A Dreamy Christmas Christening

For many, Christmas is the most joyous holiday and a time when spending valuable moments with your family is profoundly cherished.

When we were approached by one of our dear couples, that we have also organized their wedding in Athens in the past, to help them plan a Christmas Christening for their daughter, we were so deeply excited that we simply couldn’t wait for that beautiful day to come. We knew that we would have created something exceptional if we could bring together everything they wanted – a beautiful setting, delicious food and drinks, and a classy but fun atmosphere.

Ecali Club: A Perfect Location for a Memorable Christening Ceremony

We started off by choosing a location that was the perfect mix of elegance and comfort and ended up with a venue that surpassed our vision and expectations. The Ecali Club, where the Dreamy Christmas Christening for Cleopatra took place, is well-known for hosting memorable events. The venue boasts a rich history, beautiful architecture, and an indescribable atmosphere, making it the perfect setting for a festive occasion like this.

Ecali Club is a unique place in which the beautiful natural surroundings and well-trained staff create an ideal setting for your guests. The club offers a variety of amenities for young children, including a children’s play area or playground that includes games and activities. This is an especially convenient feature, given that your children are constantly supervised by experienced entertainers, ensuring their safety and enjoyment.

The club is an ideal location for hosting a memorable and delightful family event that will leave a lasting memory for everyone involved. It provides an elegant yet relaxed setting, where you can enjoy the company of friends and family while celebrating your special event.

A Festive Welcome: Traditional Christmas Christening Decorations

The venue for the Christmas christening of Cleopatra was decorated in a traditional Christmas theme, with a beautiful combination of red, green, and gold accents. The combination of these colors created a warm and inviting atmosphere for all the guests, evoking the feeling of the holiday season and adding to the festive spirit of the occasion.

Guests were welcomed by a stunning display of holiday cheer. The venue was filled with festive spirit from the moment they walked in, setting the tone for a memorable celebration. The care and attention to detail in the decor made Cleopatra’s christening feel very special.

Indulging in Sweet Treats and Warm Drinks: The Highlights of the Christening Celebration

Some of the highlights of the event were the candy bar, hot chocolate bar, and Gluwein station. The candy table offered both classic and modern sweet treats to suit a wide range of impeccable tastes. The hot chocolate bar was a big hit among both adults and children, offering many common flavor choices, as well as some special add-ons. Gluwein station, with its warm and aromatic wine perfect for the winter weather, was a great addition. These highlights added a special touch to the celebration and personalized the occasion.

Making it a Family Affair: The Children's Activities of the Christening Celebration

As event planners in Greece for the Christmas-themed christening of Cleopatra, we made sure to include activities for the young guests to keep them entertained. Children could enjoy various activities, including the opportunity to write a letter to Santa Claus, make an ornament for the Christmas tree, play with the Elf and enjoy a magic show.

These activities not only entertained and engaged the kids but also allowed them to participate in the celebration in their own way, further embellishing this Christmas baptism.

A Culinary Delight: The Adults' Five-Course Menu of the Christening Celebration

This Christmas christening celebration was also a culinary delight. Adults were allowed to enjoy a carefully curated five-course menu that featured the best flavors that would satisfy their palates. Each course was prepared with the finest ingredients and delivered impeccably. The party continued until late at night, with everyone enjoying the delicious meals and the breath-taking setting.

The lavish five-course menu and festive party enhanced the joyous occasion, making it truly special for the guests and the family.

Adding a Personal Touch: The Special Gifts of the Christening Celebration

Apart from the presents guests brought for the baby, there were also some special gifts they received in return. These favors were wrapped in elegant white boxes that added a touch of refinement to the overall decor. They were carefully selected to be meaningful and useful as a way to express appreciation for the guest’s presence.

The presentation of these special gifts was an elegant surprise that made the guests feel even more valued. It also added an extra elegance to their experience at this Christening celebration.

Adding a bit of Magic: The Fairy Lights

The glow of the fairy lights added to the magic and made this celebration feel like a fantasy. The soft, romantic glow they created was so enchanting that it made the guests feel like they had been transported into another world. The fairy lights added elegance to the decor without being too extravagant, ensuring everyone could enjoy the soft glow without feeling overwhelmed. This was a lovely way to create a positive ambiance, making the venue appear even more exquisite than it already was.

The Christmas Christening of Cleopatra was an unforgettable occasion, expertly planned and executed with great attention to detail. It was an event that combined the best of classic style with modern glamour, and it was a beautiful celebration of Cleopatra’s life. The party was a huge success, and all of the guests had a wonderful time celebrating the event. Everyone commented on how beautiful everything looked, from the food to the decor, being particularly impressed with how well put together everything was.

As a team of professional event planners in Athens, we always give our best to create the most bespoke event experience. If you enjoyed reading about the Christmas Christening of Cleopatra, please check out our christening portfolio or look further at our event planning services. We would be happy to help make your event special by creating something unique for you and your guests!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Ekali Club
Catering: Δειπνοσοφιστήριον Catering
Lights and sound: Music essentials
Rentals: Prop deco & Style box
Signage: The Letter Co
Kids entertainment: We can do it

Flowers: Pavlos the flower workshop
Desserts: Daily Deli
Balloons: Eleni Kountouri
Videographer: Alex Stabasopoulos
Photographer: Nikos Kitrinakis
Backstage Photographer: George Pahountis