Balmy seas lapping its endless coasts, piercing blue skies and starlit drama, beauty hewn out of stone, perched over towering rocks. Greece goes beyond the steps where the Olympians fought. It is grandeur and massive marble, but it is also bold modernity and eloquent art of every form, only to be surpassed by the intensity residing in its people’s hearts. Greece is where all the things get born and days of sublime joy and powerful emotions could not be but its unequivocal core. Love Like Greece is a collective work on behalf of the Greek Destination Planners Association. The visionaries behind it, the best at their craft, creatives whose insight and passion meld to envelop what we consider to be the beginning of all things, the measurement of all time: LOVE. 

Consider this our invitation to the land of slanting light… or as we have it over here… “Ela” 

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Love like Greece

I give you this to take with You:  the colt of day charging, the light that softly falls at my embrace, the seas that breathe of citron_ 


Being with You is all I have to measure Time 

Ela _

And keep our destiny to footsteps, to roads less traveled, to peaks of spirit Free, to hands that weave


There’s only one moment before Time begins: the grip of newfound colors

Each footstep soft, each turn a universe 


I promise you the world 

And with a love that’s kind I Promise to Love You


This is where All the things get Born

A love like none other has existed 

Love… Like Greece_

Always thankful for the teams that make these happen:

Videographers: With Heart Films @withheartfilms // Nikos Dimou @nikos.dimou.films //Kostas Kastanakis @Konstantinos_kastanakis // Jim Grillas @jimgrillasfilms Creatives: Setty Lepida @setty_blade //Voice Over: Aris Gerontakis @arisger // Sound Studio