Destination Wedding at Island Private House with rattan lights

As a destination wedding planner team, our main goal is to give life to every couple’s idea.

No matter how hard it may sometimes sound, our job is to do the impossible and exceed the bride and groom’s expectations. This event is their dream, and we all strive to make it as close to perfection as possible, which is why we decided on a destination wedding at Island Private House in Athens, Greece.

The kind of love worth waiting for

The love story of Tim and Katerina started unexpectedly. No blind dates, no setups, only fate. The two were joined thanks to work obligations and fell for each other immediately. Even though Tim lived in London and Katerina was from Greece, the couple had no trouble keeping a long-distance relationship for years, impatiently waiting until their next encounter. But those late-night Skype calls and days counting became unbearable, and they finally decided to start their lives together in London. But as they often like to say – true love is always worth the wait!

They agreed on a destination wedding in Greece, envisioning a place close to nature. They wished for a classy wedding that also featured rustic details and tiny vintage elements. For their long-awaited special day, the lovely pair dreamed of a cliffside venue where they could revel in the sunset, surrounded by their dearest friends and family.

Island Private House

Our job as their destination wedding planner team was to find the balance between rustic and classy. This is why we suggested a destination wedding at Island Private House – a breathtaking venue that has it all! This gorgeous spot offered a stunning view of the Athens coastline and provided the perfect combination of rustic wood elements, lush greenery, and a dash of glam decor. The long tables were placed on the grand lawn, surrounded by trees at the back and the sea at the front. For this classy wedding, we took all the advantages the environment had to offer.

Delicate details

We did our best to make this destination wedding in Greece unique, so we decorated the tables placing pergolas above the long dinner tables. But the detail that made this destination wedding at Island Private House one of a kind is the rattan lights that were hanging above the dinner pergolas. It felt like being in an elegant jungle room! The atmosphere got even more magical when the sun went down. In the evening, the light’s warm yellow glow was ideally harmonized with speech time.

Complementary tableware

The table setup of this rustic wedding flawlessly matched the pergolas. We set the romantic tone by placing some green and nude details along the tables as centerpieces, as well as a few candles.

We chose the dinnerware to match the overall atmosphere! The irregular round greyish plates were placed on round rattan placemats to correspond to the rattan lights. We added burnt orange glasses in front of the plates to enhance the overall warm tone. By incorporating some gold cutlery into the table setup, we managed to add balance to the whole look. The cherry at the top was the small glass details placed at the top of the white napkins, which wrapped up the whole table display of this mesmerizing classy wedding.

A one-of-a-kind bar

We arranged an open bar overlooking the sea where the couple’s dearly beloved could enjoy a poolside welcome drink before the reception. The bar had a light sign above saying ‘Cheers to love,’ inviting guests to raise their glasses in honor of the happy couple. A classic feature for an ideal vintage wedding!

Selfie spot

The destination wedding at Island Private House inspired us to create the most brilliant selfie spot! We managed to find some marvellous rattan furniture- chic enough to comply with the remaining rustic wedding elements. We designed a cozy seating area decorated with the same details as the tables with one precious point – another light sign saying ‘Better together!’ This adorable selfie spot tempted guests to get comfortable and strike a pose. It also provided the right amount of vintage to fit into the classy wedding reception.

Kibeli photobooth

Another item that made this destination wedding in Greece unique and stylish was the infinity-shaped photobooth Kibeli. Its modern design and soft lines with a mix of glass, wood, and steel were the exclusive addition to this celebration. We placed a small table filled with fun accessories like masks, funny hats, or flower headbands that the guests found interesting.

The greeting violins

The captivating ambiance during welcome drinks hour was even further enriched by two female artists dressed in white, playing electric violins. Guests were welcomed by a light summer breeze spreading the music in the air, accompanied by the sound of rolling waves in the background. It was the perfect way to begin the couple’s lovely festivity. As their destination wedding planner, we did our best to impress the newlyweds.

The fire show

The real party of this vintage wedding began when the lights were dimmed, and three fire dancers climbed down the stairs with an astonishing performance. Wearing black bodysuits and flower headbands while holding metal fire fans, the three ladies amazed everyone with their spectacular choreography. The atmosphere was filled with sparks while they danced in a harmony of rhythm and movement. This dynamic act surely left a mark on the entire night!

Planning and designing Katerina and Tim’s impressive destination wedding at Island Private House was a real pleasure and honor. Their character and energy as a couple totally corresponded to the ambiance we created. They even made it more meaningful with their elegance, warmth, and love. It was certainly a night to remember.

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Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event Planner: Rock Paper Scissors
Venue: Private House, Island Art & Taste
Lights and Sound: Loud & Clear
Photographer: George Pahountis
Videographer: Kostas Kastanakis
Florist: Pavlos The Flower Workshop
Furniture Rentals: TORE

Flatware Rentals: Stylebox
Photobooth: Kibeli
Signages: The Letter Co
Graphic Designer: Love me do
MUA: Gogo Nikiforaki
Fire Show: Eleni Defingou