Moon Child Baptism

When a family loves their child like the moon and the stars then it’s rather obvious that the baptism can have a certain moon friendly theme! Enjoy this Moon Child Baptism in Athens and see how stars make all wishes come true!

Children’s imagination is limitless and we confess that when we organize & design a baptism, the child within us goes crazy! We love to plan christenings as much as we love to plan weddings.  Baptisms set us free to create dreamy sceneries and a fairytale atmosphere.  Kids love colours as much as we do, so it makes us happy to design christenings & baptisms.

We have a thing for stars, moon, astronomy, colours and a little bit of science experiments.  The parents wanted to create an event full of stars for their son and their guests. Start counting and wishing upon the stars from the welcome candy bar.

Stay Wild Moon Child

Could it be a Moon Child Baptism without plenty of sky blue hues? Absolutely not! We designed the reception area with a playful motive in mind. Having a mobile van for organic orange & lemon juice set the tone from the very start. The flower arrangements were full of hydrangeas and daisies (we love both so much) next to lots of greeneries and baby breaths. The kids’ corner looked like a science artistic hub. You could actually find all the planets from our galaxy. All the kids were entertained by the experienced team of

The guests knew what to expect from the moment they received the baptism invitation. It set the celestial tones that our theme had right away. We are never tired saying that choosing the right invitations needs a lot of thinking. We are here to make this process enjoyable. Invest in the best possible design and then perhaps the quality can vary depending on the theme. Allow your event planner and graphic designer to work on a unique invitation theme in order to give your guests the surprise of something out of the ordinary with your personalized printables & invitations. After all we all want only the best for our children!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Planning, design, styling: @rockpaperscissorsevents
Photographer: @Fiorello Monika Kritikou
Invitations: @partyandcogreece
Cake and Desserts: @mariascakesandcookies
Kids entertainment: @wecandoit_for_kids_only
Refreshments bar: @bullybarconcept

We love Baptisms!

We love designing weddings, parties, corporate events but mostly we love planning baptisms. Because there is room for being limitless creativity. We love to give it all and treat each event as a whole new world.  We pay attention to all the details that build what you have dreamed for your special occasion. In this baptism, the creative process behind selecting the concept, the time planning and the correct combination from our portfolio of partners—until the very day, went according to plan. Creativity and graphics can go in a christening up to the christening box, the small favors called martyrika in the church as well as the candles.

Mission accomplished! We aimed for the stars and we reached them!