When Katie met Harry! A spectacular destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou

When Katie met Harry, she knew he was her dream person, so it was not surprising that she strived for a wedding that included the same idea as a background.

She longed for a fairytale union, and she was very specific about her wishes and ideas. Namely, she knew exactly what she wanted, and that is how she ended up having an extraordinary destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou.

Katie and Harry selected the most beautiful venue for their special event and put a lot of focus on each detail of their bridal celebration. Katie longed for a traditional nuptial with whimsical, romantic, and ethereal elements. Her vision was very precise, so it was easy for us to help her achieve her dreams and obtain the exact setting she visualized.

This lovely couple lives in New York, but they decided to have a wedding in Athens because Harry is Greek, and his family lives in Greece. They were aware that the beauty and magnificence of this country would allow them to have a unique and authentic union, so they did not need a lot of time to pick the destination. Moreover, they used the beauty of this country to the fullest.

This wonderful couple’s wedding in Athens began with a boat ride. It was a kind of pre-wedding event before the big day started. Katie and Harry decided to spend a lovely day on the boat sailing across the Aegean Sea. They enjoyed delicious Greek delicacies and fresh drinks and did not miss a chance to dip in the splendid blue waters of the Aegean sea.

Before the big day, Katie and Harry decided to have a photoshoot at one of the most alluring places in Athens. They wanted to commemorate their destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou with a stress-free experience, so they opted for a photo session the day before the big event. The session took place right before their rehearsal party. They both opted for casual attire that matched the surroundings perfectly.

The rehearsal took place in a rooftop bar with a spectacular view of Athens. Katie wanted to have a traditional celebration with all of the elements included. She ensured everything was ethereal and whimsical, so this kind of setting checked all the boxes she had for her special day. During the party, the guests had the chance to enjoy an open bar with fancy cocktails and delightful finger food. It provided an astounding ambiance before the main event.

For the big day, Katie wore a white bridal gown and looked like she had stepped out of a fairytale. The bridesmaids wore floral dresses to match the setting of the surroundings. Harry matched his bride in an elegant black tuxedo, which fitted him perfectly.

The religious ceremony took place at the chapel of the venue. The bride was very specific about the details of her bridal celebration, so she wanted traditional features included in her nuptial. However, the couple also decided on a symbolic ceremony at the cocktail area of the wedding venue Pyrgos Melissourgou where they exchanged their vows.

The ceremony setting included photographs of Katie and Harry’s special moments. It also featured elegant white fans for the ladies as party favors. They had a band playing the most sophisticated music during their exchange of vows among the greenery of the venue. It was dreamy, elegant, and ethereal – everything that Katie had envisioned.

The setup for the reception included a delicate color palette – a combination of pale pink, cream, olive green, and sea foam blue to match the surroundings. This destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou was held under the blue Greek sky, so the choice of colors was really important. They picked elegant white and gold dinnerware in combination with pale pink glasses. The tables were decorated with divine floral arrangements that really gave an exquisite appearance to the whole ambiance of the venue. There were also candles to add a romantic touch to the setting.

The breathtaking appearance of this wedding venue Pyrgos Melissourgou made the whole event dreamy. The astonishing castle, along with a neon sign, served as an amazing backdrop. The pool that was integrated into the surroundings, which looked like a lake, added some special features to the ambiance. And, of course, the lighting made everything like in a storybook since there were lights all over the venue.

A very spectacular highlight of this destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou was the newlyweds’ entrance. Katie’s creative side worked miraculously for this part. The couple decided to make the grand entrance with accompanying fireworks that were sparkly and evoked many emotions. They ended up with incredible memories, most of them captured in photographs. This was a truly unique way to open the reception, and the impressions were brilliant.

From the entrance, they proceeded to cut the cake. Ethereal fireworks also followed this moment in the background, and the venue looked surreal during these moments. Everything was so sparkly and shiny, not only from the fireworks but from the love that spread throughout the whole place. It was fascinating to witness the beginning of such a love story!

The party continued with a lot of music and dancing. Everyone enjoyed this elegant and luxurious wedding, so they did not stop moving. The close family members of the couple also gave some speeches. So many beautiful words were uttered that every guest at the wedding was touched.

Working with Katie and Harry for their big day was an honor. They knew exactly what they want, so it was delightful to plan this destination wedding at Pyrgos Melissourgou. We enjoyed every single minute of the process and wanted to create a dreamy nuptial because this lovely couple truly deserved it.

We also hope you enjoyed reading about their story and seeing how special their day was. For more Greece wedding inspiration, do not forget to check out our portfolio.

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Furniture Rentals: Zazoo
Flatware Rentals: White Lilac
Entrance Rentals & Seating Board: PROP
Photobooth: The Photobooth
Fireworks: Grand Fireworks
Live Performance: Melodima & Pappous
Signages: The Letter Co
Graphic Designer: Love me Do