When Arabic luxury meets Serbian sophistication

When we first met Marija and Ralph in our office we felt this would be the beginning of an amazing journey with lots of unforgettable moments.

Marija, a natural beauty with origins from Serbia, knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding: Elegance, some notes of Arabic extravagance and lots of flowers: “A rain of flowers” were the specific words she used.

The location: Island Art and Taste Athens Riviera

Island Art and Taste attracts, more than any other venue in Athens, the attention of the couples who look for an astonishing venue with the most splendid sea view.

There are three venues inside Island Art and Taste’s property and Gallery, the one Marija and Ralph chose for their ceremony and reception, has the unique privilege to own a magnificent small church, St. Dionysios which is literally scrambled up the rock. Gallery Island Art and Taste, gives the sense that guests are literally on an island.

The wedding dinner decoration for a luxury wedding in Athens

The dinner area of the Gallery Island Art and Taste, has an astonishing sea view garden that escalates in levels and creates a particularly hospitable atmosphere. We used wooden rectangular white tables covered with mirror tops and with pergolas above each one of them, where beautiful flowers and greeneries were hanging. The tabletop for this wedding in the Athens Riviera, was consisted of fine plates adorned with golden trim, golden flatware and exquisite crystal glasses. The mercury vases created a smooth balance with the golden elements and the mirror effect from the tables, so nothing looked too excessive in the end.

RPS Highlights:

  • The mimosa “bubbly” bar and the fresh fruit station
  • The extraordinary arch before the stairs which led to the small church
  • The macarons tower and the rest of the decoration pieces that consisted our wish book table.
  • The favours which were two tubes with tea and honey and a tag saying “She is the honey to his tea”, so cute!
  • The romantic string lights above dinner area and the neon #Marija and Ralph sign
  • The pergola’s decoration with the hanging flowers
  • The entrance decoration with the lush bougainvillea
  • The zaffe dancers that included not only Arabic but also Balkan music to their performance.

Why choose Greece?

Ralph met Marija in Dubai where they were both working at the same hotel. They fell in love, stayed together and travelled a lot all over the world. Eventually they decided to go to Cairo to start a new business together. They chose for their wedding location Athens, Greece because they love Greece and they have visited many times so it felt familiar, but also because it was a destination that all their guests coming from Lebanon, Serbia, Dubai, Egypt and Canada would come easy.

Getting married in Greece

As Greek people, we are known for our hospitality. This extends to the way we see and handle the weddings. We love to embrace different cultures and this is why we have so much differentiation to the types of ceremonies and feasts that they take place in our country: Arabic, Indian, Jewish or simply symbolic which can incorporate elements from all religions. We are keen on looking into each tradition and find what installation, objects, symbols and signs are necessary so the wedding feels authentic. From the saptapadi to the chuppahs creation and the epic Lebanese Zaffe dance, we get to make everything real, with much respect and so much close to the customs of each country, so all these couples and their guests feel like they have an authentic celebration.

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