dinner at Da Luigi Restaurant in the Agora, where the chef mastered all the creativity and diversity of Italian cuisine, from the Alps to Sicily. Hey, it’s not a vacation without plenty of excellent food!
During our stay there, we got to know Costa Navarino for what it is, as far as our work is concerned: A place like no other, with unparalleled venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions, that provide the precious gift of Greek hospitality for every kind of guest: from the company of friends, to the couples and the families. An Award Winning Luxury Holiday Destination in an enchanting seaside location, that features an exceptional range of deluxe rooms, as well as a wide array of leisure and entertainment choices for children and adults alike.
Most importantly, we had the chance to take part in heartfelt and fruitful conversations with our fellow planners, discussing our thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams for our field and making plans for the future -planning and designing is what we do best, after all!
It was three days spent in a piece of Mediterranean heaven, one you can find only in Greece, and we couldn’t be more thankful to our hostess and our colleagues for turning it into a one of a kind summer experience.
Let’s hope that this time next year, it will be us who’ ll be setting everything up in a magical place like this one, making sure that everything runs smoothly and your wedding is turning out exactly as you’d dreamed of. The wedding planner’s work never stops, only pauses to fill up with inspiration and positive energy. And if you are lucky enough, it will happen in Costa Navarino.

Experience the Eternal Greek Summer, with a little help from RPS and Tomy K.

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It has been a great pleasure to introduce you to one of our most beloved Greek brands some days ago and give you the chance to get to know them better. A pleasure that became even greater by watching your heartfelt response to that gesture -nothing makes us happier than taking care of your needs, even more so in ways that we’re trying for the first time. So, we decided to go on and do it again!

After the fab Hermina gang, it’s Tomy K‘s turn to put stars in your eyes.

Tomy K., a.k.a. Tomy Karaiskos, is a Greek graphic designer / textile designer with a love for interior design and an everlasting passion for creation. From women apparel and bags to home decor, be it cushions, ceramics, candles or frames, the wide range of Tomy K. products breaths style and elegance, in the form of chic contemporary design that depicts the beauty of modern Greece. As the artist states himself: “I long to share my creative passion with equally creative people, learn from the best and be able to reach the highest level in what I am proud to call “my job”. After all, isn’t what we do “a work of art”?”. His latest collection is titled Eternal Greek Summer and it is exactly that.


Wanna have a taste of Tomy K. awesomeness?

Rock Paper Scissors has secured for you a 10% off of your every purchase from Tomy K. eshop, just by using the discount code RPS10.

Whatever your plans are for this summer, you can now own a piece of the one and only Eternal Greek Summer, with a little help by yours truly!