A Romantic and Picturesque Destination Wedding in Monemvasia

When it comes to destination weddings, Greece has always been known to give a unique and enchanting aura to every love celebration that has been held there.

So, when we say that our lovely couple Eva and Thomas decided to have their destination wedding in Monemvasia, you can immediately envision an utterly magical and sophisticated event.

The love story of Eva and Thomas commences about eight years ago. Both of them briefly met in their 20s while Eva had studied at a university in the UK but did not experience a proper introduction until several years later. Although, as the bride says, they had plenty of mutual friends they hung out and partied with, it was not until 2013 that they came across each other again and decided to give love a chance.

For the past five years, they have lived in London with their adorable long-haired dachshund puppy named Norman. Regardless of the fact that both of them have quite different personalities- with Eva being into design and film and Thomas being in Law and Engineering- they seem to be connected by a strong bond that thrives above all these superficial things. They are passionate about cooking and are both very sociable, so it seems that delicious cuisine is how they discovered the way to each other’s hearts.

But Ema and Thomas’ adventurous spirit and love for exploring different places around the world is not the only reason behind their decision to have their astonishing destination wedding in Monemvasia in Greece. Namely, the bride is half Greek and half Cypriot, and due to the lovely summer nights spent in her parents’ holiday house, the region of Peloponnese has taken a special place in their hearts. As part of their wedding planning process, they even decided to do their Stag and Hen parties there a week before the actual celebration took place.

Opting for a wedding in Monemvasia in Greece is likely their best decision. Located on an island on the east Peloponesse coast, encircled by the deep blue waters of the Myrtoan Sea, this marvelous small town features the most idyllic setting and magnificent vistas for their special day. Choosing Lazareto hotel to host their exquisite castle wedding in Monemvasia allowed for closer proximity to the scenic rock. The amphitheatrical layout, lush and spacious gardens, and panoramic views from the terraces of one of the most idyllic wedding venues in Monemvasia made for an unparalleled celebration experience.

Their special day started with both the bride and the groom getting ready. Eva shared some genuinely heartfelt and joyous moments surrounded by her closest friends and family. Thomas, on the other hand, prepared in the presence of his father and friends and even dedicated some time to dressing Norman in a tailored dog suit.

The couple met in front of the Panagia Chrysafitissa church and barely managed to hold the avalanche of emotions they felt. They proceeded to enter the emblematic temple, where they crowned their union with a traditional Catholic ceremony. It was all so ethereal and otherworldly. Perhaps, the most adorable element was the beautiful flower girls dressed in white and olive green. The choice of colors, as well as the handmade hairpiece they wore, completely represented the cultural heirloom and the location this destination wedding in Monemvasia took place.

After the ceremony was over, Eva and Thomas, along with their guests, indulged in a glass of sweet champagne. A trombone player from Teofano Art hotel played some rhythmic yet dulcet music while the guests enjoyed their drinks while gazing at the castle’s daytime views. Before they headed for the lunch party, they spent some time capturing candid moments amidst the city’s historical architecture as a just-married couple. Monemvasia provided some of the most picturesque vistas and a lively energy that resulted in the most picture-perfect shots.

It was when the celebration began that the couple and the guests enjoyed the most cheerful and exuberant moments of their destination wedding in Monemvasia. The couple chose a live band’s performance to welcome their guests so that the whimsical tunes could accompany them while they had their drinks. Among the myriad of unique moments, this castle wedding in Monemvasia contained was the seating chart, which had every guest’s name written on the glasses.

We made sure that their wedding was executed to the utmost perfection. We gathered a highly professional and detail-oriented team of vendors that contributed to making Eva and Thoma’s destination wedding in Monemvasia in Greece, a real-life fairytale. From the uniquely positioned S-shaped dinner tables to the beautiful floral arrangements and black candelabras that gave this event a medieval vibe, everything at this destination wedding in Monemvasia was carried out with excellence. The stationary, however, was designed by the bride, using the knowledge and expertise she gained from working for Warner Bros.

There were also several uniquely arranged posts that further elevated the authenticity of the atmosphere. An olive oil station was set underneath a shady tree, offering guests a special sensory treat. The cake station was also masterfully set, and the wine post next to it contained a special selection of wines labeled accordingly to be opened at their anniversaries.

Like every other traditional Greek celebration, this one involved the breaking of plates and some loud music – so loud that even the police intervened and halted the party. The evening ended with all the friends embracing in a group hug, singling along to the melody of Angels.

We had a true delight being able to attend such a marvelous destination wedding in Monemvasia. It was an honor to have the chance to plan and take care of all of the details that made Eva and Thomas’ love union such a unique and enjoyable experience. The genuine feelings and affection they carry for each other are truly something that you do not have a chance to see often, and our team will be eternally grateful for being an important part of it.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Design & Planning: Rock Paper Scissors
Venue: Lazareto
Catering: Enetikon
Lights and Sound: Maestro Media
Photographer: George Pahountis
Videographer: Jim Grillas

MUA: Theofilopoulou Niovi
Florist: Paris Flowers
Furniture Rentals: Tore Furniture Rentals
Extra Decoration Rentals: PROP
Live Band: Odiporoi
DRESS: Liz Martinez