Wedding Planning Consultation

The Winner’s Words

On Monday 4 April 2019, I had the pleasure to attend a private full-service wedding planning consultation by Rock Paper Scissors for 2-hours. When I won the RPS Events Giveaway at Instagram, I didn’t know what to expect.

On the way to the appointment, I was thinking about my upcoming wedding and what questions should I ask, regarding the planning of my wedding. There were so many topics in my mind but couldn’t pick up a starting point.

As soon as I entered their offices, everything has fallen into place… The girls, dear Elena and the adorable Paraskevi, made me feel so warm and within seconds their professionalism brought peace into my anxious mind. I realized that in front of me I had two wedding professionals. Rock Paper Scissors office is a space particularly well-cared for, with the elements of event planning in harmony with the decoration. You feel cozy and relaxed from hello!

Elena and Paraskevi, welcomed me warmly and after having a delicious coffee, we started talking about my wedding. At that particular moment, it became clear to me, that my agony to gather a list of questions for my wedding planning was totally unnecessary!

All they needed was just a short description of the theme for my wedding. Elena and Paraskevi, unfold an astonishing set of top-notch ideas for my wedding day and put in place details that I didn’t even know how important could be for an unforgettable wedding experience. They fill in the gaps in issues that definitely every bride-to-be should know before the big day. The mist of ignorance disappeared in 120 minutes! The best 2 hours of my life!

I am really thankful for their time and attention. Their valuable pieces of advice lift a huge burden from my shoulders. Working with professionals like RPS Events is priceless, literally & metaphorically.

Who is the Winner of our Giveaway?

The winner is Mina Theochari! Her entry at Instagram has crowned her our Giveaway winner!

She won a free 2-hours wedding planning consulting session with our wedding experts team. Rock Paper Scissors Events team was so excited about the news. You see, after so many years of wedding planning, we still get the chills of creativity every time we have the first meeting with a bride-to-be. Every single time feels like the first time… we never repeat our concepts. We create unique and personalized wedding experiences for our couples.

Thank you, Mina, for your willingness to hear our ideas with such an open heart!

Rock Paper Scissors Events

Why we support Brides-to-be?

Part of our values in our company is focused on the empowerment of women. Being a Wedding Planning Agency for more than 8 years, we interact mainly with women. It is in our understanding women do so many things for their closed ones and wear plenty of hats in their life. They are mothers, wives, sisters, businesswomen, daughters, best friends, care providers, lovers, entrepreneurs and so much more…  We want to support and honor our own gender.

Brides-to-be are superheroes dressed in wedding gowns. Only if you have planned your own wedding you can comprehend the tremendous pressure a woman has to endure in order to have the wedding of her dreams. Has to satisfy two completely different families, while she keeps so many balls in the air! We wish to provide a break from this challenging process with our Giveaway: 2 hours of free consultation.


Get a taste of Destination Weddings in Greece

We care deeply for our soon to be married couples, therefore, we love to present wedding concepts that can provide inspiration. In this styled wedding session, you will discover the beauty of a destination wedding in Greece.

Minimal, yet luxurious details embellish this upscale wedding in Crete at the Abaton Island Resort & Spa. It was a privilege for us to design this outstanding wedding photo shoot in Greece.

From idyllic beaches to wild precipitous mountains, Crete is a place of contrasts. An island which is rich in tradition and gifted with so many breath-taking sceneries, you cannot do anything else than immediately fall in love with it. The setting completes with extraordinary delicious food, enchanting folklore music, but most of all with people with huge honest smiles, ready and willing to make you never forget Crete.


(A special thank you note to the photographer Anestis Papakonstantinou  for the cover photo)