An Elegant Arabic Wedding in Athens, Greece

The most fascinating way to achieve an authentic celebration is by including unique cultural elements.

That is exactly what Farah and Rami did to have their dreamy Arabic wedding in Athens – a kind of bridal event you definitely don’t see every day!

The combination of elegant elements and Arabic features was an ideal way to create an exquisite ambiance that is remarkably romantic and whimsical. This lovely couple wanted to accentuate the music, food, and party and create unforgettable memories of the most special day of their lives.

Romantic scenery

This gorgeous destination wedding in Athens took place at Island Art and Taste – a magical venue along the Athens Riviera in Greece. The location is surrounded by natural beauty, but its best feature is the breathtaking view of the blue waters. This scenery was complemented by flowers in pastel colors, making it utterly charming and fanciful.

Bespoke decor

The floral arrangements were the dominant detail of this elegant wedding. The earthy pastel colors Farah and Rami selected were exactly what this design required. Moreover, they opted for candles around the floral arrangements, as well as the entrance, which enhanced the sophistication and romance of the whole setting. You can’t go wrong when combining elegance with enchantment, hence the magical effect of this wonderful couple’s romantic wedding.

However, the compelling aspect of this union was that Farah and Rami decided to use a blend of the modern and traditional. They did not look for an ordinary elegant wedding that could be seen anywhere; instead, they incorporated many surprising details that everyone loved and enjoyed. For example, they spiced up the traditional candle and floral arrangements with a fascinating neon sign that served as a marvelous backdrop, especially throughout the night!

Iconic Reception

While the decor was splendid and left everyone speechless, Farah and Rami also made sure to keep their guest entertained. This authentic Arabic wedding in Athens would not have been such a success if the happy couple did not work so hard for everyone to enjoy the celebration. They thought of every single detail to make it go as smoothly as they have imagined.

So, Farah and Rami’s romantic wedding party began with a spectacular entrance, accompanied by Arabic songs that highlighted this amazing cultural union. They picked different songs and came from different sides of the room, which was a unique way to begin the reception. Then, they met in the middle of the dancefloor for their first dance, and their guests joined them after a while. It was the most romantic scene you can ever see at a bridal celebration!

The Highlight – Culinary Delights

Another highlight of this Arabic wedding in Athens was the food. Farah and Rami decided to have a diverse menu representing their cultures. The idea was to turn their destination wedding in Athens into something magical and unique, which totally impressed their guests! We decided to set up several stands with different types of food, so that their loved ones could enjoy various meals and flavors.

This romantic setting necessitated the addition of special features, which is why Farah and Rami picked food to be their wedding highlight – besides the dazzling decorations and spectacular music. And they achieved what they wished for – an incredible atmosphere spiced up with delightful cuisines!

The stand with appetizers included Greek delicacies, such as homemade pie with phyllo, green olives, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes & goat Feta cheese from Elassona. There were also some delicious baby potatoes with smoked pancetta, Graviera cheese from Tinos, fresh herbs, and tarts with cream of Graviera cheese from Naxos, with some asparagus. This stand was the perfect traditional way to begin their summer wedding in Athens.

The salad stand was equally amazing, with Greek Caesar Salad with cured pork from Mani and croutons from Thessaloniki. Moreover, there was a Cretan salad tart with tomato, barley rusks, olives, caper flower, fresh oregano, and olive oil, and Green salad with rocket, baby spinach, white mushrooms, and goat cheese.

The couple also did not forget to include some roasted almonds and vinaigrette with oxymel. The selected salads were a great refreshment considering they were quite light and contained only fresh ingredients. Farah and Rami’s idea was to bring diversity into their big day, and the different types of food were the right way to achieve that.

An elegant wedding requires different kinds of cheese in combination with fresh vegetables, so the stand with a cheese plateau was an inevitable part of the reception menu. There were types of cheese from all across Greece and its islands. This stand also included breadsticks, crackers, bread, honey, dried fruit, and olive jam.

When it comes to the main dishes, the couple decided on three stands – pasta, risotto, and BBQ. All of the dishes were prepared in front of the guests, so they had the pleasure of enjoying an absolutely fresh and delightful meal. There was something for everyone’s taste because Farah and Rami thought of each of their guests. Although this event was imagined as an Arabic wedding in Athens, many cuisines were involved, giving it some original and authentic features!

Modern Elegant Bar

We should not forget to mention the amazing sight of the bar that was ornamented with a chic neon sign. It definitely made the background eye-catching, making it a perfect setting for some brilliant photographs. The lights from the neon signs really made an excellent ambiance, and they set the mood for the whole party.

Luxury Wedding Planners in Athens

We utterly enjoyed planning Farah and Rami’s unique Arabic wedding in Athens. They expressed their ideas clearly, and we set our hearts to deliver them the event they deserve – filled with elegance and sophistication. It was a remarkable experience that cannot be described in words, and we were truly honored that they chose us to be part of their love story!

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