Santorini Vibes in Athens: A Corporate Event in Athens to Remember for Group Katikies

The corporate event in Athens for the Katikies company was proof that you do not have to go to Santorini to get the Santorini vibes!

This party was in the spirit of the magnificent Greek island, and it was an event to remember. Blue was the prevailing color of this celebration, so the guests got the magical feeling as if they were in the island’s heart. The Katikies company wanted to make this moment special for their partners and colleagues, so we went above and beyond to make the celebration dreamy and authentic as much as possible.

The party took place in a sophisticated and luxurious restaurant called Botrini’s. This is a perfect spot for celebrating special occasions with friends, family members, and colleagues. Furthermore, their lavish setting, along with delightful dishes and amazing drinks, can match every taste and preference. It is a restaurant that offers something for everyone, so there is rarely a person that has not enjoyed this ambiance!

Therefore, Botrini’s was the ideal place to plan a corporate event in Athens and make it memorable. There was a combination of an eye-catching setting and exquisitely tasty food. What is more, the event took place during the Christmas season, so the spirit of festivity was taken to the next level. The sparkly holiday lights and decor brought a fairytale effect to the whole party.

The extraordinary design of this event in Athens could be spotted from the mere entrance. There was a fancy backdrop with the company’s name, along with a neon sign with the words “Jingle and Mingle.” It was the perfect place to strike a pose before entering the party, and it was an encouraging phrase to remind the guests to have fun and socialize during the event. It was a creative way to tell the guests that they could forget about work and just let their hair down. Plus, taking photos in front of such a backdrop made people feel like they were on the red carpet.

The next alluring detail of the party decor was the decoration on the stairs in front of the entrance. The handrails on both sides of the stairs were adorned with sky-blue branches that brought up the Santorini vibes from the very beginning. The whole outdoor part of the restaurant was filled with sparkly holiday lights, such as small tree lights and candles. Moreover, the trees outside had blue Christmas decorations, which created a magical ambiance and lifted up everyone’s moods. This setting was the perfect introduction to what guests should expect once they enter the party.

The inside of the restaurant was as impressive as the outside! As previously mentioned, the prevailing color of this corporate event in Athens was blue, so there was an abundance of astonishing details of the same color inside. The ceiling of the atrium was enriched with lights and cerulean floral arrangements that imitated the mesmerizing sky of Santorini. There were high-top tables all over the room with azure lights beneath them. Each table included an aquamarine floral centerpiece as well as romantic candles. It was a simple yet elegant and fascinating setting, which left the guests in awe.

The celebration included fancy party favors as well! Each guest was given an elegant black bag with sophisticated gifts inside. The gifts included beauty products and blue macaroons since this is Santorini’s signature color. All of these details certainly brought the Santorini spirit to this event in Athens and gave the guests a spectacular experience.

However, the gifts and the decorations were not the only highlights of the party! There was a 360 photobooth, which the guests loved and truly enjoyed. They had the chance to take amazing videos with fun Christmas props and make these memories even more amusing.

All the guests were dressed up rather elegantly, considering it was attire that matched the sophisticated setting of this corporate event in Athens. They also had the chance to enjoy some of the finest drinks that Botrini’s restaurant offers. All of the guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbly champagne as a warm-up for the party, which was getting more interesting by the minute!

There was also delightful food served, including some of the most delicious Greek delicacies. Since the restaurant has some of the most exquisite chefs in Greece, the guests had the chance to try some heavenly dishes. It was a perfect occasion to try something new and tasty. Nonetheless, the mouthwatering food was paired with excellent wine recommended by the restaurant’s experts. As a result, everyone had the chance to experience a rich beverage they had never tasted!

The guests were entertained by a live band called Hello Dominos, whose music was lively and pleasant. Apart from that, the corporate event in Greece included several speeches by the company’s employees and partners. There were a lot of moments of laughter, which lifted up the atmosphere of the whole party. These speeches made the partners even closer and allowed them the chance to get to know each other better.

Lastly, the corporate event in Greece did not go by without dancing. The music was so good that the guests could not resist, including some twirls and dance moves on the dance floor. Also, the neon sign at the entrance was quite catchy since everyone mingled and shared stories. There was no guest without a smile on their face. It was such a pleasure to see everyone having the best time!

We had an amazing time planning this corporate event in Athens because it was such a unique party – a delight for all senses. Bringing Santorini to Athens was a challenge we had to accept, and it gave us an extraordinary experience. Seeing all of the guests impressed by our and the company’s effort was sensational and extraordinary. We could see from the guests’ faces that our teamwork was worth it!

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event Planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue & Catering: Botrini’s Restaurant
Photographer: Achilleas Colaklides
Videographer: Panagiotis Kastanidis
Photobooth: One Photobooth
Sound and Lights & DJ: Music Essentials
Furniture Rentals: Tore Furniture Rentals

Decoration: Prop Deco Rentals
Neon Signs & Publicity Wall: Letter Co
Gifts: Pavlov’s Lab
Parking Services: Michalis Kasidokostas
Florist: Pavlos the Flower Workshop
Live Music: Antonis Dominos