A Captivating Jewish Wedding at Island Residence in Athens

We always feel an inexplicable yet powerful connection with the couples who hire us to plan their destination wedding in Athens.

However strange this might sound to others, it is a feeling that naturally comes during each collaboration. After all, we spend a substantial amount of time designing their special events that it is almost impossible not to get attached to. Also, there are few couples that we become friends with, especially with ones who speak to our hearts. Today, we will share the magical story of one such lovely couple- Bella and Itai. They are so warm and full of life that we enjoyed every bit of planning and execution of their Jewish wedding in Greece. Without further ado, let us delve into the world of magic and traditions that marked their extraordinary love story.

Destination Wedding in Athens

Bella & Itai’s Jewish wedding at Island residence in Athens epitomized love, romance, and charm. We were pleasantly surprised when they contacted us and informed us of their decision to host their wedding in Greece. What immediately spiked our interest was their sincerity and friendly energy. We have probably felt more anticipation than them, eager to start creating the ultimately memorable love affair.

Speaking of their love story, they met at a friend’s birthday party in January 2019. As they met, they immediately felt a connection and happened to express their love on New Year’s Eve. They spent the initial six months during COVID-19 getting to know each other’s families, and finally, on Bella’s 30th birthday, Itai proposed to her in Brooklyn. Bella & Itai, although having been raised in the US, had always dreamed about having a destination affair. Bella loved the sun and beaches, and Itai immensely loved Greek food. Therefore, they chose Greece as their ultimate destination. Another reason for getting married in Athens was because it was close to Israel, where Itai’s family is based.

Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Bella & Itai’s celebrations were an absolute delight, and it all started with a sleek, beachside pre-wedding party in Athens Greece. It was a lovely evening full of laughs and positive energy. The bride, groom, and their friends immersed in an incredible evening, a celebration with refreshing champagne, delicious food, and dancing until morning.

Mediterranean Vibes

Bella & Itai embraced the laid-back vibes of Athens and decided to tie the knot at Vouliagmeni’s Island Art & Taste Residence venue. From the very beginning of our collaboration with the couple, it became clear that their vision was unique and destined for a celebration like no other. They chose this lovely destination to make it an unforgettable experience for both themselves and their guests. Luxury and elegance were the two things on our minds throughout the planning process. The result? An exquisite masterpiece! Something we honor as wedding planners in Athens to have been chosen to craft.

On their special day, Bella and Itai were glowing, which only showed how potent of a love they both have for one another. The day began with getting ready sessions of the bride and groom, marked by distinct Jewish wedding traditions. It gave us enough time to revel in each bespoke detail individually. The couple decided to take the first look at the venue, which was an exceptional idea. Following the first-look sessions, we all moved towards the highlight of the day- their symbolic ceremony!

Ceremonial Moments

Our planning team pulled off Bella & Itai’s vision in an elegant, prestigious, and absolutely glamorous style. The soft color palette and airy decor accentuate the natural beauty of the already magnificent setting. Overflowing with enchanting romantic details coupled with sophistication, this event was what urban dreams are made of. As guests were comfortably seated, Itai waited eagerly for his lovely wife, his face shining bright after he first saw her. He glanced at the love of his life in amazement. Between their secret glances and silent bond of love, we could witness their genuine and incredibly potent emotions.

Bella & Itali exchanged vows, the eternal promises of their affection, while the sun was setting. Everyone present erupted with happiness and tears of joy. Family and friends who have known the couple for a lifetime congratulated and honored them in their important moments. It was indeed a windy day, and as Bella’s veil was flowing, guests enjoyed winds as it was still a hot day. As the ceremony concluded, Bella & Itai sneaked out for a few portraits while the guests enjoyed cocktails.

A Bespoke Reception

While the ceremony was amazing, the reception was the part both we and the guests were excitedly looking forward to. As the couple wanted to be closer to their loved ones, they insisted on setting tables in a П shape with floral adornments that included fresh fruits and gave away a more effortless and family style dinner. Due to the wind unfortunately we had to place the chandeliers’ on top of the bridal table instead of hanging but nevertheless – an experienced wedding planner has to adapt – we successfully managed to set the tone for a delightfully classic and romantic evening. Napkins custom made in Nicaragua from bride’s family member with the couple’s logo and ambient lighting gave this dinner a unique tone.

The Party

Once dinner was officially over and everyone raised a glass to the newlyweds, it was time to party. Bella & Itai kicked off the party with a unique fire show. Everybody watched the show and as the DJ took over, the party went wild. Of course couple expressed their love for Greek culture; therefore, they had to smash some plates, they way the Greeks do! Actually they had an amazing hashtag: #breakplatesnothearts. Isn’t that unique? Finally as the party and the vivid music kept everyone on the dance floor, we moved to the hora loca.

What is the La Hora Loca wedding tradition?

Spanish for “the crazy hour,” this tradition was born in Venezuela, although it has roots in Spain. Essentially, la hora loca is a party-within-the-party. When it comes to a traditional gathering like a wedding reception, it usually takes place after the formal agenda and just as the party begins to slow down. So we handed out all guests some crazy props and the couple dived into the party with all their heart and soul. The happy vibes of the day set the celebration on fire.

Bella & Itai, you both reminded us of young love. You showed us how lively and vibrant two people can be as they portray their emotions in front of everybody. Your wedding in Athens will always be close to our hearts, and the memories we made while organizing your event will stay with our team forever. Congratulations once again! We wish you happy, joyous, and beautiful moments for a lifetime.

If you are looking for a memorable experience on the biggest day of your life, just like Bella & Itai, feel free to contact our RPS Events planner team. It would be an absolute pleasure to host a lovely destination wedding in Athens for you to remember forever.

Also, if you are looking for a pre-wedding guide/tips, don’t forget to go through our blog!

Always thankful for our dear vendors:

Event planner and Designer: Rock Paper Scissors Events
Venue: Island, Art & Taste
Catering: Δειπνοσοφιστήριον
Graphic Designer: Atelier
Photographer: Michail Androulidakis
Videographer: Panagiotis Kastanidis
HMUA: Katerina Theocharis
Sound & Lights: Loud & Clear

Furniture Rentals: TORE
Flatware Rentals: White Lilac
Round Bar Rental: Zazoo
Florist: Jim Labraco
Fire Show: Defingou Events
Signages: The Letter Co
Chandeliers: Nikos Hatziioannidis