Who said weddings can’t be inspiring? For sure, Instagram posts and stories can be as inspiring as you wish with RPSevents GIFs Collection! We are thrilled to announce that RPSevents GIFs Collection is here to stay and further enhance your Instagram Stories. Let’s walk you through the amazing design journey of our GIFs Collection.

We are big admirers and admittedly heave users of Instagram ourselves. We love GIFs but any time we were looking for a GIF to upgrade our stories, we never came  up with something that appealed to our taste. But then it hit us… why not create our own branded GIFs for all of our couples and guests to enjoy? So here it is, a brand new RPSevents GIFs Collection that we promise to constantly update!

Introducing RPSevents GIFs Collection 1
Introducing RPSevents GIFs Collection 3
How to Use RPSevents GIFs Collection

Enter your Instagram account and start creating your new Story. Upload your photos and enter the GIFs Instagram Library. Now type the magical word RPSEVENTS and here they are, hot & fresh out of our design oven. Alternatively you can type the GIF you’re looking for (eg. Wedding bliss, bride squad, groom squad, wedding bliss etc) and our GIFs will be there, too.

We love all our married couples and soon-to-be-married couples and we are giving them a reason to smile as they mean the world to us. Our main goal is to spread happiness and joy! Don’t forget to use hashtag #rpsevents or even tag us on your stories! Go, go, go and try our GIFs, now!

Introducing RPSevents GIFs Collection 5
Introducing RPSevents GIFs Collection 7
Wedding Inspiration GIFs

Admit it! Good taste and humor make our life much better, right? That’s why we created this edgy GIFs collection. Feel free to use our GIFs for your wedding day and celebrations. Spread the news with your bridal and groom squad or even drop us a line with the GIFs you want us to create next!

Introducing RPSevents GIFs Collection 9

Giving a new meaning to wedding Instagram GIFs with our brand new collection of Insta GIFs! Visit Instagram stories GIF library, type RPSEVENTS and add any of our new GIFs! 

RPS Events Team – Your Event Designers!

We are the creative agency that will design and produce the wedding of your dreams right from scratch. Say “Yes I do” and we’ll do all the rest… and that’s a promise! Feel free to send us a message at our contact page. No hidden strings attached or any obligation whatsoever. We love weddings and we are devoted to creating unforgettable moments, so we would love to hear back from you!