Celebrating 5 Years of Campeon: An unforgettable corporate event in Greece

Company anniversaries are a reflection of the successes achieved – an extraordinary moment to celebrate with your colleagues and your clients.

It is the perfect occasion to strengthen work relations between the employees, thank them for their commitment and effort, reward the work of all those who are part of the corporation, and celebrate the achievement of the set goals. As for your customers, this is the time to reinforce the image your current clients have of your brand. It is also the ideal moment to reconnect with old clients who have been important to the growth of the company and encourage them to trust your services again.

A successful event will leave a good impression if it is fun, elegant, and attractive, offers a gourmet menu, and ensures that all guests enjoy it equally. And we are pretty sure we did a very good job organizing this sensational corporate event in Greece for the online gaming company Campeon, celebrating 5 years of pure success!

Event’s concept

Because all of their guests were from abroad, for their corporate event, we wanted to channel the true Greek spirit and offer them an experience trip. With a blend of historical, mythical, archetypal, and contemporary, we tailored an aesthetic that would match their vision and essence. We included olive leaves, beautiful Greek statues, and a touch of neon to add a modern flair to the theme.

Excellent location

The location of this corporate event in Athens was Golf Prive – a fabulous venue in the heart of Glyfada, a place that has it all. The dining area was set on the grand lawn, with several rectangular tables positioned longitudinally accompanied by white and blue chairs, typical for the Greek tavernas. They were all facing the stage and customized dance floor, where speeches were made, presentations and videos were shown, and fabulous music was played from our live bands.

Event’s main visuals

As a destination event planner in Greece, we have come up with the logo for this celebration – an ancient Greek sculpture’s bust, adorned with neon light details. These two figures appeared all over the venue! This was a unique way to keep the Greek spirit of the event and still add a touch of modernness. At the entrance, Greek live priestesses welcomed the guests and showed them the way to the two Greek food stands for the welcome drinks time, filled with Greek olive oil, rusks, tsipouro, and raki to get the Greek feeling of filoxenia. We wanted each of the guests to have a taste of true Greek hospitality and have the chance to sample something new. It undoubtedly made a striking impression that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Photos are the most beautiful mementos and evoke heartfelt and joyful memories, so we wanted the guests to be able to commemorate those moments. Thus, we included the Kibeli photo booth to greet them upon entering. Kibeli was a beautiful fusion of contemporary and mythical. With a modern shape, she infused the event with an iconic aesthetic, while her led light and camera flash symbolized the time when gods and goddesses were born! This custom-made piece of art and technology resembled a sculpture resting on a black steel base, and served as a unique way to make memories of this corporate event in Golf Prive.

As the guests proceeded, before entering the dining area, they were met by several neon light arches forming a tunnel with a few vases on each side filled with some olive branches.

A combination of modern and traditional was the main decor for this amazing corporate event in Greece, and as planners for corporate events and team building, we are pretty sure our mission was complete. On the left side of the venue, there was a large glowing bar with a neon sign saying ‘cheers’ in Greek (yamas), luring guests to enjoy their favorite drink. And on the right side, cocktails were served in another bar in an old coffee shop style, decorated with standing statues illuminated in neon lights.

Invitation and details

The invitation also followed the theme of the corporate event in Golf Prive, with the logo at the center and a matching bookmark as a gift for the guests. As a complimentary gift, the guests were given traditional Greek coffee in their hotel rooms with instructions on how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Table set up

The centerpiece decoration was made out of olive branches – the sacred tree of the goddess Athens. The tables were also decorated with some sculpture vases, which perfectly matched the whole setting. Plates additionally livened this up in white and blue patterns resembling those mesmerizing Greek mosaic tiles. The set was completed with deep sea blue glasses, which flattered the entire dinnerware of this corporate event in Greece.

To add a creative touch, we added a keyholder for every guest to find their seat. The keyholders were marked with the company’s 5 years logo. In addition, we included a leaflet that read instructions on how to have a Greek “glenti” on how to throw flowers, dance like a Greek, and of course, smash plates like a Greek!

The true taste of success

The culinary experience was exceptional – a real color bomb offering a variety of canapes, stuffed pimientos, and diverse crackers and dips. There were two Greek stands for the welcome hour. Guests could taste the traditional tsipouro or raki while dipping rusks in different olive oil and pastes variations. The seafood station offered a high selection of traditional Greek appetizers that guests could hardly resist. The vivid buffet was a true representation of the perfect way you can celebrate in Greece!

Party time

As one of the top planners for corporate events and team building, it was our job to add a little zest to the evening. So after dinner, it was time to hit the dance floor! Two excellent bands started the party and elevated this corporate event in Greece from cocktail night to concert. Shots were passed around while guests kept swinging to the tunes.

And what’s one destination event planner in Greece if it doesn’t arrange some Syrtaki dancers? The evening became even more amusing as these professional dancers heated the atmosphere. A couple of performers dressed in white dragged and hopped at the traditional Greek rhythms. Trays of flowers were given to the guests so they could throw them at the dancers to honor their talents. They let the ambiance lead them and hugged around to join the dancers for a unique Syrtaki experience of their own.

And what this traditional dance does not go without is some serious plate breaking! Guests were given some plates so they could smash them while shouting Opa! The hashtag “#letsopa” was not in vain, for sure. There is definitely no better way to celebrate in Greece than this.

Corporate events really do leave their mark and should be celebrated to boost morale and motivation and increase brand awareness. It’s unforgettable moments like this that tie those professional bonds even tighter. This special occasion was more than a success, to say the least, and the photos are here to prove it!

We hope that this will serve as a good enough reason to consider planning a corporate event in Greece for yourself. If you want to see another incredible event we designed and get more familiar with our work, check out our portfolio!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Venue and catering: Golf Prive
Sound and lights: Vibes Pro
Flowers: Pavlos the Flower Workshop
Signage: The Letter Co
Artwork: Anna Maria Morfoniou stationary
Live band: The Wedding Singers
Photobooth: Kibeli

Furniture rentals: Zazoo
Flatware rentals: Stylebox
Cake: The Cakers
Syrtaki dancers: Defingou Events
Photographer: Achilleas Colaklides
Videographer: Panagiotis Kastanidis
Event Planner: Rock Paper Scissors Events